The Rotary Way Route Directions

Route Directions for Rotary Way


WWW (Witton Weavers Way)
RW (Rotary Way)


Start to CP1
From The Boars Head (G/R 613 267) (post code PR5 0RX) go left on Blackburn Old Road, then immediately left again into Chapel Lane.

At 0.5 miles cross railway bridge and go immediate left on track / fp along railway line.

At 1.0 mile reach junction and go right, soon crossing railway line (G/R 628 264) with river on left.

At 1.5 miles continue ahead, ignore merging fp from right.

At 2.1 miles reach track asnd go left on it (G/R 638 253), soon reach A6061 (Take Care) go left then soon take next track on right.

At 2.6 miles continue on track over bridge (G/R 642 249) and go under M65, continue ahead at fp / track junction.

At 3.1 miles track goes left into woods (G/R 642 240)

At 3.2 miles cross footbridge (G/R 643 239) and continue ahead over dismantled railway on WWW.

At 3.5 miles reach house and continue on fp on track ahead (right option)

At 3.9 fp goes right off track, through woods, over footbridge then immediately left at 4.0 miles (G/R 644 229), then very soon take fp off to the right.

At 4.2 miles continue ahead at fp crossroads.

At 4.4 miles reach A675 (G/R 643 223) by the Hare & Hounds (post code PR6 8DP), by side of car park take the lane off to the left.

At 4.8 miles (G/R 648 222) continue ahead over bridge on fp.

At 4.9 miles (G/R 650 222) fp goes sharp left then soon sharp right through woods on track. (Roddlesworth Reservoir).

At 5.4 miles (G/R 656 223) meet fp crossroads and continue ahead on fp / track – stay on track.

At 6.0 miles (G/R 661 216) ignore fp off to the right and stay on track continue ahead.

At 6.5 continue ahead on track as other track merges from right (G/R 659 209)

At 7.1 miles (G/R 662 201) as track stops continue ahead on fp and exit woods, then keep treeline to your left, reach road at 7.5 miles and go right on road.

At 7.8 miles as road bends sharp right, continue ahead on track / fp (G/R 666 192), then soon as track bends sharp left continue ahead on fp to Old Man’s Hill.

At 8.1 miles cross footbridge, continue ahead (G/R 667 187), soon continue on track.

At 8.4 miles ignore track on right, continue ahead between buildings.

At 8.7 miles track leads to fp, continue ahead (G/R 671 179)

At 9.2 miles at fp junction take left option (G/R 677 173)

At 9.5 miles fp merges in from the right, continue ahead.

At 9.9 miles at fp junction go right (G/R 702 162), soon continue ahead at fp crossroads, then immediately left on fp leading to track ahead.

At 10.5 miles reach lane go left then soon take fp off to the right, eventually crossing two footbridges, exit woods and keep treeline to your left.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 704 158) reach lane and go right, follow fp signs leading back towards Delph Reservoir.

At 11.6 miles cross footbridge, follow fp (G/R 703 153)

At 11.8 miles reach road and go left, then soon just before the brook, take right track (G/R 705 149)

At 12.3 miles cross water and continue on left fp option (G/R 701 146)

At 12.7 miles cross footbridge and continue ahead (G/R 701 142)

At 12.9 miles reach track cross and continue ahead on track opposite (G/R 700 139)

At 13.1 miles reach A675, (Take Care) cross over to pavement and continue left, at 13.3 miles reach the Wilton Arms (G/R 699 134) (post code BL1 7BT) which is CP1

Navigation Rating: Good – Generally follow (Witton Weavers Way)
Terrain – Mainly Track & Field
CP Distance = 13.3 miles



CP1 – CP2

From the Wilton Arms go right a short distance and take the fp on the right heading back towards the pub. Eventually reach a lane at 0.3 miles (G/R 696 135) and go left.

At 1.1 miles go right into lane. Stay on lane until 2.1 miles at left bend continue ahead on track.

At 2.5 miles at end of track continue on fp over footbridge (G/R 669 136), Continue over several footbridges then at 3.1 miles fp bears right for a short way before turning acutely right (G/R 664 143).

At 3.4 miles reach and continue on track.

At 3.9 miles fp goes off track on right (G/R 657 136)

At 4.2 miles at fp crossroads take the right fp option.

At 4.5 miles reach and cross lane on fp (G/R 648 131)

At 4.9 miles reach track and go right on track.

At 5.2 miles continue ahead, ignore lane on left then soon at junction go right, follow fp to lane and go left (G/R 637 126).

At 5.5 miles reach road and go right then immediate left, continue and ignore all right turnings.

At 6.0 miles reach main road (Take Care), go right then first left on lane (G/R 630 120).

At 6.8 miles continue on lane over the M61, then continue right on track / fp adjacent to M61.

At 7.7 miles reach lane (G/R 615 124) go right then just before the motorway go left on fp.

At 8.2 miles (G/R 614 130) reach main road, continue left on pavement for about a third of a mile then take fp off to the left at (G/R 610 131).

At 8.9 miles at fp junction take left option (G/R 606 128), cross railway and reach A6, follow fp signs to bridge at 9.3 miles (G/R 600 124) and continue on cycle route.

Stay on cycle route then at 10.0 miles reach lane and go left (G/R 595 113) on lane.

At 10.2 miles reach junction and go right, soon reach another junction and go left into Blundell Lane (G/R 599 108)

At 10.9 miles reach T-junction and on your left is Suzanna’s Pub & Restaurant (G/R 606 107) (post code BL6 5LW) which is CP2.

Navigation Rating: Good – Generally follow (Rotary Way)
Terrain – Mainly Track & Field
CP Distance = 10.9 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 24.2 miles




CP2 – CP3

From Suzanna’s continue right on road (Little Scotland), then soon take lane on left. Continue until the lane bends sharp left and then go right on fp (G/R 609 103).

At 0.4 miles reach fp junction and go left.

At 0.6 miles reach and cross track (G/R 610 100)

At 0.8 miles reach Freezeland Farm head to right of farm then continue on fp behind farm (not fp heading right).

At 1.2 miles reach Gorses Farm, gp left of farm on fp, soon at fp junction go sharp left (G/R 615 090)

At 1.5 miles (G/R 617 091) cross footbridge and continue ahead.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 619 093) reach fp junction and go sharp right, soon continue to track to reach road at 1.9 miles and go right then soon first left up lane. At 2.3 miles take fp right, off lane (G/R 627 089)

At 2.4 miles reach track and continue ahead, but soon fp goes off on the right (G/R 629 085).

At 2.7 miles at fp junction before woods, go sharp left then reach track and go right at 2.9 miles (G/R 630 082). Continue ahead, ignore fp’s to the left, reach road B5239 at 3.2 miles and go right.

At 3.4 miles go left off road into lane (G/R 628 075), keeping left along lane till the end of lane then continue on fp, crossing footbridge then continue with water course to your left.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 625 054) cross footbridge to other side of watercourse and continue ahead to track, then soon fp goes sharp left away from track.

At 5.5 miles reach lane and go right (G/R 628 058)

At 5.9 miles at fork in lane keep right and cross railway following lane as it bends right.

At 6.2 miles reach main road and go left (Take Care) use pavement / verges (G/R 633 053)

At 6.7 miles take right turn into lane (G/R 641 051), soon at 6.9 miles go left on lane leading to fp.

At 7.0 miles cross footbridge to reach road and go right (G/R 644 047).

At 7.4 miles reach T-junction and go left

At 7.6 miles go right into lane (G/R 648 042), at end of lane continue on fp.

At 8.4 miles cross footbridge to reach A577 (G/R 649 030) and go left immediate right (almost straight over) into lane. Continue on lane past all side roads and at 9.2 miles (G/R 650 018) continue ahead past lane on right, again ignore all side roads.

At 9.8 miles reach A579 (Take Care) cross and continue on lane.

At 10.0 miles reach T-junction of B5215 and go left. Ignore all side roads till 10.5 miles (G/R 656 001) go right into road, stay on road till you reach A579 roundabout (Take Care) continue over on the A578.

At 11.1 miles, as the A578 turns sharp right (G/R 648 002) continue ahead on Firs Lane and ignore all side roads.

At 11.7 miles continue on road as it bends sharp left leading into Plank Lane.

At 12.0 miles (G/R 635 999) reach CP3 which is The Nevison pub on your right (post code WN7 4QE).

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain – Mixture of trail and tarmac
CP Distance = 12.0 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 36.2 miles




CP3 – CP4

From The Nevison pub continue right along Plank Lane.

At 0.3 miles continue over river bridge on lane

At 0.5 miles take fp off to the left, soon cross footbridge, as you near Mossley Hall keep to the left and the continue along drive.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 629 988) reach lane continue over on fp, soon go right of house and continue on fp

At 1.1 miles at fp junction continue ahead, ignore fp on left (G/R 627 986), soon reach road and go left. Stay on road ignore all side roads, use pavement / verges. (Take Care).

At 2.0 miles reach crossroads continue over (G/R 613 973)

At 2.3 miles reach fork in road go right (G/R 612 973), continue ahead ignore all side roads.

At 2.8 miles go under railway bridge and soon reach A573 (G/R 604 978) go right then immediate left into road (Take Care) ignore all side roads, use pavement / verges.

At 3.1 miles reach crossroads (G/R 601 979) and go left on road, soon road bends back sharp right – continue on road and ignore all side roads.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 598 972) reach T-junction go right then soon road bends sharp left (Take Care) continue over A580 on road.

At 4.3 miles (G/R 592 963) continue under M6.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 590 957) reach T-junction (Take Care) continue over on lane, then go immediate left then right at T-junction on road.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 590 953) continue under railway bridge, stay on road, ignore all side roads, use pavement / verges.

At 5.7 miles reach T-junction (G/R 582 946) go left on road, continue ahead ignore all side roads.

At 6.5 miles continue under railway bridge (G/R 586 934)

At 6.9 miles reach road junction and go right into Alder Lane, soon cross railway and river bridges.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 584 929) on your right is CP4 the Fiddle L’th Bag Inn (post code WA5 4BJ).

Navigation Rating: Good – use maps
Terrain – All tarmac
CP Distance = 7.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 43.4 miles




CP4 – Finish

From the Fiddle L’th Bag Inn return cross road into Old Alder Lane, ignore side roads and at 0.7 miles, before railway bridge, take fp off to the right (G/R 590 922).

At 1.1 miles continue under M62 on fp.

At 1.4 miles at fp junction, continue ahead (right option) with Sankey Brook on right.

At 1.7 miles (G/R 596 909) go under A574 on fp.

At 2.1 miles (G/R 596 902) go right under bridge then continue left on fp by Theme Park.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 592 896) cross bridge and continue right between water courses, soon go under bridge and continue ahead.

At 3.0 miles (G/R 590 890) continue under railway bridge.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 590 881) continue under A57.

At 4.1 miles continue under Sankey Bridges (G/R 585 876).

At 4.3 miles (G/R 582 875) reach track and go acutely left on cycle route.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 588 872) go over bridge, continue on cycle route bearing right then left immediately after bridge.

At 5.7 miles (G/R 597 866) continue under railway bridge, stay on cycle route.

At 6.2 miles (G/R 603 862) go left into road to soon meet A5060, go right over bridge then immediately take road on left along canal. Keep to cycle route.

At 7.0 miles (G/R 613 864) cross bridge to other side of canal then continue right on cycle route.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 623 868) continue under road bridge.

At 8.0 miles (G/R 628 870) cross canal bridge and continue left on cycle route.

At 8.4 miles (G/R 633 871) continue under bridge on cycle route.

At 8.7 miles (G/R 638 872) go right into road on cycle route then soon follow cycle route off to the left.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 644 870) stay on cycle route and go under road bridge.

At 10.3 miles (G/R 663 872) stay on cycle route go under M6 bridge, soon crossing main road (Take Care). Stay on cycle route.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 672 874) reach and cross road, continue on cycle route.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 679 876) reach and cross road, continue on cycle route, soon cross bridge over brook, stay on cycle route.

At 11.9 miles(G/R 689 879) reach and cross road into Reddish Lane, still on cycle route.

At 12.6 miles reach A6144 (G/R 699 882) go right along pavement on Birch Brook Road, continue over two islands into Rush Green Road and at 12.7 miles on your left is Marco Marco (G/R 697 881) which is the finish (post code WA13 9RD).

Navigation Rating: Good – use maps
Terrain – Mainly hard trail or tarmac
CP Distance = 12.7 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 56.1 miles