The Tenerife Ultra Squad 2021/22

What is The Tenerife Ultra Squad?

Ultra Running Limited, in conjunction with it’s global partners around the world has created the International Ultra Squads.

The Tenerife Ultra Squad is a partnership between Ultra Running Limited and Marnix Mortier who is resident in Tenerife.

Marnix Mortier

Marnix, a Belgian resident in Tenerife for over 20 years, with qualifications as an Advanced Personal Trainer, Spinning Trainer, Indoor Walking Trainer and Bosu Balance Training.

Marnix specializes in long distances runs, and has participated in several half marathons and extreme trials such as the Tenerife Blue Trail, the TransVulcania, the Las Palmas Ultra Trail Gran Challenge, the La Palma Ultra Marathon, and our own event 0-4-0.
Marnix will ensure that all our clients make the most of the unique conditions that this island can offer you.

So, what’s on offer from the Tenerife Ultra Squad?

  • Training Camps – We offer training camps in Tenerife the whole year round. Your stay will be bespoke to you. Whatever your preferences, we can create a mix of sporting activities, trail running, or just relaxing by the pool after a busy day shopping.
  • Challenges – Take on one of our many challenges – Marnix has created a series of testing trail runs which you can either do under your own steam, or Marnix and his team can guide you.
  • Events – We have our own race coming soon in Tenerife – the 0-4-0, so watch this space or join our 0-4-0 Facebook page for the latest news.
  • 0-4-0 – Whilst waiting for the actual race date to go live, Marnix can still give you the full 0-4-0 route challenge – so actually no need to wait.

What’s included:

  • Each booking is bespoke to you – the customer
  • We can collect you and drop you back at the Airport, and provide everything in-between
  • Split group guides to suit abilities
  • Your bespoke Tenerife Ultra Squad Medal to commemorate your visit to Tenerife.
  • Our partner hotel is the fabulous H10 Tenerife Playa – Surrounded by the sea and facing Lago Martiánez, the hotel enjoys an outstanding location in Puerto de la Cruz, in northern Tenerife. The hotel has a full range of facilities, grand swimming pools, a wide range of dining options, two meeting rooms, a complete entertainment programme and the Privilege, Exclusive Rooms and Services. Please see some of the photos below.
  • For those seeking a quieter location we have also partnered with Sol y Luna which is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a working banana plantation, just far enough from the town for peace and quiet, but close enough for convenience and community. The property is perfectly positioned to offer a clear view of the town and the ocean below, and the spectacular Mount Teide above.
  • We will arrange your accommodation for you – but our price guarantee is that you won’t book it cheaper going direct to either H10 or Sol y Luna.

Some interesting statistics for 0-4-0:

  • Distance: 58 km
  • Accumulated positive shoulder: 3855m
  • Accumulated negative shoulder: 3855m
  • Total shoulder accumulated: 7710m
  • Max incline: 52%
  • Avg. incline: 15%

0-4-0 Location Overview:

The Teide National Park is the most visited National Park in Europe, with nearly four million tourists each year coming to witness one of the greatest geological spectacles on our planet.

Tens of thousands of intrepid visitors reach the peak of Mount Teide. Most do so using the cable car which commences at a car-park located at 2365 metres near Canadas del Teide.

However, the most daring try to complete the ascent and descent of the volcano in one assault, starting at zero metres from the beach at Playa del Socorro (Los Realejos), up to the peak of Mount Teide – the White Mountain and back down to the beach at Playa del Socorro.

0-4-0 starts from a beach in Los Realejos, follows a fully marked route to the top of Mount Teide. If you are interested in the race, why not check it out and get some advanced knowledge of what to expect.

We were instrumental with an intial 0-4-0 promotional event in 2015. For these event photos click HERE.

0-4-0 Equipment Recommendations:

  • Small backpack.
  • Head torch & spare batteries.
  • Suitable clothing and shoes. The race will commence at midnight but will still be warm. As you approach the top of Mount Teide it will be very cold with the possibility of snow covering. On the descent through the National Park it is likely to be very sunny and warm. Other useful items – Windbreaker / long sleeve tops.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun protection.
  • Hat / Buff.
  • Water bottles or incorporated within backpack.
  • Energy Food. (Gels or similar)
  • Mobile phone
  • Euros (contingency)


Training camps all year round

Well, the options are really unlimited with literally hundreds of different trail options across the island.

Mount Teide, standing at an impressive 3,718m is Europes highest Volcano and Spains highest mountain, it is tipped with a covering of snow, where temperatures can be 20 degrees cooler than down on the south coast. The Teide National Park, situated high above the clouds, guarantees you tough training conditions, with heat, humidity and altitude all thrown in. The lunar type landscape is a reminder of the history of the island and the massive volcanic eruptions which spilled out the larva flows.

The Ridge, a trail with breathtaking views of Las Canades, Mount Teide and the south coast of Tenerife.

Pine Forests, various trails which are completely different to what can be experienced with the seven canyons, yet still incredibly demanding and challenging. From very steep trails to traverse trails there are unlimited options.

Coastal Trails, with panoramic views and again different levels of challenge.

North Tenerife, a complete contrast to the south with plenty of tree covered trails to keep you occupied.


What type of experience are you after?

  • Are you looking for somewhere to train throughout the year with good weather? Would you also like the help of professional experts from the world of sport?
  • It could be that you are a seasoned ultra-runner, that would benefit from some tough terrain, warm temperature and high altitude training.
  • It could be you are an intermediate runner, looking for a nice climate with stunning scenery and interested in developing your techniques.
  • Or maybe you would just like to get away for a short break and enjoy some relaxing walks.
  • Swimming, Cycling, Golf, whatever your sport or fancy, we will do our best to provide you with that perfect break.
  • You don’t need to be part of a group! Just register solo, and give us a brief of your experience / expectations.


Gallery of Hotel h10 Tenerife Playa;

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

View from H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

H10 Tenerife Playa

We offer training packages at great prices with quality accommodation and training sessions on the coast, inland or high mountain, in a group or solo, with or without a guide, with GPS, daytime or night-time, Spinning classes, Indoor Walking…



Contact us to find out about staying for longer or shorter periods.
For groups of less than 15 people Full Board is only available at certain times of the year.

We often cater for individual enquiries so please email us with your requirements.



We are happy to offer an alternative selection of accommodation options, from Hotels and Apartments to Private Villas with Pools.  Athletes who want to bring their families along are welcome – whist taking part in the running, cycling, swimming, golf etc, their families can relax and soak up the sun or go holiday shopping – night life is plentiful with a good choice of clubs, bars and restaurants.


You will be able to carry out your training, choosing between the many possibilities at your disposal.

If you so wish, we can offer you daily running / training sessions of between 10 and 80km, daytime or night-time, on the coast, inland or on high mountain, in a group or individual, with or without guide or GPS.

We also offer you the possibility of training sessions at the Bahia Beach Gym between 7.00a.m. to 11.00p.m. You can choose between the following activities:

Guided (depending of the timetable):


Cardio Fit

Indoor Walking


Body Pump




Fit Combat


Running Technique

Functional Training for runners

Unguided (all day):

Weights room

Walking machines

Running machine

Static bicycle

Sol y Luna Mansion

Sol y Luna Dining

Sol y Luna kitchen

Sol y Luna Rooftop Yoga

girls running


For more information and for booking do not hesitate to contact us.
(The International Ultra Squads are wholly owned by Ultra Running Limited)