Hot Runner 2017 Results

Thank you for taking part in this years event and we hope to see you again soon.

DayRaceFirst NameSurnameFinishing Time
MondayGreenfire MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 11 min
MondayGreenfire MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 42min
MondayGreenfire MarathonPascalComte4hr 42min
MondayGreenfire MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
TuesdayThe Hot One MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 14 min
TuesdayThe Hot One MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 48min
TuesdayThe Hot One MarathonPascalComte4hr 48min
TuesdayThe Hot One MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
WednesdayThe Devilish MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 32min
WednesdayThe Devilish MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 53min
WednesdayThe Devilish MarathonPascalComte4hr 53min
WednesdayThe Devilish MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
ThursdayThe Chili MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 24min
ThursdayThe Chili MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 43min
ThursdayThe Chili MarathonPascalComte4hr 43min
ThursdayThe Chili MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
FridayHot Blooded MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 26min
FridayHot Blooded MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 52min
FridayHot Blooded MarathonRichardWilliams4hr 52min
FridayHot Blooded MarathonDavidWilliams4hr 52min
FridayHot Blooded MarathonPascalComte4hr 52min
FridayHot Blooded MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
FridayHot Blooded Half MarathonRaeLuckett2hr 22min
FridayHot Blooded Half MarathonJennyBuckley2hr 34min
SaturdayRed Rapscallion MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 33min
SaturdayRed Rapscallion MarathonLucasMarcou6hr 10min
SaturdayRed Rapscallion MarathonBarinderjitCheema6hr 10min
SaturdayRed Rapscallion MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
SaturdayRed Rapscallion MarathonGuySurteesDNS
SundayThe Hot Runner MarathonAlastairBloore4hr 10min
SundayThe Hot Runner MarathonLucasMarcou4hr 38min
SundayThe Hot Runner MarathonJamesRothwellDNS
SundayThe Hot Runner 10kEmmaMorris54min 13 sec
SundayThe Hot Runner 10kGarethTomkins55 min 43 sec
SundayThe Hot Runner 10kSarahOakley1hr 8min 4 sec
SundayThe Hot Runner 10kLeeGuest1hr 8min 4 sec
SundayThe Hot Runner 10kGarethTomkins55 min 43 sec