Justin Montague – ‘7’ Comments

‘7’ by Justin Montague

The ultra UK team together created an atmosphere and experience unique to anything I have found in races and events from other organisers and companies.

The ‘personal’ feel of the whole event given by the team was felt by every participant from front to back which made this one of the most enjoyable events I have had the pleasure of being involved with.

Logistically with such a long distance to cover, stages to manage and check points to man the small team of Ken, Steve and Karen coped remarkably, always greeting the runners and catering for our every need with a smile and care despite how stretched or how little sleep they may have had. To do that over such a long distance with so many potential snags to be had in this kind of event, the fact things ran so smoothly was a credit to the organisers.

The route desciptions was a god send. With no GPX I used this for the whole course and it was superb. My navigational errors were purly my own concentration levels and overgrown folliage covering signs. The rest was cool and with gps data as well new participants should feel safe and secure.

The extra bonuses post stage 3 (castle) and 4 (manor farm) were both a surprise and very welcome.

Personally I thought the food was more than adequate at both check-points and campsites with plenty to fill our raging tummies. Hot and cold and plenty of choice and Karen was happy to belt feed us hot drinks to warm our weary bodies.

This event was a huge ‘challenge’ to all runners – if ultras were easy everyone would do them let alone multistage ultras. As sad as it is to see fellow runners (family) have to pull out for one reason or another I think its given all those who have taken part the drive and desire to have another go, push there limits well beyond anything some have done before and surpass effort levels they may never have thought possible.

With the flexibility to complete one day or all everyone who completed at least one stage can look back at a sense of achievement and will look back with fondness on the bond that was created by the organisers with such a friendly and cohesive event.

Can’t fault you ultra uk.