The Oxford Ultra Route Directions

The Oxford Ultra

Thames Path is referenced as TP.
Kissing-Gate is referenced as k-g

Start to CP1

From the Ferryman Inn follow the TP signs out of the car park on a tarmac drive, past holiday homes on right.

At 0.2 miles reach lane junction keeping right TP sign posted.

At 0.5 miles TP leaves the lane going right into fields. Continue through various gates TP.

At 1.3 miles reach lane bear right TP, soon reach KG, through and bear left.

At 1.8 miles cross foot bridge, left to KG then diagonally across field, all signed TP.

At 2.6 miles reach Pinkhill Lock (drinking water and toilets available), cross lock twice, continuing along TP.

At 2.9 miles reach Road, go left on footpath, shortly going left TP down concrete track to river edge then right. Continue through various KG along the river bank.

At 4.0 miles go under bridge.

At 4.1 miles pass through Eynsham Lock (drinking water available), continue along river bank TP.

At 6.1 miles cross foot bridge, continue along river bank TP.

At 6.7 miles reach tarmac path, go left on path (NOT ON TARMAC PATH), following TP.

At 7.4 miles TP goes left under road bridge, continue along river bank TP.

At 7.6 miles cross road and continue TP.

At 7.8 miles pass Godstow Lock (no facilities).

At 9.1 miles, 9.2 miles and 9.8 miles cross foot bridges.

At 10.0 miles reach Botley Road bridge, turn right over bridge, then left back on to TP (WARNING BUSY ROAD).

At 10.2 miles cross foot bridge at Osney Lock (drinking water available).

At 10.97 miles reach road, Jubilee Terrace, continue TP along river.

At 12.1 just before Donnington Road bridge is CP1.

Total CP distance: 12.1 miles Total Oxford Ultra distance covered: 12.1 miles


 CP1 to CP2

From CP1 continue along TP with Iffley Lock (No Facilities) on left.

At 12.8 miles go under road bridge.

At 13.1 miles cross foot bridge and under railway bridge, continue along river bank.

At 13.6 miles cross foot bridge.

At 14.2 miles reach Sandford Lock (no facilities), crossing foot bridge and bear left TP.

At 17.4 miles cross foot bridge then under railway bridge.

At 19.0 miles reach path, TP goes left over foot bridge, over weir bridge to Abingdon Lock (drinking water available), then TP goes right along river bank.

At 19.6 miles go under road bridge, then soon over two foot bridges.

At 21.6 miles go through gate and then into Culham Lock (drinking water and toilets available), soon reach road which TP crosses and continue along river bank.

At 22.9 miles go under railway bridge and then soon cross foot bridge.

At 24.4 miles reach Clifton Lock (drinking water available), which is CP2.

Total CP distance: 12.3 miles Total Oxford Ultra distance covered: 24.4 miles



CP2 to CP3

From CP2, continue along the river until at 24.9 miles reach bridge, cross over bridge and just after house on right, take TP sign on left.

At 27.5 miles reach Days Lock (no facilities) and cross over the concrete bridge then turn right on the signed TP route.

At 29.2 miles as the TP forks left up to a gate by the A4074, turn right on signed TP.

At 29.6 miles reach The Kingfisher Pub, turning right on the signed TP.

At 29.8 miles turn left in front of the river on signed TP.

At 30.1 miles meet a road, cross right, following signs for the TP.

At 31.1 miles meet a caravan and camping site and boat moorings and continue forward.

At 31.4 miles meet lane and turn right on TP.

At 31.6 miles turn right on TP, over river to Benson Lock (drinking water available), turning left following TP.

At 32.9 miles reach lane leading to The Boat House Pub at Wallingford. Turn right on to High Street, taking first left (Thames Street), following road straight ahead, until you reach St Leonards Lane (and church), turning left following TP sign.

At 33.8 miles pass under the A4130 and continue forward.

At 36.3 miles go under railway bridge and around a school sports fields and continue forward on signed TP.

At 36.6 miles meet a road, turning left along path.

At 37.1 miles, on right hand side of road is Moulsford Cricket Pavilion and CP3.

Total CP distance: 12.7 miles Total Oxford Ultra distance covered: 37.1 miles


CP3 to CP4

From CP3 cross back over to left hand side of road and continue forward.

At 37.3 miles turn left signed TP down Ferry Lane all the way to the bottom. Just after the restaurant by the river turn right on the signed TP.

At 38.7 miles meet Cleeve Lock (drinking water and toilets available) and continue forward on signed TP.

At 39.6 miles meet High Street in Goring, turning left over the bridge.

At 39.8 miles just after the post office, turn right down steps and right again on signed TP. down to the river then turn left on signed TP.

At 41.0 miles go under railway line and continue forward.

At 42.7 miles meet a small tarmac lane and continue forward.

At 43.4 miles meet road and turn right on signed TP.

At 43.8 miles turn right into the church grounds signed TP then turn left just before the church, then left again signed TP to meet a road where you turn right over the bridge.

At 44.1 miles turn left at the TP sign into the car park of the Dolphin Centre and head left to a gate leading back to the river. Go through the gate and bear right along the TP.

At 46.2 miles reach Mapledurham Lock, (toilets available). Note the sign, you are only 78.5 miles from London! Just after Mapledurham Lock then bear right on TP.

At 46.5 miles Mapledurham Drive, continue ahead, turning left then right on TP over railway line then take the first left into Hazel Road on TP.

At 47.3 miles turn right into Skerritt Way signed TP.

At 47.5 miles at the end of the road turn left (New Route), through Skerritt Wood, along TP to meet a road then turn left.

At 47.7 miles just before The Roebuck Hotel, turn left at TP sign, go over the railway line and down the steps to meet the river again then turn right on the signed TP.

At 48.8 miles reach Reading Marine Chandley, continue ahead along TP.

At 50.5 miles reach Reading Rowing Club on right, which is CP 4.

Total CP distance: 13.4 miles Total Oxford Ultra distance covered: 50.5 miles



CP4 to Finish

At 50.6 miles reach a bridge by The Crowne Plaza continue under bridge, TP.

At 51.2 miles pass Caversham Lock (no facilities), continuing straight ahead.

At 52.0 miles cross bridge climb over bridge and down other side, continuing TP.

At 52.4 miles reach Wokingham Waterside Centre, continuing along the river bank, now grassed area.

At 53.1 miles continue into wooded area along river.

At 53.9 miles pass through Sonning Lock (toilets available)

At 54.2 miles turn left over bridge and then follow TP signs over second bridge, then along river.

At 55.8 miles enter wooded area, continue TP along river bank.

At 56.3 miles cross bridge by Shiplake College, continuing along TP.

At 56.9 miles through KG, going left TP, not over bridge to Shiplake Lock (although drinking water and toilets available at lock), soon reach lane and bear right then immediate left TP. Shortly reach a track, continuing over along fence line.

At 57.1 miles, reach lane and turn left, then right on to Mill Road, continuing straight ahead.

At 57.6 miles, reach the Baskerville Pub, turning right down Station Road and soon over a level crossing then TP goes immediately left, following lane as it turns right towards a road.

At 57.8 miles reach Bolney Road, turning left and following road until TP turns off left at 58.4 miles.

At 58.9 miles cross over long bridge over river to Marsh Lock (no facilities) and another long bridge returning along the river bank TP.

At 59.5miles reach Meadow Road Car Park on your left, which is the finish.

Total CP Distance: 9.0 miles. Total Oxford Ultra distance covered: 59.5 miles