The Joust 12hr and 24hr Challenges 2022

25th & 26th June 2022



The Joust 24hr race, incorporating – The 50 Mile Challenge (J12) – A Race within a Race – see below for more details.

2019 Photos available here.

Jousting Rules (AKA race info)

About the event:

The BUFF® Joust 24hr (J24) and 12hr (J12) are off road races suitable for teams and solo BUFF® logo+ TOMH horizontal for Sports line CMYKrunners. Camping is situated around the race start location at Top Barn Camp Site on the 25th & 26th June 2022. The race will be run over a looped course circa 5.5 miles (due to course being on private farm land the route changes slightly each year). The course follows parts of the Severn Way along the river until Grimley then returning back to the camp site through a mixture of fields, footpaths and very quiet lanes. The course is well marked and marshalled, easily navigable and relatively flat.

Buckles for 100 mile Solo runners and 200 mile Team runners:

Can you achieve the “Buckle Standard”? If you can you will benefit from an additional Joust Buckle as well as your Joust Medal.

For previous Buckle winners click HERE.

What to expect:

All competitors, both J24 and J12 can arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning to set up their tents. Please note – your tent pitch is included within your entry fee. You may also hire one of our “SOLO” tents to save the bother of bringing your own. Both the J24 event and the J12 event will begin at 10:00.

Entry Options:

You can enter the J24 either as a solo runner, a pair, a team of 3-5, or a team of 6-8. You can only enter the J12 as a solo competitor.

  • J24 Solo Runners – will start at 10:00 Saturday, and will proceed to run as many laps as they can in 24 hours. The Soloists have preferential camping pitches which are very close to the course itself. They will also be allowed to have a support crew should they wish, although separate pitch costs must be purchased as the race entries only include those individuals.
  • J24 Pairs and Teams – Starting at 10:00 the pairs and teams will take it in turns to run laps of the course.  Runners must complete one full lap before switching over with their team mate and passing on the joust (relay batten).  After the event has begun teams cannot change the members of their team but they may change the order in which they run. Should one member wish to do several laps in a row this will be allowed.
  • J12 Solo Runners – will also start at 10:00 on the Saturday, and will conclude at 22:00 giving a race duration of 12 hours.
    The J12 event is only for competitors wishing to achieve the accolade of completing 50 miles within a twelve hour period. In order to achieve this accolade you must have completed the 50 miles before 22:00. Once you have completed the 50 miles you have finished your race. Thomas Hunt provided Time Lord duties in 2021, leading runners around the course to achieve 50 miles in the 12 hours. Hopefully we will provide another 12hr Time Lord for 2022. Alternatively you can go at your own pace.
  • Kiddies Joust –  Enter groups of children in teams of three members or more to run/walk/jog over a 1 hour period. If you haven’t got anybody to make up a team don’t worry – enter as a single entrant and we will add you to another team. The Kiddies Joust will be Saturday afternoon only (14:00 – 15:00). Each team member can run/walk/jog as little or as much of the course as they like. For each lap run the kids will collect a ‘lap band’. Once they have finished running we just add up the lap bands to confirm distance run. The course is set up in the second camping field which is very safe and everybody is clearly in view at all times*. Due to the Kiddies medals being the same quality as the main event (only smaller) it is imperative that places are booked early to ensure medal availability. * All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times whilst they take part.

Other information:

  • 12/24 hour race? As the name suggests, the  Joust 24hr is a 24 hour race. Competitors will need to complete a lap within the 24 hours in order for it to count. Any competitor still on the course and arriving after 10:00 on Sunday will not have that lap recognised. The same applies for the J12 with closure at 22:00 on the Saturday.
  • Night running – It will be compulsory for all runners to wear a head torch or carry a hand torch from 19:00, runners will also be expected to carry a switched on mobile phone and a whistle. The course will not be lit but the way will be well marked with yellow direction signs and temporary spray paint. It is very much encouraged that during the hours of darkness competitors run together with either support crew or other competitors – this isn’t a mandatory requirement, just a recommendation, and the decision rests with each individual competitor.
  • The Knights of Worcester – Also during the hours of darkness, the race will benefit from several non-competitive runners who will run loops of the course and they will happily join any competitor (subject to availability) along the route purely on a support basis. If you fancy being a “Knight” please email us at to note your interest. Each Knight will receive a Knights of Worcester tech t-shirt and a Knights of Worcester bespoke medal as a thank you.
  • Results – Each runner will be provided with a chip-timing device (to be collected on the day). Each lap will be recorded as you pass over the timing mat. For those of you wishing to check your position we will have a live timing which can be viewed by anybody with a mobile device and internet. For a lap to count, it must be completed no later than 10:00 on the Sunday for J24 competitors and 22:00 on the Saturday for J12 competitors.
  • Pace: For J24 competitors it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you complete your lap, this is an event for everyone fast and slow alike. For J12 competitors you must complete the full 50 miles within the 12 hour period.
  • Water Stations: Water stations will be available at the Start location, at the turning point of The Wagon Wheel at Grimley, and a third named “Midpoint”. All of these stations will have water, and be manned throughout the night and operate as control points with recording of times as each runner passes through. Please remember to bring your own drinking-cup or water bottle as the Joust is a plastic-cup free race. (i.e. non-supplied). However you can purchase a “Joust” re-usable cup on entering or on the day at registration.
  • Competition retirement: If any competitor has to retire for whatever reason they must contact the race organisers immediately, either by advising a checkpoint attendant or telephoning the emergency number which will be written on the competitors race number and handing back either your timing chip or batten.
  • Team Captains – Each team must have a captain who will be responsible for the behaviour of their team as a whole.

Event Merchandise

Visit our shop for Official Joust Merchandise

Tent Hire

Ultra Running will have thirty solo tents available for hire. These tents will take prime positioning –  right next to the course! They are for Solo hire only and will be erected prior to your arrival and packed away by Ultra Running staff, so you simply turn up and forget about the hassles of setting up. Simply choose this option through the booking system.

Hot showers and toilets will be provided throughout your stay.

Friends, family and supporters will be required to register their attendance prior to the event. Pitch cost is £15 per night and if required £5.00 per hook-up. Please book the tent pitch through our entry system choosing “Non-competitive Tent Pitch”. Hook-up charges to be paid on the day. The camping location provided may be in a different location to the competitor camping areas.

There will be a quiet time on the campsite between the hours of 22:30 – 07:00

The Tournament Village

Here we will have the following facilities;

Catering: Onsite catering is provided by Natalie Guy of Food Court who will be providing a selection of food for the duration of the event for those not wishing to bring their own food. This will be individually priced by the catering company. Should you wish to bring your own food/BBQ you are welcome to but disposable BBQ’s are not allowed. All litter must be taken with you at the end of the event.

Massage: This years service is provided by Eric from Malvern Buzzards who also covered 2019.

Registration and entry fees

All deposits and payments are on a non refundable basis.

You can choose this option for any of the following entry categories.

  • § Enter as an individual (J24) – £85.00
  • § Enter as an individual (J12) – £70.00
  • §  Enter as a Relay Team of 2 – £110.00
  • §  Enter as a Relay Team of 3- 5 – £275.00
  • §  Enter as a Relay Team of 6-8 – £350.00
  • § Enter as a Team of 3 or 5 Kids at £5.00 each (If you haven’t got members to make a team just enter individually and we will add you to a team).

Personal Cancellation Insurance.

You are now able to add a Personal Cancellation Insurance Policy at the time of your booking. The policy is provided through Event Protect Limited. Please review what is covered under the policy here.

To complete entry into the Joust race simply press the ENTER button or make a postal application:

a. Online registration form (Use the Red entry button at the top of the page) or

b. Send your details by postal entry with a cheque to: Ultra Running Ltd, 282 Malvern Road, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR2 4PA. Please make cheques payable to Ultra Running Limited.

Photo coverage

We will have photographers on course throughout the event, but if you take any interesting photos yourselves please let us have them.  Ultra Running Ltd. reserves all exclusive rights for photo coverage of its events. Participants agree that Ultra Running Limited may use exclusively their individual or collective names and pictures for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in this event.

Medals & Trophies

All J24 entries booked before Feb 25th 2022 will receive a J24 medal and a Joust T-Shirt. Subject to availability, late entries after that date may receive a standard URL medal and t-shirt.

All J12 entries booked before Feb 25th 2022 will receive a Joust T-Shirt. Successful finishers will also receive a J12 Medal. Subject to availability, late entries after that date may receive a standard URL medal and t-shirt.

Current Record Holders J24:

  • Mens Solo – 2019 Andy Persson – 22 laps in 23:47:14 (122.32 miles)
  • Ladies Solo – 2018 Emily Seward – 19 laps in 23:52:32.67 (105.64 miles)
  • Mens Solo Vet – 2014 Jules Taylor – 21 laps in 22:30:00 (100.8 miles)
  • Ladies Solo Vet – 2015 Jude Dayne – 15 laps in 16:23:00 (72 miles)
  • Mens Pairs – 2014 Neil Herron and Lee Jones – 28 laps in 23:41:00 (134.40 miles)
  • Mixed Pair – 2014 “Team Petrified” – Alison Carr and Nick Herbert – 26 laps in 23:26:14. (124.8 miles)
  • Ladies Pair – 2017 (Club BPJ) “A Right Pair of Plums” – Ruby Johnson and Denise Morrison – 17 laps in 23:50:50 (81.6 miles)
  • Mixed Team of 3/5 – 2017 (Club MJ) “WTF…Where’s the finish?” – 36 laps in 23:29:05 (172.8 miles)
  • Team of 3-5 Mens – 2018 “Malvern Buzzards Running Club” – Dave Woodward, Jack Abbotts, Glen Curran, Adam Dyson, Marc Heptinstall – 31 laps in 23:33:14.83 (172.36 miles)
  • Team of 3-5 Ladies – 2019 “Impact Fitness” – Lois Newell, Sarah Harris, Zoe Dyer, Ann Pritchard – 18 laps in 23:01:01 (100.08 miles)
  • Team of 6-8 – 2019 “Buzzards 200” (Malvern Buzzards Running Club) – Simeon Foreman, Jack Abbott, Adam Wilson, Mark Alston, Tom Hall, Matt Downes, Sam Burnage, Paul Dolphin – 39 laps in 23:36:53 (216.84 miles)


J/24 Trophies are awarded for;

The first 6 men and 6 women earn a place at The Round Table and are awarded the following titles. To qualify as a Vet you need to be 55 years of age. 2021 Members:

  • Mens Winner – King Arthur (Ben Carroll)
  • Ladies Winner – Queen Guinevere (Ewelina Skolimowska)
  • Mens 2nd Place – Sir Lancelot (Marek Sabadasz)
  • Ladies 2nd Place – Princess Morgan Le Fay (Malwina Ollik)
  • Mens 3rd Place – Sir Gawain (Grzegorz Dabek)
  • Ladies 3rd Place – Princess Ygerna (Sarah Jackson)
  • Mens 4th Place – Sir Galahad (Bill Adsett)
  • Ladies 4th Place – Princess Anna (Jess Woolley)
  • Mens 5th Place – Sir Tristan (Marc Soley)
  • Ladies 5th Place – Princess Elaine (Taryn Taylor)
  • Mens 6th Place – Sir Percivale (Barrett Abernethy)
  • Ladies 6th Place – Princess Morgause (Jody Donaldson)
  • Mens Vet Winner – Merlin, The Magical Wizard (Bill Adset)
  • Ladies Vet Winner – Nimue, Lady of the Lake (Lynda Broadway) from 2019

Additional J24 Trophy Categories:

  • Men’s & Ladies & Mixed Pairs winners
  • Men’s & Ladies & Mixed Teams of 3-5 winners
  • Team of 6-8 winner

J12 Trophy Categories:

  • Men’s & Ladies fastest finishers
  • Men’s & Ladies Vet fastest finishers


Terms and Conditions: Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions before entering.