The Richmond Ultra Route Directions

Final Leg of the Thames Challenge / Richmond Ultra



Start to CP1

After leaving Albany Canoe and Sailing Centre, continue ahead along TP, until TP bears left on path by river.

At 0.9 miles IGNORE a blue pedestrian bridge signed Thames Path North on the left, to continue forward on TP.

At 1.0 miles reach Teddington Lock (drinking water and toilets available), continue on TP.

At 2.4 miles reach Eel Pie car park on your right, continue ahead on TP.

At 3.7 go under Richmond Bridge, continue ahead on TP.

At 4.1 miles under railway bridge, then under Twickenham Bridge.

At 4.3 miles pass Richmond Lock and Weir, continuing ahead on TP.

At 6.1 miles go past car-park on right, continuing ahead on TP.

At 6.7 miles go under Kew Bridge, then at 7.1 miles under railway bridge.

At 7.9 miles go under Chiswick Bridge, continuing ahead on TP.

At 8.8 miles go under railway bridge, continuing ahead on TP.

At 10.5 miles go under Hammersmith Bridge, continuing ahead on TP.

At 12.3 miles reach Putney Bridge, cross road and follow TP on south side of river, around St Marys Church on your left, continue around The Rocket Pub, which is CP1 at 12.4 miles.

Total CP distance: 12.4 miles Total Richmond Ultra distance covered: 12.4 miles


CP1 – CP2

From CP1 continue along TP, passing under a railway bridge at 12.6 miles. Continue along Deodar Road until you reach a white arch sign posted, Riverside Walk.

At 12.7 miles go through White Arch and continue along the Riverside Walk.

At 13.2 miles pass Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier, turning left then first right, crossing Eastfields Road before reaching Osiers Road, then turn left.

At 13.4 miles, turn left on to Enterprise Way.

At 13.5 miles TP goes left over two bridges TP continues along Smugglers Way.

At 13.6 miles just before car park on right, TP goes left into Waterside Path and back to the river along Nichols Walk, follow path to The Ship Pub, turning left towards Wandsworth Bridge.

At 13.9 miles, climb steps on to Wandsworth bridge, crossing to the north side of the river.

At 14.2 miles take right turn down Townmead Road. Continue along road.

At 14.4 miles, reach roundabout, turning right, then right again on to Central Avenue, which will take you back to the river, turning left along TP.

At 15.0 miles TP goes under railway bridge, continuing ahead crossing bridge at 15.1 miles.

At 15.2 miles TP turns left away from river on to Chelsea Harbour Drive, crossing foot bridge, then turning right on to Lots Road.

At 15.7 miles just before Cremorne Road, turn right alongside the river.

At 15.9 miles reach Battersea Bridge, continue along TP.

At 16.2 miles reach Albert Bridge and continue ahead along TP.

At 16.9 miles reach Chelsea Bridge and then under railway bridge, continuing ahead on TP.

At 17.5 miles TP turns away from the river, past a Shell garage, turning right back on to river.

At 17.9 miles turn left, right, then right again, back to the river.

At 18.1 miles, go under railway bridge and left then right over Vauxhall Bridge, continue along TP with river on your right.

At 18.6 miles continue past Lambeth Bridge towards grass area with Houses of Parliament ahead. Here the TP goes left away from the river, around the Houses of Parliament.

At 19.0 miles take right hand road, along TP, turning right towards Westminster Bridge.

At 19.2 miles, just before you reach the bridge, cross road and continue along TP, with river on your right, along the Embankment.

At 19.6 miles go under railway bridge, passing the Embankment Café and then at 19.9 under Waterloo Bridge.

At 20.6 miles, (DIVERSIONS IN PLACE, FOLLOW DIVERSION SIGNS) take ramp down to go under Blackfriars Bridge, reaching North Bank Restaurant and Zorita Kitchen, at this point the TP goes left, signed Riverside Walk East, reach road go right on footpath under bridge then right to river path.

At 21.1 miles go up steps to Southwark Bridge continue over same side of river.

At 21.3 miles reach The Banker Pub, TP goes left then immediate through Steelyard Passage, back to river.

At 21.7 miles, reach lane, turning left, then immediate right, following TP in front of the Tower of London.

At 22.1 miles, go under Tower bridge, past Starbucks Cafe, over footbridge, turning right on to St Katherines Way.

At 22.4 miles TP sign goes right to rejoin the river, before turning left back on to road and right and first right before taking TP sign on right.

At 22.7 miles cross small bridge, before turning back to river. Continuing until you meet a wall (not a dead end), turn left and then right on to Wapping High Street, towards The Town of Ramsgate pub at 22.9 miles, which is CP2.

Total CP distance: 10.5 miles Total Richmond Ultra distance covered: 22.9 miles



CP2 to Finish

From CP2 continue along the High Street, passing Wapping Station at 23.2 miles, before TP goes right (gates may appear lock but will push open). Following TP.

At 23.3 miles (DIVERSIONS IN PLACE, FOLLOW DIVERSION SIGNS) go left, reach road TP goes right then first right on to Wapping Wall, past The Prospect of Whitby Pub on your right then immediate right on TP through gate. Continue around by canal.

At 23.7 miles, turn right over bridge, then take TP on right just after Shadwell Pierhead.

At 24.2 miles leave river and continue along Narrow Street, then just after junction with Spert St turn right back to the river.

At 24.5 miles turn right over bridge and right back to the river, around Victoria Wharf, before rejoining Narrow Street.

At 24.7 miles TP goes right back to the river. Where you cross a foot bridge under the A1203. Continue ahead along the TP, next to the river, crossing another footbridge at 25.2 miles.

At 25.8 miles TP goes left on to Arnhem Place, then reach main road with Arnhem Primary School on right, then turn right continuing along Westferry Road past shops.

At 26.3 miles, just after St Edmunds Catholic School on your left, the TP turns right, then right and first left straight back to the river. Continue along with river on your right.

At 27.0 miles TP goes left away from the river then at The Ferry House go right onto Ferry Street, continue along footpath, turning left at end of road, then first right on to Saunders Ness Road, turning off right just on TP towards a domed building by the river. Which is the entrance to The Thames Tunnel. Take this to the other side of the river. Exit tunnel going left, past restaurants on to TP, with river now on your left.

At 27.7 miles TP goes behind the Trafalgar pub, then at 28.0 miles pass the Cutty Sark Pub on your right. Continue along the TP with the river to your left all the way and past the O2 Arena at 29.7 miles. Continuing along TP.

At 31.7 miles go through a tunnel to reach a grass play area, continue ahead to the finish point for The Thames Challenge/Richmond Ultra.

Total CP distance: 9.0 miles Total Richmond Ultra distance covered: 31.9 miles