Monarch’s Way Ultra Route Directions

The Monarch’s Way Ultra – Directions




(Monarch’s Way abbreviated to ‘MW’)
(North Worcestershire Path abbreviated to ‘NWP’)
(Heart of England Way abbreviated to ‘HEW’)
(Coventry Way abbreviated CW)

Start to CP1

From Holt Castle turn right in front of the church heading along the Severn Way, reach the road at 0.6 miles and turn right head down towards and over Holt Fleet Bridge, continue on footpaths up the hill till you reach a mini roundabout at Ombersley 2.2 miles.
Cross the roundabout and go under the road bridge, at 3.1 miles take a left lane to Hadley, past Cross Cottage. (G/R 859 637)

At 3.2 miles take the right lane option, and at 3.4 miles take the left lane option.

Cross Hadley Brook & bridge at 3.5 miles (G/R 865 640) & continue straight ahead on the bridleway. Stay on the bridleway and eventually signs for MW will be noted. Through various gates and styles and at 4.3 miles enter field continuing straight over to far gate.

At 4.5 miles through gate and following dirt track through industrial area, crossing over Pointon Way and continuing on the bridleway.

Reach lane at 5.2 miles and go right, and at 5.5 miles cross over the A442 (G/R 887 655), and left along the path for a short way going then right signposted Bridleway / Parish Rooms.

Reach the Church and enter the churchyard, going left side of the church & down to a gate which leads you under the railway, then left to far side of field between two houses where you bear left on MW at 6 miles.

Keep the rail track on your left, entering fields and at 6.7 miles cut across field to gate on far side, over foot-bridge at 7 miles follow MW signposting diagonally left across the field to the white house. Continue over styles, gates and a further footbridge, bearing left always following MW signs.

At 7.7 miles, reach a lane, bearing left. Continue on this lane going past sign on right for MW (G/R 884 684) which you will return to later with leg 2.

At 8.2 miles you will reach The Village Hall on your right which is CP1, (G/R 881 685).

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, first two miles tarmac path, leading to gravel tracks and fields for the remainder of the course. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the course.
CP Distance = 8.2 miles

CP1 to CP2

Leave the village hall returning the same direction you arrived.

At 0.2 miles go left signposted MW, and at 0.3 miles bear right to Bryans Green Farm.

At 0.5 miles, reach Gateley Farm, and enter wooden door with footpath sign on it, go along walled garden to similar door, exit through this door and straight ahead to MW sign, then bearing right along the hedge. At 0.6 miles take a left style into wooded area, continuing over footbridge by a pond. Plenty of MW signs on posts and trees, then at 0.9 miles leave wooded area over a style into fields.

Continue following MW signs till you reach a road at 1.1 miles, going right past Beech Elm Farm on your right. At 1.6 miles, take the left lane signposted Rushock / Cakebole and continue until 1.9 miles where you go over a style on your right signposted MW. Soon, bear left across a field to a style between the church and a white house.

At 2.2 miles over style onto lane, no MW sign at this point) going right onto same lane (between the houses), down with Rushock Church on your right hand side.

Where possible pick up the MW signs, and at 2.5 miles through gate and bear right into fields. At 2.6 miles continue straight over field to far gates at 2.7 miles and 3 miles.

Go over two styles at 3.1 miles, continuing straight across field, reaching two further styles at 3.5 miles and again continuing straight across field to the middle style and then onto the A448 at 3.6 miles.

At the A448 Rd (Take Care) cross over into the Rowberry’s Farm Shop and left in front of restaurant turning right at the railings and between the glass houses, then at 3.9 miles go right just past the pond (G/R 896 731) on the right along a footpath between the fields. At 4.3 miles reach lane (GR 902 729) and continue over towards Chaddesley Wood on your left. Follow foot path signs through a series of gates.

At 5.1 miles reach lane (G/R 915 728) – go 2nd left sign post Dordale / Belbroughton, and at 6.1 miles go right into Dordale Road.

At 7.1 miles go left into Pepper Wood (G/R 938 744) sign posted MW, continuing on gravel track, until 7.5 miles bear right on track. At 7.9 miles reach the main road (B4091) crossing over to foot path (Take Care), then shortly take foot path on left sign posted MW and Fairfield Villa FC.

Continue with football pitch on right along right of way, till you go down 35 steps & reach a lane, bearing right (G/R 950 754).

Continue over various style sign posted MW, and at 8.9 miles over style continuing on right track option. Reach a road at (G/R 962 754) turning left, then at 9.2 miles on your left is the Wildmoor Oak Pub & Restaurant which is CP2. (G/R 963 756)

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, some tarmac paths / lanes, leading to gravel tracks and fields for the remainder of the course. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the route.
CP Distance = 9.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 17.4 miles


CP2 to CP3 

From CP2 return to Wildmoor Lane going left (Take Care). At 0.3 miles cross the A491 (again Take Care), to style following MW signs.

At 0.5 miles go under the M5 motorway, the track leads left of the farmhouses to a lane at 0.7 miles where you bear left, then at 1.3 miles reach School Road, go right and over A30 bridge, then immediately right sign posted NWP.

At 1.8 miles reach a lane bearing right up a hill. At 2 miles go left sign posted foot path by an odd tree, taking 2nd track on left. At 2.1 miles go left into Monument Lane and at 2.8 miles cross over the B4096 into Twatling Rd (G/R 994 752) (Take Care), then left into Warren Lane and continue downhill and through to far end of car park.

At 3.4 miles reach a road (G/R 002 753), going left till you reach the NWY sign on your right at 3.5 miles. Continue following signs then at 3.9 miles the path goes sharp right infront of the trees. At 4 miles reach a lane bearing left NWP (G/R 011 753) and continue under the railway bridge.

Follow signs for NWP and at 4.6 miles cross track to gate, enter field bearing right, at 4.7 miles gate on right leads to a wooded track.

At 5.3 miles reach main road (Take Care) by The Westmead Hotel, cross road and go right, then immediately left into Lea End Lane.

At 5.7 miles over a canal bridge, keeping right on lane. At 6.4 miles go left sign posted Forhill / Wythall (G/R 045 752). At 7.1 miles go past The Peacock Inn to a T-junction, cross over and take the style NWP, over mound and down steps to lane, over to style and cross field diagonally as sign posted. At 7.4 miles follow NWP left along a hedge, crossing a footbridge at 7.8 miles. At 7.9 miles take the style on left NWP through wooded area, over footbridge into field, continue ahead with hedge on left.

At 8.1 miles over style, take left gate heading across the field to gate on right, keeping wire fencing on left until you reach a gate at 8.2 miles. At 8.2 miles reach road going right along grass verge NWP, and then cross road into Silver Street. Take a right at 8.4 miles following the NWP sign, which is well signposted, at 9 miles reach a lane and go left, eventually crossing a bridge over the A435 (G/R 075 757) bearing right onto Brick Kiln Lane at 9.1 miles.

At 9.3 miles reach road (Take Care), cross over go right then immediate left into Gorsey Lane on a footpath.

At 9.8 miles at t-junction go straight over road  and at 10.2 miles over a footbridge and under a railway bridge (G/R 093 750). 10.3 miles through gate and diagonally to far gate as indicated on sign.

Reach lane and go left, at 10.9 miles go right into Valley Road, CP3 is Earlswood Methodist Church. (G/R 100 746).

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, some lanes, but generally tracks and fields. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the route.
CP Distance = 10.9 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 28.3 miles


CP3 to CP4 

From Earlswood Methodist Church go left along Valley Road and after a short distance keep right to the high path along the reservoir.

At 1.3 miles reach a T-junction of the B4102, cross over (Take Care) into Umberslade Road, and at 1.5 miles take the lane which fork’s left.

At 2.4 miles cross over the M42 bridge, reaching a T-junction bearing left sign posted Hockley Heath B4101. At 3.8 miles reach another T-junction going left signposted M42, M40, then at 3.9 miles acute right into Old Warwick Rd, continue on pavement / grass verges wherever possible.

At 6.3 miles over a canal bridge, and 6.4 miles under a railway bridge. Over another canal bridge by The Navigation Pub and at 6.7 miles take the footpath sign on your left HEW (G/R 192 708).

Follow HEW and foot path signs right of stables. At 7.5 miles through gate to lane bearing left then cross lane to gate on right signposted HEW. At 7.8 miles over style and footbridge, continue to lane and bear left reaching a T-junction at 8 miles going right into Rising Lane and then immediately left into Covent Farm HEW. Through farm, over several styles, and at 8.3 miles onto a timber decked walkway.

At (G/R 207 730) reach road, go left on the footpath and CP4, The Orange Tree, is immediately on your left at 8.4 miles.

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, initial 6 miles on tarmac lanes and paths, then fields and gravel tracks for the remainder of the course. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the route.
CP Distance = 8.4 miles
Days Race Distance = 36.7 miles


CP4 to CP5 

From The Orange Tree, go right for 40 metres, cross the road to HEW on the left. Into a cul-de-sac keeping right follow HEW signs behind houses then right, along the tree hedge to 0.2 miles take track into woods.

0.3 miles over style and left through gate HEW, across field to other gate and same again till 0.6 miles over footbridge and another at 0.9 miles, through hedge bearing left around the perimeter of field till 1 mile taking the style on the left crossing fields / footbridge to houses.

At 1.2 miles over style continue ahead towards house, taking a style to a lane on your right at 1.3 miles. Bear right up lane for 15 metres then take HEW on left, continue over styles / gates HEW.

At 1.7 miles through gate on left then after a short way take other gate HEW keeping hedge on right. At 2.1 miles go past a tall signpost HEW, continue on farm concrete road.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 218 757) reach lane bearing right for 15 metres then left HEW, plenty HEW signs.

At 3.5 miles reach lane go left, then 50 metres on right HEW. At 3.6 miles reach another lane, bear left till you reach Balsall St, there bear left on footpath / grass verge. At 3.8 miles cross road to HEW (Take Care).  Continuing over various styles HEW.

At 4.4 miles cross footbridge and 4.5 miles reach fence and go right, 4.6 miles over style to lane and go right (G/R 230 781). At 4.8 miles reach another lane, go right, shortly reaching dual carriageway (A452) going left along the footpath.

At 5 miles cross the carriageway into Park Lane (Take Great Care), then at 5.1 miles HEW footpath is on the left.

At 5.6 miles take the footpath right of the lake in front of the Hall at (G/R 241 791) and along the boardwalk.

Continue through churchyard with church on left, exiting to lane where the HEW route continues immediately left behind a hedge of conifers at 5.8 miles. At 6 miles reach lane and go left onto footpath and then right at 6.2 miles, always following HEW, onto hard farm track and at 6.8 miles pick up signs for HEW and CW.

At 7.1 miles reach lane (G/R 254 805), cross over and continue HEW / CW over various styles and gates.

At 7.8 miles reach lane (G/R 252 815), bear right around church and at 8 miles HEW / CW sign on left through church yard.

At 8.2 miles cross road (Take Care) and down steps to CP5 which is The Queen’s Head Pub. (G/R 252 820).

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, almost just fields and gravel tracks. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the route.
CP Distance = 8.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 44.9 miles


CP5 to Finish 

From Queen’s Head go left up Eaves Green Lane, going under road bridge at 0.5 miles, reach Lodge Green Lane and turn right which leads into Showell Lane.

At 0.8 miles take the left footpath HEW / CW, continue following these signs, at 1.1 miles ahead on left track HEW, then soon through a gate into wooded area.

Follow HEW / CW signs, well posted. At 1.7 miles reach lane turning left, then about 50 metres on your right take un-named footpath in the corner of the Holly Hedges and continue forward to Birchley Hays Wood.

Reach woods (G/R 273 845), over style turning right CW. At 2.7 miles cross rd and continue CW on concrete track which leads through farm yard, over grass field eventually crossing the M6 bridge at 3.1 miles. Exit bridge and bear left CW down steps into fields continuing straight follow CW signs.

At 3.8 miles reach Rd (G/R 289 864), bear right onto footpath. At 4.1 miles go left into Square Lane, then taking CW on right at 4.8 miles.

At 5 miles through gate to farm track, cross over, turning right onto lane CW. Reach Howe Green Lane, cross over CW and 50 metres on right CW into field, continue following CW signs.

At 6.4 miles reach ditch, continue with same ditch on your right, till you have to bear left, CW footpath 20m on your right (G/R 327 872).

At 7 miles reach lane and bear right, (Take Care) keep to verges.

At 7.5 miles reach a mini-roundabout, go left into Daffodil Drive. Shortly reach another small island going right into Bluebird Drive then immediately left into Orchid Close and immediately right is a footpath between the houses, take this then straight over before going over a bridge of a disused railway (G/R 343 867). Keep to tarmac path, over Rd into ‘The Romans’ where the path continues on right.

At 7.6 miles reach road, and continue on track between houses directly over the road (Take Care), reaching CW on right (G/R 348 867).

At 7.8 miles go under the Road Bridge, leading to a cul-de-sac and right into Dalton Road at 7.9 miles. At 8.2 miles go left into Ambleside Rd, and then right into Derwent Rd at 8.3 miles.

At 8.5 miles reach road, cross at pedestrian crossings and take path alongside cemetery and church. On reaching church, continue ahead between shops (G/R 359 869), down to an island and over sign posted B4029 Station (Take Care), stick to footpath.

At 9.2 miles, continue past Nicholas Chamberlain College on your left.

From Nicholas Chamberlain College (G/R 367 868) continue forward past the playing fields on your left.

At 10.0 miles go over bridge over railway line and continue forward.

At 10.6 miles cross over island and continue forward.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 392 866) pass The White Lion Pub on your right and continue forward.

At 10.9 miles cross over island and continue forward.

At 11.0 miles (G/R 396 866) turn right at an island passing The New Inn on your left, and then continue forward on the B4112.

At 11.7 miles (G/R 406 865) cross over the M69 motorway.

At 12.8 miles (G/R 423 862) meet the B4065 and turn left towards Wolvey.

At 12.9 miles (G/R 424 864) pass 5 Ways Lakes Caravan and Camping site on your right.

At 13.2 miles (G/R 426 868) reach Wolvey Farm Caravan and Camp site which is the finish / campsite for the end of this leg.

Navigational Rating:
Comparatively flat, mainly tarmac with some fields and gravel tracks. Reasonably straightforward with good signage along the route.
CP Distance = 13.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 58.1 miles