How Far Can You Go? Summer Edition

Virtual 1st July - 31st July

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How Far Can You Go? Summer Edition.

Have you ever thought about how far you can run in a month?

Well, Ultra Running Ltd is giving you the chance to find out and to challenge yourself against other runners / and or teams. You can run outside on the trails, run on the footpaths or even inside on a treadmill – the choice is yours! Simply set yourself a target and go for it.


The Summer event starts at 00:01 (BST) on 1st July and ends at midnight (BST) on 31st July.

This is a virtual event, so you can run or walk wherever you like, whenever you want and as many times as you like within the month of July. To qualify, you must run / walk at least 31 miles in the month (that’s just 1 mile a day) and submit your results before midday on 1st August.   You can include your mileage run during any other event you take part in during July – giving you your total accumulative monthly distance. If you don’t use Strava, you need to email us your total distance on August 1st to be added to the results which will be posted online once all have been verified.

Join our Strava club – Every Mile Counts, where you can become part of our community by posting updates, pictures and stories. We can also access your mileage from the Strava site, so it’s really easy.

Run Solo – Test your limits or take it easy! The distance you choose to run / walk is up to you.

Some highlights for entering Solo:

Meet the minimum requirement of 31 miles during July and paid entries are guaranteed a fantastic medal.

Champions trophy for the top distances achieved for paid entries only.

Crack the 500 mile barrier to earn the gold medal. But don’t worry if you can’t as the silver medal is exactly the same size.

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Run as a Team – Are you part of a running club? Or have friends, family or work colleagues looking to take part? Whatever your goal – competative time, team-building, or just having some fun with friends.

The Series – All 4 Seasons. There are four How Far Can You Go? challenges. The Winter one is January, the Spring one is April, the Summer one is July, and the Autumn one in October.

Grand Slam? – Taking part in all four seasons will automatically enter you into the Grand Slam which includes all the challenges in the same calendar year. And entitle paid entrants the opportunity to purchase the Grand Slam Buckle.