The Virtual Love Run 2018

Untitled-1How it works:

You can only enter if you are taking part – you cannot buy an entry as a spoof for someone else. You can run it, walk it, do it outside on tramac / trail or inside on a treadmill – there are unlimited options and the choice is yours; participate anywhere in the world, at a time to suit yourself, between 14th Feb and 29th Feb 2018.

Your entry can be made using a variety of options and you can do the run with a friend, a prospective Valentine, or just for fun… by taking ‘A Lucky Dip’ and seeing who you get matched up with.

Once you have entered, you will receive a Virtual Bib that you must print off and wear during your run. Your run will not count if its in conjunction with another race – it needs to be an independant run, without rest periods. Your nominated partner will also receive a virtual running Bib, so on the entry form you will need to provide us with some form of contact details for your chosen partner (unless you go for the ‘Lucky Dip’ option).

The Medals:

Your entry fee includes the split medal which is 80mm diameter when joined up. One half will be sent to yourself as the the entrant and the other half to your running partner once you have completed your runs.

The Full medal is an optional extra and will be available to purchase post completion of your run and is in addition to your entry fee.

Love Run options:

Option 1
You may already have a partner, family member, a best friend or running buddy who you want to do a joint run with. The friend can run with you or be on the other side of the world – it makes no difference with a Virtual Run.

Option 2
The Typical Valentine Way – You enter and let us know who your Valentine is. Once you have entered we send your Valentine a Love Run invitation. If they accept we then send them their own Virtual running number. Your personal details will remain secure and there won’t be any requirement at any time to disclose to the recipient who you are; this information will remain 100% confidential by simply ticking the Anonymity box on the entry form.

Option 2 entrants will also be allowed to send us a maximum of three personalised messages, post run, to be forwarded to their Valentine via on a totally confidential basis. However, you can only send follow-up messages if your recepient has replied to your earlier message. Please note that the messages will be vetted for bad language or over enthusisatic comments and if deemed inappropriate by URL will be deleted or words replaced with “…..” before forwarding on. Any deleted messages will still count as one of your three messages sent.

Option 3
The Lucky Dip option. If you just love running and love adventure, this one’s for you. By entering Option 3 you leave the choosing of your partner up to us. But hey – if you both Love Running, what can go wrong? You could soon find you have a running buddy from the otherside the world.

Post run, you can also exchange a maximum of three personalised messages following the same rules as Option 2.

What if my chosen partner doesn’t want to take part or I want to cancel?

If your chosen partner confirms that they do not wish to take part, you can then elect another partner or be moved into the ‘Lucky Dip’ option. You cannot change entry partners without that partners consent. Entries are on a non-refundable basis.

What distance do I / we need to run and when does it need to take place?

Entry options are 1k, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Full Marathon – your chosen partner will be told of your elected distance, but they can choose their own distance. Your Virtual runs must take place between Feb 14th and Feb 28th 2018.

What size are the medals and how does this work?

The run medals are split into two halves – one will be sent to the entrant and the other to their Virtual running partner.

Post race Special Full Medal offer:

After you and your partner have both succesfully completed your runs, there will be an option to purchase the full ‘Love Run’ medal which will be on an order only basis – i.e. these will be produced only for entrants who have ordered them by latest 28th Feb 2018. Once orders are in and placed we should be in a position to dispatch these to you by March 14th.

How late can I book and when will I receive my medal/medals?

Entries will be open until 14th February or until medals have sold out.

Have you run one of our Virtual Races before?

If that’s a yes, you are automatically a Member of our Virtual Running Community, and are entitled to a discount of 15% against entry fees. You should have this discount code already, but if not please email

NB. – This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount on offer at any other time.

What do I need to do to secure my Love Run place and medal?

  • Simple enter using the entry button at the top of the page.
  • Select the Option and Distance you wish to enter
  • We will email you within 24 hours with a personalised running number to print off. This may take longer over weekends, holiday periods, or if we have an actual event taking place. We will also send your chosen partner their number once they accept the invitation.
  • When you do the run, take a photo of yourself with the running number on (this is not a requirement if you wish to take the Anonymity option). On completion of the run send us your run data as best as you can to, preferably showing the route taken, but as a minimum, a photo of your Garmin or similar device, indicating the distance covered. You can also join our facebook group and post results and photos on there.
  • Once we have confirmed your run information as correct your medal will be posted out.
  • For international posting you will need to pay an additional £4.50 per item destination.

Entry Fees:

  • Option 1, 2 or 3, all entries are £39.00 each (this cost includes both you and your chosen partner)
  • Or you can enter any option and agree to raise a set amount for the British Red Cross and your entry cost reduces to just £10.00 (see below note)
  • Optional Extra – Post race Full Love Medal (can only be ordered once you have completed your challenge) are £15.75 each.

Raising money for British Red Cross:

If you want to support our nominated charity on any of the entry options, it’s easy and simple;

  • Click their link and enter directly through them.
  • Alternatively enter through this website and choose ‘Support BRC’ for £10.00 which covers our Admin costs.
  • BRC will create and email you your own personal Money Raising Page.
  • You agree to raise a minimum of twice the entry fee type you have chosen, but please raise as much money as you can.
  • We email you your Virtual race Bibs so you can start your challenge.
  • Once you have have exceeded your minimum target and completed your challenge, we post out your medals.