The Cotswold Ultra Route Directions

The Cotswold Ultra


Thames Path is referenced at TP.
Kissing-Gate is referenced as k-g


At 0.2 miles, over stile, turn immediate left, keeping hedge on left hand side.

At 0.5 miles, go through double gates, keeping hedge on left hand side, until path turns off right, towards A433.

At 1.0 miles, climb steps, through gate and cross A433 (WARNING BUSY ROAD). cross and continue forward on TP.

At 1.5 miles reach a stone and signpost marking the Source of the River Thames. From the source, continue back along the route you have just taken, back to the first style.

At 2.8 miles, turn left away from style, through gate, to cross the A429 (WARNING BUSY ROAD) continuing forward on TP. As path forks bear right into wooded area.

At 3.5 miles meet road, turn left on road for a few yards then cross road onto signed TP which runs parallel with road towards Ewen. At end of TP, cross back over road heading towards Ewen, along the road.

At 4.0 miles, turn right down lane signed TP.

At 4.2 miles, immediately after crossing the river turn left on TP. Following TP, with River on your left.

At 5.2 & 5.4 miles cross foot-bridges and continue through various KG all TP.

At 6.5 miles reach road, turn right, then left when reaching the main road.

At 6.7 miles cross over road into Lower Mill Estate TP.

At 7.0 miles go over footbridge all TP signed through various KG and another footbridge.

At 8.2 miles cross over road (WARNING BUSY ROAD).

At 8.4 miles reach lane, at end of lane is CP1 on your left, opposite a small monument on a grassed area.

Total CP distance: 8.4 miles Total Cotswold Ultra distance covered: 8.4 miles


 CP1 – CP2

From CP1 go left a short distance, turning right down Back Street.

At 8.8 miles take left track, then immediate right through KG all signed TP.

At 9.0 miles reach lane, go left then through gate on your immediate right, over playing fields to far gate. All TP signed, over footbridge, gravel pathway between fields.

At 9.8 miles reach bridleway and go left, then right in 200 meters TP. Follow this path for 2.2 miles TP.

At 12.2 miles reach track TP goes right

At 12.4 miles TP goes left, then through a KG, ccontinue along the river TP, crossing possible waterway (dependent on weather), follow TP signs.

At 13.4 miles go right over foot-bridge, follow TP signs. Through KG on right, left past houses on footpath for 50 meters then TP through KG on left into field, follow TP signs.

At 13.7 miles reach lane going left onto footpath and 50 meters reach road.

At 13.8 miles go right on to High Street, TP. Shortly on the left you pass the Red Lion Pub, then go next left down Abingdon Court Lane, then taking the left lane just before Abingdon Court Farm. Follow TP signs which then go right to fields.

At 14.4 miles go over foot-bridge, turning left, through gate and then under the A419 bridge.

Continue over various footbridges and gates.

At 18 miles TP shoots diagonally right to a footbridge, which leads to a concrete path between houses, until you reach a road, continue straight ahead, until you reach the Red Lion Pub on your left at 18.2 miles, which is CP2.

Total CP Distance: 9.8 miles Total Cotswold Ultra distance covered: 18.2 miles


CP2 – CP3

Continue along road, turning right and then at T-junction of School Lane and turn left which leads into Church View.

At 18.4 miles turn left down Blackford Lane signed TP.

At 19.3 miles, pass house on right, when lane ends turn left in to field, then right on footpath.

At 20.3 miles meet a lane and turn right.

At 20.5 miles as the lane bends to the right, turn left signed TP.

At 22.0 miles turn left (new TP route), through gate, with wire fence and river on your left.

At 23.5 miles turn left through gate TP, up a short climb

At 23.6 miles reach KG in front of church, turning right along track.

At 23.7 miles turn left though KG, following TP signs.

At 23.8 miles cross bridge, keeping river on your left.

At 24.6 miles reach Halfpenny bridge. Go under bridge and continue forward on the signed TP by the river.

At 25.2 miles meet St Johns Lock (drinking water and toilets available) and continue forward on signed TP route alongside the river.

At 25.4 miles go over bridge then turn left and at 25.5 cross a further bridge, turning right and following signed TP.

At 26.4 miles reach Buscot Lock (toilets available) crossing river twice, then follow signed TP route.

At 28.3 miles, turn right in to track, continue along with river on right.

At 29.7 miles reach Grafton Lock (toilets available) and continue forward on signed path.

At 30.9 miles reach a bridge by The Swan Hotel, cross right over bridge and turn left in to parking area which is CP3.

Total CP Distance: 12.8 miles Total Cotswold Ultra distance covered: 31 miles



CP3 – Finish

From the Swan Hotel parking area continue TP along the river bank and over bridge.

At 31.8 miles reach Radcot Lock (drinking water and toilets available) and continue forward on signed path.

At 33.7 miles reach Rushey Lock (drinking water, toilets and rubbish facilities available) and cross over the lock to the other side then turn right on small tarmac lane.

At 34.6 miles reach a small road by a Tadpole Bridge, cross this and continue forward on signed path.

At 35.8 miles reach Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve and continue forward on path.

At 37.6 miles reach wooden bridge over river, cross this then turn left on signed path.

At 37.9 miles reach Shifford Lock (toilets), cross footbridge and turn left on signed path.

At 40.5 miles reach the Maybush Pub on the A415. Cross over the bridge to the Rose and Revived Pub, turning right through the pub garden, along the river bank, through various gates signed TP.

At 42.7 miles reach Northmoor Lock (drinking water and toilets available). Continue through various gates.

At 44.2 miles, reach The Ferryman at Bablock Hythe which is the finish.

Total CP Distance: 13.2 miles Total Cotswold Ultra distance covered: 44.2 miles