Malvern Hills 2015 – Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Malvern Hills 2015 event, we hope to see you tackle this challenge again soon!

Splits available to download here: link

Solo Results

Overall PositionEventNameSurnameFinish
Mens MHU104 Champion104 mile SpencerBunn20hr 56min
2nd104 mileEdwardCatmur22hr 56min
Ladies MHU104 Champion104 mile JoannaRichardson25hr 52min
Mens MHU104 Veteran Champion104 mile IVANPAWLUK (V)26hr 41min
5th104 mileSpencerJeffries27hr 58min
Ladies MHU104 Veteran Champion104 mile JudeDayne (V)28hr 52min
Joint 6th104 mileSteveSpence28hr 52min
DNF104 mileTessBrooksDNF
DNF104 mileCraigAllenDNF
DNF104 milePeterBrownDNF
DNF104 mileAndyArnold (V)DNF
DNF104 mileAdamPritchardDNF
DNF104 mileAndyStensonDNF
DNS104 mileDavidBarrieDNS
DNS104 milePeteScottDNS
DNS104 mileDeanHandsDNS
DNS104 mileAdamAnsteyDNS
DNS104 milePaulWilliamsDNS
Mens MHU52 Champion52 mile IanRadford8hr 41min
2nd52 mileDeanRussell9hr 8min
Mens MHU52 Veteran Champion52 mile TonyLewington9hr 24min
Joint 4th52 mileBenPearce9hr 32min
Joint 4th52 mileAllanWest9hr 32min
6th52 mileMatthewBreakell9hr 42min
7th52 milePhilCape9hr 51min
Joint 8th52 mileJohnathanGray10hr 8min
Joint 8th52 mileSamTaylor10hr 8min
Joint 8th52 mileBertieGoffe10hr 8min
Joint 8th52 milerichardwalsh10hr 8min
Joint 12th52 mileRichardWalthew10hr 19min
Joint 12th52 mileMartinPalmer10hr 19min
Joint 12th52 mileStephenGraves10hr 19min
Joint 12th52 mileSamPole10hr 19min
Joint 12th52 mileadamwoodcock10hr 19min
17th52 milePhilipSpiers10hr 27min
18th52 mileAlexCopping10hr 28min
19th52 mileAndrewGodden10hr 43min
20th52 mileJulianBoon10hr 52min
Joint 21st52 mileSvenRouse10hr 56min
Ladies MHU52 Champion52 mile JulieGerrard10hr 56min
Joint 21st52 mileNeilDevereux10hr 56min
Joint 24th52 mileDylanGould10hr 59min
Joint 24th52 mileAlicemaiden10hr 59min
Joint 24th52 mileRichGaskell10hr 59min
Joint 24th52 mileIanShorrock (V)10hr 59min
Joint 28th52 mileAndrewFellowes11hr 3min
Joint 28th52 mileIanMorgan11hr 3min
30th52 mileIoana AlexandraNitulescu11hr 4min
Joint 31st52 mileMaxineHosell11hr 8min
Joint 31st52 mileTimHosell11hr 8min
33rd52 mileMarkThrall (V)11hr 9min
34th52 mileDavidSloan11hr 15min
35th52 mileGreggBrisco11hr 17min
36th52 mileToddColeman11hr 22min
37th52 mileRobertDavies11hr 23min
Joint 38th52 mileKateDormer11hr 27min
Joint 38th53 mileAndyArnold (V)11hr 27min
40th52 milePeteDowsing11hr 28min
41st52 mileDanielMurray11hr 32min
42nd52 milePeterMontague-Fuller11hr 38min
Joint 43rd52 mileEmmaBurrows11hr 39min
Joint 43rd52 mileSarahBeales11hr 39min
45th52 milePaulWray11hr 46min
Joint 46th52 mileScottMorrall11hr 51min
Joint 46th52 mileMarkRose11hr 51min
Joint 46th52 mileAndyClutton11hr 51min
Joint 46th52 mileDavidShaw (V)11hr 51min
Joint 46th52 mileAnneDobson11hr 51min
51st52 mileDaveFawkner11hr 53min
52nd52 mileAshleyQuigley11hr 56min
53rd52 mileAlexMunro12hr 1min
Joint 54th52 mileEuanStoddart12hr 7min
Joint 54th52 mileAdamGrant12hr 7min
56th52 mileRichardBroad (V)12hr 26min
57th52 mileRichardKemp (V)12hr 27min
58th52 mileRossWhelan12hr 28min
59th52 mileAlexInnocent12hr 57min
60th52 mileAllanWarnock (V)13hr 3min
61st52 mileBillAdsett (V)13hr 14min
Joint 62nd52 milerobertblade13hr 19min
Joint 62nd52 mileAndrewMontague-Fuller13hr 19min
64th52 mileGrahamCarter13hr 41min
65th52 mileKevinMatthews13hr 41min
Joint 66th52 mileMikeAnstey (V)13hr 47min
Joint Ladies MHU52 Veteran Champion52 mile LyndaBroadway (V)13hr 47min
Joint Ladies MHU52 Veteran Champion52 mile RosGoodman (V)13hr 47min
69th52 milekevincapper14hr 33min
Joint 70th52 mileMilesMurphy15hr 7min
Joint 70th52 mileCharlieGrant15hr 7min
DNF52 mileHarryFellowesDNF
DNF52 milePeterShepherdDNF
DNF52 mileJamieWillettsDNF
DNF52 mileCliveOrgan (V)DNF
DNF52 mileJudithNewmanDNF
DNF52 mileSteveJonesDNF
DNF52 mileKainePritchettDNF
DNF52 mileTimDaviesDNF
DNF52 mileMarisaHolmanDNF
DNF52 mileLilyHartinDNF
DNF52 mileRobHartinDNF
DNS52 milePaulHooper (V)DNS
DNS52 milePaulChildsDNS
DNS52 milesoniabulimaibauDNS
DNS52 mileCeliaBarlowDNS
DNS52 mileRichardNashDNS
DNS52 mileAndyParmleyDNS
DNS52 mileRyanDoddDNS
DNS52 mileBillAdsettDNS
DNS52 mileBenWittenburgDNS
DNS52 mileRobertCookDNS
DNS52 mileMikeThompsonDNS
DNS52 mileLukeHamilton-JonesDNS
DNS52 mileAdamAnsteyDNS
DNS52 milePaulWebb (V)DNS
DNS52 mileAlexMorgan (V)DNS
DNS52 mileSallyWadeDNS
DNS52 mileGilesRuckDNS
DNS52 mileJamesPerryDNS
DNS52 mileJulyHillDNS
DNS52 mileCharlesSpencerDNS
DNS52 mileAndyThomasDNS
DNS52 mileJohnHammondDNS
DNS52 mileMarkDarbyshireDNS
DNS52 mileNeilWheelerDNS
DNS52 mileAlexandraPayneDNS
DNS52 milePatrickDoyleDNS
Joint Ladies Champion44 mile KatyMcGowan10hr 55min
Joint Ladies Champion44 mile MeganJames10hr 55min
Joint Ladies Champion44 mile EmilyBurgess10hr 55min
Mens MHU44 Champion44 mile PaulColwell10hr 55min
DNS44 milesubhashisbasuDNS
DNS44 mileSimonCartwrightDNS
DNS44 mileNickyCartwrightDNS
DNS44 mileJonDunnakeyDNS
Mens MHU34 Champion34 mile RobBowery5hr 44min
Ladies Joint Champion34 mile SusanHiggins6hr 57min
Ladies Joint Champion34 mile KateBrowning6hr 57min
Joint 4th34 mileRobertBircher6hr 57min
Joint 4th34 mileAndrewPaterson6hr 57min
Joint 4th34 mileIanCoggin6hr 57min
7th34 mileEddieShort6hr 59min
8th34 mileSvenjaKeller7hr 26min
9th34 mileCassaMesservy7hr 40min
DNS34 milePaoloGribaudiDNS
Mens MHU26 Champion26 mile LukeHamilton-Jones5hr 35min
2nd26 mileRichardTaylor5hr 59min
Ladies MHU26 Champion26 mile LouisaParker6hr 51min
DNS26 mileLiliaPeggDNS
DNS26 mileSimeonPaineDNS
DNS26 mileGaryTuckDNS
DNS26 mileEmma ChetwyndJarvisDNS
DNS26 milepaulrobertsDNS


Team / Relay Results

Overall PositionTeam NameEventNameSurnameFinish
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamPaulNewman9hr 2min
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamGeraldSanders
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamDavid Brett
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamEwelinaSkolimowska
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamBenjaminDillon
Relay Team ChampionsGerry and his pacemakers6 Member Relay TeamMichaelBond
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamGlynDavies9hr 18min
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamIanWalwyn
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamDavidGreen
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamSharonWhite
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamSuzieLane
2ndYour Pace or Mine6 Member Relay TeamRebeccaCawthray
Relay Pairs ChampionsBlack Pears PairPairs RelayNeilHerron8hr 23min
Relay Pairs ChampionsBlack Pears PairPairs RelayLeeJones
2ndIan & BeckyPairs RelayIanWalker9hr 16min
2ndIan & BeckyPairs RelayBeckyBaldwin
3rdBPJ Dan and DavePairs RelayDavidBessant10hr 56min
3rdBPJ Dan and DavePairs RelayDanCale