Pendine Sands 2012 – Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Pendine Sands 2012 event, we hope to see you tackle this challenge again soon!


Overall PositionEventFirst NameSurnameCP1CP2CP3Finish
Mens ChampionUltraMikeEvans1hr 14 min2hr 14 min3hr 34 min4hr 28min
2ndUltraNigelLawrence1hr 31 min2hr 46 min4hr 17 min5hr 33min
Ladies ChampionUltraClaire Williams1hr 31 min2hr 46 min4hr 27 min5hr 49min
4thUltraDanielHumphrey1hr 31 min2hr 43 min4hr 28 min5hr 58min
5thUltraDarrenLloyd Thomas1hr 31 min2hr 49 min4hr 36 min6hr 14 min
6thUltraClaireMorgan1hr 38 min3hr 7 min5hr 2 min6hr 36 min
7thUltraCeriRoberts1hr 32 min3hr 1 min5hr 2 mindnf
1stSingle Lap of UltraVince Bailey1hr 16 min2hr 8min2hr 8min
2ndSingle Lap of UltraIanRobertson1hr 38 min2hr 54min2hr 54min
3rdSingle Lap of UltraMarkEllis1hr 34 min3hr 2min3hr 2min
4thSingle Lap of UltraDarrenJones1hr 35 min3hr 6min3hr 6min
5thSingle Lap of UltraRogerMorgan1hr 38 min3hr 7min3hr 7min
6thSingle Lap of UltraAnnaRoberts1hr 48 min3hr 36min3hr 36min
1st1st Leg of UltraPaulOughton1hr 17 min1hr 17 min
2nd1st Leg of UltraAnnaRudgednsdns
1st1 Mile RaceTom Partridge5 min 42 seconds
2nd1 Mile RaceClairePartridge7 min 6 seconds
3rd1 Mile RacePaulHardcastle6 min 14 seconds
4th1 Mile RaceEmilyHampton10 min 47 seconds
5th1 Mile RaceMatthewRawlings6 min 35 seconds
6th1 Mile RaceMeganThomas9 min 29 seconds
7th1 Mile RaceMikeMcGowan8 min 14 seconds
8th1 Mile RaceGeorgiaBurchell10 min 59 seconds
9th1 Mile RaceZakBurchell15 min 1 second