Total Cardio Burn by Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce Head Shot

3 Body Blasting Circuit Training
with Caroline Pearce


By kind permission of Caroline Pearce

As a former international athlete, fitness trainer, sports scientist and TV Gladiator, Caroline has had to maintain the highest fitness levels throughout her career. Now she is bringing you her tried and tested Total Body Circuit Training Workouts, designed to burn maximum calories and tone your body from top to toe in just 20 minutes.  Caroline’s unique legs– arms – abs rotation system will work every part of your physique while blasting fat away!  Each circuit involves rotating strength exercises for lower body, upper body and abdominals (twice through) followed by her secret ingredient that will get your heart rate racing and metabolism fired up!


This DVD has been divided into 3 x 20 minutes sections.  These 3 workouts are separated by their increasing levels of intensity.  You can progress through each stage or pick a workout to suit your energy that day!  Practising these routines regularly will help keep you strong and healthy, plus give you that ripped body just in time for summer.

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Caroline Pearce & Total Cardio Burn‏ – Session 1