The 7 Deadly Sins 7in7 2022

We have moved. Our new location is the fabulous Pengethley Manor, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye.

As we won’t be organising any events at Pengethley until late 2022, the 7 Deadly Sins medals will only be available by entering our Virtual option.



The 7 Deadly Sins: The Virtual Run

The 7 Deadly Sins 7in7 – you can take part on any day in the month of January.

You can enter just a single day and choose your medal type at the time of entering.


You can enter all seven medal options and complete the entire seven challenge.

When you enter, choose the distance you prefer – marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km race on each day.


Event Date: Anytime in January.

Race Location:

You choose;

Anywhere in the world.

At a time to suit yourself.

Just keep a record of the run to send us, or even better – sign up to our Ultra Running Lts Strava account.


The 7 Deadly Sins Merchandise

Visit our Shop for 7 Deadly Sins Merchandise

Where do I run the virtual option?

It’s your choice.

Run it local to yourself or join up with friends.

Run it on a treadmill.

Run it on the trails

Run it on footpaths. Your choice.

How do I prove that I’ve run it?

You can simply post your run proof onto our Facebook Page.

Or send us an email of your proof such as a photo of your Garmin or other device post run.

Or the best option:

Join our Ultra Running Ltd Strava group, click on the challenge and we can automatically see the distance you have run.

Once the month of January is complete, and you have sent us your run proof, your medal/medals will be posted out first week in Feb.

The Runs:

The run names are all based around the Seven Deadly Sins:

  • Monday – The Slothful Run
  • Tuesday – The Proud Run
  • Wednesday – The Lusty Run
  • Thursday – The Angry Run
  • Friday – The Gluttonous Run
  • Saturday – The Greedy Run
  • Sunday – The Envious Run

Limited Spaces:

Our medals are unique to us, and we do have limited supply. Once the are gone they are gone.

Finishers medals:

Designed specifically for Ultra Running Ltd, each day’s medal is different and wickedly sinful! Medals are limited and often run-out so if you want a specific days medal please book within four weeks of the event – outside that time you are at risk of having another days medal if we run-out for the day you have booked.

Entry Fees:

All deposits and payments are on a non refundable basis.


  • The 7 Deadly Sins 7 in 7 (All 7 days) – £155.00
  • The 7 Deadly Sins 7in7 Single Day Entry – £25.00
  • Enter either of the above and agree to raise set amount for our preferred charity – £10.00 (see below note)








Terms and Conditions: Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions before entering.