The Windsor Ultra Route Directions

The Windsor Ultra

Thames Path is referenced at TP.
Kissing-Gate is referenced as k-g

Start to CP1

From Start, continue along TP towards Henley.

At 0.4 miles reach The Angle on the Bridge pub, turn left on to Thameside and then right over Henley Bridge.

At 0.5 miles cross road, opposite Henley Royal Regatta HQ, following TP sign as it turns off left towards the river. Continue along TP.

At 1.9 miles pass Temple Island Folly on left and continue forward.

At 2.8 miles pass Hambledon Lock (no facilities), continue along river bank TP.

At 3.4 miles TP goes right up Aston Ferry Lane. Continue up lane to reach Flower Pot Hotel where TP then continues straight ahead, before turning first left and then bear left again past Holme Farm. Continue ahead.

At 4.5 miles enter Deer Park, following TP along the river.

At 5.2 miles TP splits in to two, take right turn across field.

At 5.6 miles reach track and continue ahead with river on left and houses on right.

At 5.8 miles go through gate, passed Hurley Caravan & Camping and continue along river bank. Through various KG.

At 6.4 miles into wooded area, soon cross river bridge and through Hurley Lock (drinking water, toilets and rubbish facilities available).

At 6.9 miles cross another river bridge, turning left on to TP.

At 7.3 miles cross river bridge and through Temple Lock (drinking water and toilets facilities available). Continue along TP crossing over footbridge, then shortly crossing second footbridge TP along river bank.

At 9.0 miles, just before reaching bridge, turn left, then right on to Marlow Road. Turn left on Marlow Road, before crossing over (WARNING BUSY ROAD), and turning down The Causeway. Then immediate right along Church Passage.

At 9.1 miles, reach road, turning right then immediate left past the Two Brewers Pub, along Seven Corner Alley.

At 9.2 miles, reach Mill Road, turning right staying on road till 9.5 miles, which is CP1.

Total CP distance: 9.5 miles Total Windsor Ultra distance covered: 9.5 miles



CP1 to CP2

From CP1 turn right on to TP.

At 9.7 miles go under Marlow By Pass Road, continuing ahead.

At 11.8 miles reach Upper Thames Sailing Club.

At 12.0 run past Riverlight Restaurant and Bourne End Marina, before turning right on to TP.

At 12.2 miles right over footbridge, turning left along TP.

At 13.2 miles TP goes right, continue through churchyard to reach lane and go left then soon reach road. Follow TP signs along Sutton Road (WARNING BUSY ROAD), stay on footpath where possible.

At 13.5 miles, cross road, turning left into Mill Lane.

At 13.8 miles TP goes right, then right again at 13.9 miles and right again at 14.1 miles.

At 14.3 miles as you leave the wooded area, turn right along the river.

At 15.8 miles reach Lower Cookham Road, turn left along the footpath.

At 15.9 miles pass Boulters Lock (drinking water and toilets available). Continue along TP.

At 16.4 miles keep to footpath away from road, next to river bank, turning right back to road.

At 16.6 miles reach bridge with Thames Riviera Hotel opposite, go left crossing bridge and then immediate left off bridge, TP continues through KG and back under the bridge.

At 16.9 miles reach River Road and go right along river then under railway bridge.

At 18.3 miles reach Bray Lock (toilet available), continue forward TP.

At 21.5 miles reach Boveney Lock (drinking water and toilets facilities available), which is CP2.

Total CP distance: 12.0 miles Total Windsor Ultra distance covered: 21.5 miles



CP2 to CP3

From CP3 continue along TP.

At 22.6 miles go under the A332 bridge and continue forward.

At 23.2 miles reach a small road by The Watermans Arms. Continue forward on Brocas Street then turn right over the bridge then left on the signed TP.

At 23.4 miles turn left just after bridge, along the TP, past a boat yard.

At 23.5 miles reach The Boatman Riverside Pub, continue along TP, past car park on right. At end of car park, go through gate and continue along TP.

At 23.8 miles reach Romney Lock (drinking water available). Continue along TP, until 24.1 miles go when you go under railway line, continuing along TP.

At 24.6 miles meet a road bridge. Go over the bridge, crossing, then turn right down the steps on TP.

At 25.1 miles meet Windsor Road and turn right on signed TP.

At 25.9 miles turn right on signed TP.

At 26.3 miles go under bridge then bear left to meet a road. Turn left over the bridge then left on TP.

At 27.1 miles reach a small tarmac lane by a bridge and continue TP.

At 27.3 miles reach Old Windsor Lock (drinking water and toilets available). Continue forward keeping on riverbank path.

At 30.3 miles reach Bell Weir Lock (toilets available), continue forward on signed TP.

At 31.3 miles just before a road bridge, turn right on TP, then turn left over the bridge, then right down steps to rejoin the river. Continuing ahead along TP.

At 31.8 miles go under railway bridge, continuing along TP.

At 33.3 miles reach Penton Hook Lock (drinking water and toilets facilities available), continue on TP.

At 34.6 miles pass Laleham camping Park.

At 35.1 miles go under the M3 motorway.

At 35.4 miles go past The Kingfisher Pub and under Chertsey Bridge, which is CP3.

Total CP distance: 13.9 miles Total Windsor Ultra distance covered: 35.4 miles



CP3 to Finish

From CP3 continue along TP.

At 37.2 miles pass The Thames Court Pub, following the TP.


At 37.7 miles meet Church Road, turning right on signed TP, continue along Church Road.

At 38.1 miles turn right through Manor Park car park, signed TP, follow path through woods.

At 38.7 miles meet Russell Road, turning right.

At 38.8 miles bear right, then left over Walton Lane, following TP ahead.

At 39.1 miles rejoining Walton Lane, turning on to Walton Bridge Road and turn right over bridge then turning right off the bridge back, looping back under bridge on to TP, making sure river is on your left.

At 40.0 pass The Anglers Pub.

At 41.0 miles reach Sunbury Lock (drinking water and toilets available).

At 44.2 miles reach Molesey Lock (drinking water, toilets and rubbish facilities available), continuing forward.

At 44.4 miles reach Hampton Court Bridge. Cross bridge and over to other side of the road (WARNING BUSY ROAD), then turn right on to TP. Continue along river.

At 47.3 miles reach Kingston Road Bridge. Cross Bridge staying on right hand side. Then turn right signed TP then right again, going under the bridge, signed TP.

At 47.6 miles continue along TP, under railway bridge.

At 48.0 miles pass in front of Boaters Inn.

At 48.3 miles reach Albany Canoe and Sailing Centre which is the finish.

Total CP distance: 12.9 miles Total Windsor Ultra distance covered: 48.3 miles