The Real Deal 2020 Edition

Are you ready to play “The Real Deal”?

Choose your distance:

5k, 10k, (Half Marathon or Full Marathon can only be completed if you have your own treadmill – this is to avoid long periods outside)

How does it work?

The Ultimate Real Deal is an annual Challenge starting Jan 1st and completing Dec 31st each year. But don’t worry if you are joining middle of the year as there are options for single runs or “catching-up” (see below for more details)

Not up for the “Ultimate”? That’s ok! Take on any of the Four Season’s Challenges – Either Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring.

Not up for the “Seasons” Challenges”? That’s ok! You choose the day or days that “Suit” you.

First we shuffle the pack…..then we deal your hand.

Nobody knows the order that your cards will come out of the pack.

Guess what – there’re 52 cards in a pack and 52 weeks in the year. This is why “The Real Deal” is a years challenge – one run for each week of the year. Don’t worry if you are starting your challenge later in the year as you can “catch-up” by running more than one a week. But, once you have caught-up you have to stay with one a week, so you can never get ahead of the “Dealer”.

What are the medals like?

5k medals are 55mm tall
10k medals are 65mm tall
Half Marathon medals are 75mm tall
Marathon medals are 85mm tall

Each medal is a functional bottle opener, two-sided, brushed steel and 2mm in thickness.

Coming soon – we are working on sourcing presentation folders to house these beautiful medals. This will be an optional extra when available).

When do I receive my medals?

You can enter the “Real Deal” in a variety of ways;

  • Single Day run – you choose which card
  • Four Days of running – you choose which cards
  • The “Winter” Set – Just Spades (13 runs)
  • The “Summer” Set – Just Hearts (13 runs)
  • The “Spring” Set – Just Clubs (13 runs)
  • The “Autumn” Set – Just Diamonds (13 runs)
  • The “Ultimate” Full Set (54 runs) – the full set includes two Joker Cards

Entry prices allow for posting of the medals only after your full challenge has been completed. If you wish to have medals arrive early throughout the challenge please contact us and we can discuss / agree a price for you.

Run Proof:

As all of our Virtual events we do make it mandatory that you post your run proof either on our Ultra Running Virtual Facebook page or email direct to us

Entry Fees (Installment options are available and costs can be split monthly upto 12 months):

5k & 10k options:

  • Single Day – £15.00
  • Four Days – £50
  • Full Suit – choose between Spades, Hearts, Clubs & Diamonds (13 days) – £145.00
  • Full Set (54 days) includes Jokers – £499.00

Half Marathon & Marathon options:

  • Single Day £16.00
  • Four Days – £55.00
  • Full Suit – choose between Spades, Hearts, Clubs & Diamonds (13 days) – £155.00
  • Full Set (54 days) includes Jokers – £519.00

Once I’ve completed my chosen challenge is that it?

Not at all – this is the Real Deal……

To confirm – Each Challenge runs a calendar year, So January 1st starts a new challenge and you cannot carry over unused runs from the previous year which closes on December 31st.

Once a challenge year is closed we shuffle the pack of cards, and then split the pack to show the “Lucky Card”. We then notify everyone through our Facebook group the “Lucky Card” and confirm how many runners have the card.

Lucky card holders will then be set a virtual challenge by email and the first to respond back by email will receive complimentary entry into any of our 7in7 Virtual events for the year following their completed challenge.