Tenerife 0-4-0

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0-4-0 Location Overview:

The Teide National Park is the most visited National Park in Europe, with nearly four million tourists each year coming to witness one of the greatest geological spectacles on our planet.

Tens of thousands of intrepid visitors reach the peak of Mount Teide. Most do so using the cable car which commences at a car-park located at 2365 metres near Canadas del Teide.

However, the most daring try to complete the ascent and descent of the volcano in one assault, starting at zero metres from the beach at Playa del Socorro (Los Realejos), up to the peak of Mount Teide – the White Mountain and back down to the beach at Playa del Socorro.

0-4-0 starts from a beach in Los Realejos, follows a fully marked route to the top of Mount Teide. If you are interested in the race, why not check it out and get some advanced knowledge of what to expect. Our partner Marnix in Tenerife will make sure you have a fantastic experience – contact us for more information.

We were instrumental with an intial 0-4-0 promotional event in 2014. For these event photos click HERE.

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