The Hot Runner 2015 – Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Hot Runner 2015 event, we hope to see you tackle this challenge again soon!

Individual Results

DayOverall PositionEventNameSurnameFinishing time
23rd March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland3hr 9min
23rd March 20152ndMorning MarathonPaulButcher4hr 12min
23rd March 20153rdMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 25min
23rd March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall4hr 54min
23rd March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonMarkShepherd4hr 54min
23rd March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
23rd March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
23rd March 20151stHalf MarathonMikeAnstey2hr 28min
23rd March 20152ndHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe3hr 7min
23rd March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland3hr 36min
23rd March 20152ndAfternoon MarathonPeterHarris3hr 42min
23rd March 20153rdAfternoon MarathonMickCouzens3hr 42min
23rd March 20154thAfternoon MarathonSamMurphy3hr 53min
23rd March 20155thAfternoon MarathonGarySlater4hr 21min
23rd March 20156thAfternoon MarathonKateJayden4hr 53min
23rd March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
24th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland2hr 58min (Course Record)
24th March 20152ndMorning MarathonPaulButcher4hr 25min
24th March 20153rdMorning MarathonKateJayden5hr 7min
24th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 30min
24th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonMarkShepherd5hr 30min
24th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonAlexPortwineDNS
24th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
24th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
24th March 20151stHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe3hr 1min
24th March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland3hr 50min
24th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonKateJaydenDNS
24th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
25th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland3hr 46min
25th March 20152ndMorning MarathonPaulButcher4hr 32min
25th March 20153rdMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 41min
25th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 37min
25th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonMarkShepherd5hr 37min
25th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
25th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
25th March 20151stHalf MarathonSuzieLane2hr 1min
25th March 20152ndHalf MarathonMikeAnstey2hr 10min
25th March 20153rdHalf MarathonLyndaBroadway2hr 10min
25th March 20154thHalf MarathonJohnBrook2hr 12min
25th March 20155thHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe2hr 57min
25th March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland4hr 49min
25th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonKateJaydenDNS
25th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
26th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland4hr 9min
26th March 20152ndMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 30min
26th March 20153rdMorning MarathonPaulButcher4hr 38min
26th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 38min
26th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonMarkShepherd5hr 38min
26th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
26th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
26th March 2015Joint 1stHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe2hr 43min
26th March 2015Joint 1stHalf MarathonTonyEllis2hr 43min
26th March 2015Joint 1stHalf MarathonDaveHeely2hr 43min
26th March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland5hr 41min
26th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonKateJaydenDNS
26th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
27th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamAnstey3hr 42min
27th March 20152ndMorning MarathonJessHathaway3hr 59min
27th March 20153rdMorning MarathonPaulButcher4hr 14min
27th March 20154thMorning MarathonAdamHolland4hr 15min
27th March 20155thMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 21min
27th March 2015Joint 6thMorning MarathonCarolyneSanders4hr 43min
27th March 2015Joint 6thMorning MarathonClaireShacklock4hr 43min
27th March 2015Joint 8thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 43min
27th March 2015Joint 8thMorning MarathonMarkShepherd5hr 43min
27th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
27th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
27th March 2015Joint 1st Half MarathonGaryBurkes1hr 50min
27th March 2015Joint 1st Half MarathonDonnaRushton1hr 50min
27th March 20153rdHalf MarathonDavidBrett2hr 13min
27th March 2015Joint 4thHalf MarathonGayGrove2hr 45min
27th March 2015Joint 4thHalf MarathonMaggieAtherton2hr 45min
27th March 20156thHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe2hr 46min
27th March 20157thAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland5hr 13min
27th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonKateJaydenDNS
27th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
28th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland3hr 49min
28th March 20152ndMorning MarathonPaulTaylor4hr 18min
28th March 20153rdMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 34min
28th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 56min
28th March 2015Joint 4thMorning MarathonMatthewGoode5hr 56min
28th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonNickGoldbyDNS
28th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
28th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
28th March 20151st Half MarathonEmmaHayles1hr 29min
28th March 20152ndHalf MarathonPaulButcher1hr 55min
28th March 2015Joint 3rdHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe2hr 35min
28th March 2015Joint 3rdHalf MarathonTonyEllis2hr 35min
28th March 2015Joint 3rdHalf MarathonDavidHeeley2hr 35min
28th March 2015Joint 3rdHalf MarathonRosemaryRhodes2hr 35min
28th March 2015DNSHalf MarathonSteveMatthewsDNS
28th March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland4hr 26min
28th March 2015Joint 2ndAfternoon MarathonKateJayden4hr 43min
28th March 2015Joint 2ndAfternoon MarathonMarkWard4hr 43min
28th March 2015Joint 2ndAfternoon MarathonSallyHoward4hr 43min
28th March 2015Joint 2ndAfternoon MarathonGeofSpringer4hr 43min
28th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonSusanFootDNS
28th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
29th March 20151stMorning MarathonAdamHolland3hr 47min
29th March 20152ndMorning MarathonIanWalker3hr 59min
29th March 20153rdMorning MarathonBeckyBaldwin4hr 17min
29th March 20154thMorning MarathonPaoloFrancisco4hr 48min
29th March 20155thMorning MarathonKateJayden4hr 58min
29th March 20156thMorning MarathonSimonMarshall5hr 57min
29th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonPaulButcherDNS
29th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonSusanFootDNS
29th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonShanRobertsDNS
29th March 2015DNSMorning MarathonRobertYoungDNS
29th March 20151stHalf MarathonAndyYapp1hr 29min
29th March 20152ndHalf MarathonBenjaminDillon1hr 52min
29th March 20153rdHalf MarathonTobyWhitfield1hr 53min
29th March 20154thHalf MarathonSarah LouiseMorris1hr 55min
29th March 2015Joint 5thHalf MarathonBethanStimson2hr 1min
29th March 2015Joint 5thHalf MarathonVerityWatts2hr 1min
29th March 2015Joint 5thHalf MarathonAnnoulaRaptis2hr 1min
29th March 2015Joint 5thHalf MarathonJonShacklock2hr 1min
29th March 20159thHalf MarathonSuRathbone2hr 7min
29th March 2015Joint 10thHalf MarathonIanHornarbrook2hr 39min
29th March 2015Joint 10thHalf MarathonBarrieFord2hr 39min
29th March 201512thHalf MarathonMichelleFookwe3hr 14min
29th March 2015DNSHalf MarathonHeatherDaviesDNS
29th March 2015DNSHalf MarathonAmandaHusbandDNS
29th March 20151stAfternoon MarathonAdamHolland3hr 42min
29th March 20152ndAfternoon MarathonStuartRuston3hr 46min
29th March 2015Joint 3rdAfternoon MarathonMarkWard4hr 32min
29th March 2015Joint 3rdAfternoon MarathonSallyHoward4hr 32min
29th March 20155thAfternoon MarathonKateJayden5hr 26min
29th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonRobertYoungDNS
29th March 2015DNSAfternoon MarathonBarryGardnerDNS