Notorious 2016

Applying to Compete in Notorious 2016 edition

Notorious is the culmination of the Challenger Series organised by Ultra Running Limited.

Taking place 23rd – 28th June 2016

By way of background, the Challenger Series consists of:

  • The Severn Challenge – a five day multiday event covering some 214 miles from the source to the mouth of the River Severn
  • The Thames Challenge – a four day multiday event covering some 184 miles from the source to the mouth of the River Thames, classified as the Thames Barrier.

Notorious combines both of these races by connecting them with the Thames and Severn Canal, creating a total race route of 374 miles.

If running 374 miles isn’t tough enough, Notorious knocks down the safety barriers by making itself a non-stop race.

Notorious will test you both mentally and physically. You will be aided only by your own support crew, with the exception of two optional camping stations where you can choose to rest, but for a maximum period of six hours. Station 1 will be at 126 miles in and Station 2 will be at 236 miles in. In addition mobile check-points will be introduced along the route, locations of which will not be advised to competitors. Failure to record your arrival at any of these check-points will mean you are out of the race. They will also be located at very irregular locations so you won’t be able to judge their positions.

Entry to Notorious is by invitation only. No application is guaranteed to be accepted (other than Relentless Elite finishers), and URL will only consider applications submitted on their individual merits.
Meet one of the following requirements to enter Notorious:

Note: (An applicant is required to include a £100.00 deposit on the basis that it will only become refundable if the application isn’t accepted.)

  1. You have officially finished either the Thames Challenge or the Severn Challenge within the last two years. This would put you in the pot for 5 secured places.
  2. You have officially completed Relentless as an Elite competitor. This would guarantee you a place in Notorious
  3. You have officially finished six consecutive days of Relentless.
  4. You have officially finished at least 1 running race of 100 miles or 5 races of at least 50 miles, at least one of them in the previous 12 months.


  • No applicant is guaranteed entry.
  • You must have significant, relevant, applicable race results from 2011 and/or 2012.
  • 24 hour race results can be submitted as equivalent to a 100-miler.
  • The qualifying events of 100 & 50 miles mean literally 100 or 50 continuous miles.
  • If you do not reach the required criteria to apply, but feel that you have the ability to complete the challenge, you are welcome to submit your application for our consideration. This will have better merit if you apply as a team entrant.
  • For every race mentioned, the application must include the full race name, year, place, and finishing time, plus the appropriate link to the specific webpage on the event website which will verify your claim. All links listed should be complete, i.e., start with http://.
  • “Officially finishing” any event mentioned is defined as meeting all time cut-offs, including the overall time limit, for the event in question.


General Race Rules

  1. Competitors must check in at the start line, ready to race, 30 minutes prior to their start time. There are race categories for: men’s and women’s solo, team of 2 and team of 3.
  2. Once entered as a team of 3 you cannot drop down a category to a team of 2. Likewise if you enter as part of a team you cannot be classified as a solo runner even if all your team members are pulled out. Therefore if any team member pulls out of the race, their team is effectively out of the race also.
  3. The race number must be worn on the front of the body, unmodified, unfolded, and visible at all times during the race.
  4. The clock does not stop for any reason until the race course officially closes after 120 hours, when all racers must leave the course, as the race has ceased: Finishing, or remaining on the race course with the intent to continue, is not allowed after 120 hours. This is non-negotiable.
  5. All runners must have passed, and be proceeding forward, beyond the following locations within the specified time cut-offs:• Holt Castle: within 32 hours of their start time (126 miles).
    The Ferryman: within 78 hours of their start time (236 miles).
  6. Racers must make their presence known at all camp locations and mobile check points located along the route. Runner arrival times at these points will be recorded and made public.
  7. Racers, crew, and staff must not litter, mar, or pollute the landscape or environment.
  8. All racers, crew and staff must display courtesy, good taste, decorum, and sportsmanship at all times.



Support Crew and Assistance

  1. Each racer must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of at least one motor vehicle and two crew members – both of whom are legally licensed to drive and at least one of whom can speak English – at all times. Each racer must have his or her own personal support crew and vehicle; crew and support vehicles may not be shared, except informally in the spirit of the event, i.e., crews may lend assistance to other racers or crews.
  2. Runners must progress under their own power without helping, pushing, supporting, or any other type of physical assistance.
  3. Pacers may not run in front of race entrants at any time.
  4. Crew members may not use illegal drugs, stimulants, or dope, as well as alcohol of any kind, during the race or at any official race events or activities.


Support Vehicles

  1. Support Vehicles must only utilise designated roads and right of ways. Under no circumstances are Support Vehicles allowed to encroach on private or unauthorised property.
  2. In particular, Support Vehicle drivers and crews are reminded that phones must only be operated by the driver with a hands-free device; seat belts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times while moving, and it is illegal to drive on a highway while displaying emergency flashers.
  3. Race entrants may have no more than two support vehicles and no more than six crew members in total (including “unofficial” and “family cheering squads”) at the race.
  4. All Support Vehicles must have highly visible signage on the back of the vehicle stating “CAUTION RUNNER SUPPORT VEHICLE”. These will be supplied by URL, a charge will be made.
  5. All support vehicles, including secondary support vehicles, must have their racer’s name and race number easily and clearly visible on all four sides. The race number must be at least 11″ (28cm) tall and the racer’s name must be at least 6″ (15cm) tall. These will be supplied by URL, a charge will be made.

Entry Fees:

Entries are limited to a maximum number of 30

Entry Fee Solo – £295.00
Entry Fee Team of 2 – £590.00
Entry Fee Team of 3 – £885.00

Payment on application – £100.00 / person (refundable only if application isn’t accepted)
Payment on application acceptance – £95.00 / person (to secure entry – transferable but non-refundable)
Payment balance – 3 months prior to the event (after which time no refunds or transfers are allowed)

Ultra running Limited reserves the right to change or amend any part of the event.