Tenerife 0-4-0 2021






Steven Worrallo de Ultra Running Limited, en asociación con Marnix Mortier, está relanzando la carrera 0-4-0.

Por fin se dará la salida a la prueba que tanto estabas esperando, la Tenerife 0-4-0, que une la Playa del Socorro, en Los Realejos, con el Teide, a través de la ruta 0-4-0.
No te pierdas este reto que ponemos a tu alcance en el 2021.

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If you are interested at taking part in the 2021 event or the guided run this year, please email us at info@ultrarunningltd.co.uk

Si está interesado en participar en el evento 2021 o la carrera guiada este año, envíenos un correo electrónico a info@ultrarunningltd.co.uk


Brief overview of the race Tenerife 0-4-0:

Check out HERE for the 2014 Promotional Race photos

Some race statistics for 0-4-0:

  • Distance: 58 km
  • Accumulated positive shoulder: 3855m
  • Accumulated negative shoulder: 3855m
  • Total shoulder accumulated: 7710m
  • Max incline: 52%
  • Avg. incline: 15%

Race Location Overview:

The Teide National Park is the most visited National Park in Europe, with nearly four million tourists each year coming to witness one of the greatest geological spectacles on our planet.

Tens of thousands of intrepid visitors reach the peak of Mount Teide. Most do so using the cable car which commences at a car-park located at 2365 metres near Canadas del Teide.

However, the most daring try to complete the ascent and descent of the volcano in one assault, starting at zero metres from the beach at Playa del Socorro (Los Realejos), up to the peak of Mount Teide and back down to the beach at Playa del Socorro.

In order to comply with authority race consents, competitors are required to reach the peak of Mount Teide no later than 8.00am. For this reason the race start time is midnight which gives competitors 8 hours to achieve this. Outside this time the final section of Mount Teide will be closed. Competitors who miss this cut-off time can still continue back to the beach and will be recorded on the results list with finishing times and positions, although they will be noted as not completing the 0-4-0 Extreme Challenge.

If you prefer the challenge of just the climb and not the decent, then enter 0-4 Extreme which concludes at the top of Tiede.


The Gran Hotel Turquesa is the official 0-4-0 hotel and is included within the package cost. Click HERE for more information.

If you intend bringing family or friends with you, we can help. Car hire, Creche, etc, just email your requirements to info@ultrarunningltd.co.uk

Location Preview / Recce Days:

We are organising training visits and recce days to Tenerife throughout the year. From short breaks to a longer duration we can cover all aspects of your journey. We have special offers for group organisers who can manage their own party booking so that we deal with a single point of contact. If this is of interest please email us at info@ultrarunningltd.co.uk with your preferred dates. If you are a single traveller – no problems – we can accommodate you individually or add you into a group.

2014 Event Video
[vimeo clip_id=110577595]

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Small backpack.
  • Head torch & spare batteries.
  • Suitable clothing and shoes. The race will commence at midnight but will still be warm. As you approach the top of Mount Teide it will be very cold with the possibility of snow covering. On the descent through the National Park it is likely to be very sunny and warm. Other useful items – Windbreaker / long sleeve tops.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun protection.
  • Hat / Buff.
  • Water bottles or incorporated within backpack.
  • Energy Food.
  • Mobile phone
  • Euros (contingency)

All deposits and payments are on a non refundable basis. However, during the check-out stage you will have an option to upgrade to a refundable booking.