Malvern Hills Ultra 2022


MHU – 30th April 2022

The route remains the same as previous years, however we are intending turning the whole thing around so that we start and finish at Sally’s Place, British Camp, and the mid-point turning will be close to Abberley Hall.

Route Profile for the MHU (Out & Back)

Ascent – 6,086ft Descent – 6,086ft Distance – 46 miles

utmb logo                                                   the 2019 46 mile race gives 3 points



Malvern Hills Ultra entrants can choose various race distances, between 23, 31, 38, & 46. The total ascent of the 46 mile race is over 6,000 ft,

To view the one hundred top finishers “Hall of Fame” click HERE.

Previous years race photos can be found HERE.

The race is open to Solo Runners and Relay Teams. Trophy Categories consist for the individual winner’s for men and women of all race categories, veteran men and women for the 46 race only, teams of three, and a relay team event where team members just run between checkpoints. Checkpoints are a minimum of 7 miles and a maximum of 10 miles apart. Completion of the Malvern Hills Ultra 45 mile race allows three qualifying points for Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc Race.

The Race Start time for the MHU46 is 7.00am – signing in and checks open at 5.45 am, and close at 6.30am (PROMPT). Late entrants may be refused entry. A race brief will then follow and a group photograph.  Food: At the finish – chilli and rice (vegetarian option also available). Check points will have unlimited water, coke, orange squash together with a selection of items such as malt loaf, peanuts, jelly beans, jam or peanut butter sandwiches, cakes. Under no circumstances is litter to be left along the route.

The Worcestershire Way is a well signposted route, however you are still required to carry copies of our free downloadable maps and route directions available off this website. In addition we provide a GPX file which can be downloaded onto your GPS device. We also have the ‘Time Lords’ who will run at designated hourly paces – 11 hour, 12 hour, 13 hour and 14 hour.

If you are confident about being able to navigate the course consistently at any of these times, please email to check availability. Time Lords will benefit from free race entry.

Finishers will receive an official MHU medal and a technical MHU T-Shirt.

Checkpoint details, maps & gpx Route Directions for the  2021 45 mile race (These are in the process of being updated but will be available before the race).

Malvern Hills Ultra Rules

The course is very challenging and for competitors own safety and fairness the following rules must be adhered to. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from this and future events.

The Event

The Malvern Hills Ultra (MHU) is organised by Ultra Running Limited and is open to runners, walkers, teams of two or more, and relay teams. All entrants must be 20 years of age or over at the start of the race. Each competitor must ensure that they carry with them all of their individual requirements needed to complete the race. Every entrant must confirm that they have read these rules and other event information and therefore understand the nature of the event and that participation is at their own risk.

Check Point Logistics:

  • Sally’s Place (Start) to Suckley Post Office (CP1) is 8.8 miles
  • Suckley Post Office (CP1) to The Admiral Rodney (CP2) is 7.2 miles
  • The Admiral Rodney (CP2) to Abberley Hall (CP3) is 6.2 miles
  • Abberley Hall (CP3) to The Admiral Rodney (CP4) is 6.2 miles
  • The Admiral Rodney (CP4) to Suckley Post Office (CP5) is 7.2 miles
  • Suckley Post Office (CP5) to Sally’s Place (Finish) is 8.8 miles
  • Total Out and Back distance is just shy of 45 miles

Individual Race Start Times:

  • MHU 46 will start at 7.00am from Sally’s Place
  •  MHU 38 will start from The Suckley Post Office at 8.30am.
  •  MHU 31 will start from Admiral Rodney at 9:30am.
  • MHU 23 will start from Abberley at 11.00am.

    If required, transport for MHU 38, MHU 31 & MHU 23 competitors can be provided to the various start locations which will cost £15.00 per person and you can secure your transport by selecting that option during your booking process. This must be booked prior to race day.

    On the day, each participant will be given a race number which must be clearly attached by safety pins, to either the back or front and be clearly visible. It is the competitors responsibility to ensure all CP stations have recorded their time as they pass through (this is in addition to the chip-timing system). All Teams must have pre-registered before the day and consist of at least three competitors who will also count as individual competitors amongst the rankings. Relay team members in categories of either 2/ 3 or 4/6 will carry chip-timed battens.

Competitors must be self sufficient, and carry the following mandatory items:

  1. Backpack or equivalent
  2. Head Torch with spare batteries
  3. Ordnance Survey Map 150 (Our downloadable maps are ok)
  4. Compass or GPS device
  5. Whistle
  6. Mobile phone
  7. Emergency food pack consisting of a two chocolate bars, Mars or similar
  8. Basic first Aid Kit

Checkpoints and Water Stations

The MHU benefits from CP stations which have a great selection of food items and drinks, but any personal requirements are the responsibility of the entrant. Competitors must go through all check points and it is their sole responsibility to ensure that the check point attendant has recorded their race number; failure to do so at any check point will mean the competitor has failed to complete the race and will be disqualified. Along the route, between Sally’s Place and Suckley –  there are two Punch Points which are un-manned punch-points, where you must use your punch-card to confirm your arrival. Initial punch-cards must be handed over at Abberley, where a fresh punch-card will be issued for your return leg. On finishing, the second leg the punch-card should be handed over to a URL Marshall at the finish-line. Any competitor found to not follow the pre determined race route will be disqualified.

Competitor Retirement

If any competitor has to retire for whatever reason they must contact the race organisers immediately, either by advising a checkpoint attendant or by telephoning the emergency number which will be written on the race Bib of each competitor.

Time Restraints

Completion for the 45 mile race is required to be inside 14 hours. Check points will be technically closed at the following times:

  • CP1 – 09:00
  • CP2 – 11:30
  • CP3 – 13:30
  • CP4 – 16:00
  • CP5 – 19:00

Any competitor arriving at a CP after the above advised times will not be allowed to continue.

Registration & Entry Fees

Entry fees include a contribution to the Malvern Hills Conservators, who look after the paths and hills that we use.
Contributions to date = £600

All entries are on a non refundable basis.

  1. MHU 46 – Individual entries are £90.00 per person
  2. MHU 38 Individual entries are £80.00 per person
  3. MHU 31 Individual entries are £75.00 per person
  4. MHU 23 Individual entries are £65.00 per person
  5. MHU 46 Relay Team Member entries are £45.00 per person

Personal Cancellation Insurance.

You are now able to add a Personal Cancellation Insurance Policy at the time of your booking. The policy is provided through Event Protect Limited. Please review what is covered under the policy here.

Photo coverage

Ultra Running Ltd. reserves all exclusive rights for photo coverage of the MHU. Participants agree that Ultra Running Limited may use exclusively their individual or collective names and pictures for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in this event.

Finisher Medals & Trophies

All finishers will receive an appropriate MHU race medal and a MHU Technical T-Shirt. (The size of the finishers medal will increase depending on the distance of the race you enter).

  • Men’s & Ladies individual trophy for the MHU 46 race.
  • Men’s & Ladies veteran trophy (over 55) for the MHU 46 race.
  • Men’s & Ladies individual trophy for the MHU 38, MHU 31, & MHU 23 mile races.
  • Team trophy for the MHU 45 mile race.
  • Relay Team trophies for both Cat Pairs and Cat 3/6 in the MHU 46 mile event.
  • Men’s & Ladies winners of the MHU 46 will receive free entry into next year’s event.

Terms and Conditions: Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions before entering.