Trent Valley Way Ultra Route Directions

The Trent Valley Way Ultra

Start to CP1

From The Black Bull pub (G/R 717 105) (post code DN8 5SH) go down Crow Tree Bank lane which is sign posted (sp) Seatworks & Elder House – use grass verge where possible, although road is very quiet.

At 0.4 miles (G/R 715 099) go past Elder House Touring Park on left, over motorway bridge at 0.8 miles.

At 1.0 mile reach road junction (G/R 714 090) and go left on unsigned road.

At 2.9 miles (G/R 742 080) go past The Reindeer Inn on your right, reach road junction and go right sp Epworth,  quiet road with some grass verges.

At 3.5 miles continue past West Hale Farm on your left.

At 3.7 miles continue past Lindholme Park Fisheries on your right, and over a humped bridge at 5.5 miles (G/R 735 040).

At 5.9 miles continue past sp for Wroot on your left (G/R 734 033)

At 7.0 miles continue past another sp on your left for Wroot.

At 7.9 miles continue past Bull Hassocks Farm on your right.

At 8.5 miles continue over road junction (G/R 726 992)

Over Level Crossing (LC) just after Barn Owl Lodge the grass picnic area to your left at 8.9 miles is CP1 (G/R 725 986).

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly tarmac.
CP Distance = 8.9 miles

CP1 to CP2

From CP1 continue along the lane, then at 0.6 miles continue ahead on other lane (G/R 723 977).

At 1.2 miles continue past Old Bombing Ground on your right (G/R 721 967), soon, 1.4 miles, reach Public Bridleway sign which you follow, but use track to high ground on your left which is free from excessive growth.

At 1.9 miles (G/R 717 960) continue ahead on left track with watercourse on your left.

At 2.2 miles cross over an iron-bridge (G/R 717 957)

At 2.5 miles reach lane and go right (G/R 720 955)

At 2.7 miles (G/R 720 952) lane goes over waterway

At 3.2 miles lane bends left, continue on it (G/R 712 948)

At 4.9 miles go left into INGS Road just before a house (G/R 723 921), very quiet road.

At 5.8 miles continue over canal bridge (G/R 731 917).

Enter village and Horsewells St, then continue past Finkell St at 6.4 miles.

At 6.5 miles road forks, go left, soon reach road junction and bare left on footpath.

At 6.7 miles reach road junction (Take Care) cross dual carriageway into Lancaster Road and continue. (G/R 741 905)

At 7.1 miles lane bends left to a track (G/R 741 899), continue on track. Soon at (G/R 744 895) continue along with hedgerow on your right.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 745 893) continue on public footpath as it goes left.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 747 894) go left over footbridge onto wooded trail

At 8.2 miles (G/R 747 888) trail goes right.

At 8.4 miles (G/R 745 885) continue on left track between hedges, leading to a muddy trail between trees further ahead.

At 9.0 miles (G/R 744 879) trail goes left, soon reach track, cross over and continue between hedgerows.

At 9.2 miles (G/R 744 875) trail bares left.

At 9.4 miles reach track and go right.

At 10.1 miles reach road and go left (G/R 749 862)

At 10.4 miles cross the A620 to Nth Wheatley (Take Care), then immediately on your right is The Sun Inn (post code DN22 9DS) at 10.5 miles (G/R 755 860) which is CP2.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly road, some trail.
CP Distance = 10.5 miles
Days Race Distance Covered = 19.4 miles


CP2 to CP3

From The Sun Inn continue on Low St. using the footpath.

At 0.4 miles (G/R 761 856) the road bends right onto Sturton Rd past North Wheatley School on left, then go immediately right into Muspitts Lane sp Public Bridleway and continue ahead up track.

At 0.8 miles (G/R 760 853) take public footpath on left.

At 1.0 mile (G/R 762 850) go through hedgerow and bare right.

At 1.3 miles cross footbridge and continue across fields towards pylon

At 1.5 miles reach fence-line (G/R 767 843) continue ahead over style with hedgerow on your left, 1.7 miles reach track and go left.

At 2.1 miles (G/R 773 840) go right on track.

At 2.2 miles (G/R 774 840) left, continuing over (LC) then right on public bridleway.

At 2.4 miles reach track and go left (G/R 777 836), then at 3.0 miles continue ahead on tarmac track.

At 3.2 miles reach road and cross over into Church Street, past The Reindeer Inn on your left (G/R 785 840)

At 3.5 miles take public footpath on right over styles (G/R 790 839) into fields and soon over two more styles, continue ahead then ditto.

Over style at 4.1 miles to lane at (G/R 790 831), turn left, stay on lane going past Grange Farm and Manor Farm.

At 4.3 miles go over humped bridge over Catchwater Drain.

At 5.0 miles continue ahead sp Public Bridleway (G/R 802 830)

At 5.4 miles go through hedgerow (G/R 810 829)

At 5.6 miles reach lane go left (G/R 814 828)

At 5.8 miles reach junction go right into Littleborough Rd (G/R 814 830)

At 6.2 miles cross waterway (G/R 819 827)

At 6.4 miles continue past sign for Littleborough.

At 6.5 miles by Riverside Cottage (G/R 824 825) continue ahead then at the river go right on public footpath, continue on flood-bank with river on left.

At 7.3 miles take track down by railings, continue along river, soon return to flood-bank for easier progress. (G/R 826 814)

Continue on flood-bank through various gates and styles.

At 9.1 miles through kissing gate and continue.

At 9.5 miles either go under bridge or take kissing gate (slippery slope) on right to other side, then at (G/R 834 791) continue of right flood-bank which leads away from the river.

At 9.9 miles go over style to track (G/R 829 787) and go right.

At 10.1 miles take track on left (G/R 825 789) then immediately on your right take sign for Trent Valley Way (TVW), go down to the river to bypass gated area then return to the flood-bank.

At 11.38 miles through Trentfield Farm and into wooded trail alongside river.

At 11.6 miles trail continues on lane (G/R 815 771)

At 12.1 miles reach The Ferryboat Inn (post code DN22 0NQ) on your right (G/R 814 766) which is CP3.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 12.1 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 31.5 miles


CP3 to CP4

From The Ferryman Inn, cross the lane and directly opposite take the Public Footpath sign baring right, soon through kissing gates and up behind and through the back of the churchyard, returning to the flood-bank along river.

At 0.7 miles through kissing gate (G/R 822 759), then at 1.3 miles over style continue on flood-bank.

At 1.7 miles reach Dunham Bridge Road (G/R 817 744). Due to footpath closures the other side of the river, do not cross bridge but continue on flood-banks with the river on your left. (Take Care when crossing this road).

At 3.3 miles (G/R 812 721) go over style and left over waterway returning to the river flood-bank.

At 4.0 miles reach via-duct (G/R 816 716), go immediate right away from the river along the viaduct. At the end of the via-duct to your left next to wire fencing is a path leading you up to the top of the via-duct which is now a cycle track (G/R 811 715). Cross the via-duct and river.

At 5.0 miles as the end of the via-duct approaches, take a footpath on your right (Take Care Steep Slope) by the timber fencing which leads you down to lane (G/R 820 715), continue right along the lane footpath.

Go past a church on your right, past North Clifton School on your left.

At 5.7 miles take the right fork by a bus stop (G/R 822 705)

At 5.9 miles reach a lane with the Red Lion Pub on your left and go left down the lane. (G/R 820 702)

At 6.1 miles turn right down lane (G/R 823 701)

At 6.4 miles pass Clay Hill Farm, go through wooden gate then bear ½ left on signed footpath.

At 7.7 miles pass large pool on left.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 823 671) pass entrance to Girton Sailing Club.

At 8.5 miles (G/R 823 665) cross tarmac lane and continue forward.

At 8.9 miles (G/R 824 659) meet tarmac lane and continue forwards.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 825 656) as road bends to the left, continue forward on signed footpath.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 825 651) turn left through kissing gate along grass track with wooden fence on your right. Bear right after fence ends to Low Road and continue forward.

At 9.8 miles (G/R 825 649) turn left on signed footpath opposite Plumtree Farm to meet the A1133, then turn right and reach The Lord Nelson Pub (post code NG23 7HR) at 9.9 miles which is CP4 (G/R 826 648).

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 9.9 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 41.4 miles


CP4 to Finish

From the Lord Nelson Pub, after approx 20 yards turn left on tarmac drive for 10 yards then bear right over stile into field signed footpath.

At 0.8 miles (G/R 840 648) meet soil track and turn right.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 838 640) meet small tarmac lane, cross over and continue forward.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 835 633) continue forward into woods.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 832 625) reach road by Collingham Village, cross this and continue forward through kissing gate.

At 2.7 miles (G/R 829 624) go through kissing gate and turn left through large metal gate then turn left in front of the gate in front of you.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 830 623) meet road and turn right.

At 3.5 miles (G/R 827 613) meet Church Street and continue forward for approx 15 yards then turn right into Westfield Lane signed River Trent.

At 4.1 miles (G/R 820 616) as road bends left, continue forward on gravel track.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 809 616) meet the river Trent and turn left.

At 5.7 miles (G/R 807 602) bear right through metal gate into field and turn left.

At 5.9 miles (G/R 804 602) go over stile and turn right on vehicle track.

At 6.1 miles go over stile and bear left.

At 6.8 miles (G/R 800 591) turn left over stile and continue forward to meet lane then turn right.

At 7.3 miles (G/R 803 584) go through gate signed Ashfield Angling Club turn right for approx 10 yards to meet the flood bank then turn left along it.

At 8.2 miles (G/R 810 572) cross railway lines and continue on road.

At 8.7 miles (G/R 813 566) meet T-junction by Lord Nelson Pub and turn right.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 810 562) reach bottom of the road and go under the A1. Continue on footpath to shortly meet tarmac lane and continue forward.

At 9.4 miles approx 50 yards before T-junction in front, bear right on footpath under the main road to meet another road, then continue forwards down Winthorpe Road.

At 10.2 miles (G/R 805 549) meet road by Halfords garage and tool shop and turn right over railway line.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 798 541) turn right down The Wharf.

At 11.0 miles meet a road bridge by castle ruins and turn right and cross railway line.

At 11.2 miles (G/R 794 543) turn left down Kelham Road.

At 11.4 miles reach end of road, go through kissing gate and immediately right through hedge signed footpath then bear left towards road.

At 11.7 miles (G/R 790 544) meet road and cross (with care!) and continue forward down bank then through three metal gates.

At 11.8 miles (G/R 789 545) meet A617, cross this (with care!) and continue forward through kissing gate then bear ½ left through large gap in tree line on rugby pitches. Continue in that direction through the next rugby pitch.

At 12.2 miles (G/R 785 548) reach end of rugby pitch and continue forward on signed Thame Valley Walk route.

At 13.0 miles (G/R 776 556) meet road and turn right over bridge.

At 13.2 miles (G/R 774 556) reach The Fox Inn (post code NG23 5QP) which is the finish for the Trent Valley Way Ultra and Campsite 7 for Relentless.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 13.2 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 54.6 miles