Herefordshire Trail Ultra Route Directions

Herefordshire Trail Ultra

Start to CP1

From Sibdon Castle courtyard (post code SY7 9AQ), back down the driveway for 0.1 miles on the left is a Kissing Gate sp fp. Across field to a double style by a lane at 0.4 miles, cross lane and over style & continue to meet another style by a road at 1.0 mile (G/R 424 828), and turn right and keep right towards railway bridge.

Go under bridge then on left at 1.2 miles take style sp (SW), and then turn right at 1.3 miles (G/R 424 825) just before another style.

Up to woods area, over style & up steps, then turning left sp (SW). At the end of the woods go over another style into field and continue over another style to bridge under railway which is 2.2 miles (G/R 433 816), forward towards Stokesay Castle.

At 2.3 miles reach gate going right on lane, meet a railway crossing at 2.6 miles (G/R 435 811), cross over & bear left on foot track.

Continue with railway track on left following sp, pass small stone ruin on right then at 3.5 miles over style (G/R 439 804) heading towards woods.

At 3.7 miles reach style by wood, over and bear left, over another style then a gate at 4.0 miles, bearing right away from the woods towards a style at (G/R 443 798). Over style, continue to kissing-gate (G/R 444 796), and continue to another kissing gate at (G/R 445 795), go through and to another style at 4.4 miles, (G/R 446 794).

At 4.7 miles kissing-gate by lane bearing left and at 5.2 miles turn and shortly meet road junction (A49) turning left on footpath, over bridge and railway lines then turning immediately right sp Walton & Norton, keep right to pass church.

At (G/R 456 790) turn left up track, then at 5.9 miles turn right through gate sp (SW), on to a kissing-gate at (G/R 460 791), meet a lane at 6.3 miles turning left and continue.

At 6.5 miles take gate on right (G/R 465 792) sp fp. Continue over style, double gates and a style in the hedge ahead, take this and one more style to a small lane at (GR 476 791), over lane continue on path.

At 7.5 miles reach a farm track, cross over track and style and continue to meet the B4365 at 8.3 miles, cross road and over style heading towards church.

At 8.6 miles reach gate by a road next to church (G/R 494 788), car-park to the rear of the church at Stanton Lacy which is CP1 at 8.7 miles (post code SY8 2AE).

Route Description:
Low navigation skills required, mostly signed. 95% field and track.
CP Distance = 8.7 miles


CP1 to CP2

From the church go left on the lane then at about 50 metres go right sp fp, and at 0.1 miles over style into fields then at 0.3 miles through gate into field and continue.

At 0.4 miles cross footbridge on right then continue left side of field ahead to a style leading to a wooded area at 0.7 miles, shortly reach a track and go left, the track follows the perimeter of a golf area and a racecourse.

At 1.3 miles reach a lane and go left continuing over a railway bridge (GR 495 770) to the A49, cross over (Take Care) to a fp sign into fields.

At 1.5 miles bear left keeping tree-line on right at (GR 495/766), and at 1.8 miles through gate by house and continue ahead on track.

At 2.3 miles reach a lane and continue over on track. At 2.7 miles reach road, bear right on footpath, then 50 metres on right take steps to fp across fields and down to kissing gate at 2.9 miles, then over a footbridge and shortly over another footbridge over a weir.

At 3.0 miles through another kissing gate and soon reach a lane, bearing right. Continue on this lane up a hill and past Ludlow Tennis Club on your right and Rugby / Football Clubs.

At 3.5 miles (G/R 507 744) reach bridge on right and cross it, continue on this road using the footpath. At 3.6 miles the footpath ends but continue on same road, it is quiet but take care and use grass verges where possible, road keeps left and then acute left at 3.8 miles.

At 4.0 miles (G/R 505 743), bear right onto quiet road but still take care and use verges where possible.

At 5.5 miles (G/R 482 737) take the bridleway on the left, then after 50 metres take the right bridleway option, downhill then left through a gate.

At 5.9 miles through a gate and continue on the bridleway, then at 6.2 miles (G/R 489/730) take the left track and then at 6.7 miles (G/R 495 726) take the right track going downhill.

At 7.0 miles (G/R 498 722) take the right track uphill. At 7.2 miles continue ahead (G/R 498 719), then reach picnic area at 7.3 miles turning left and exiting picnic area going left down tarmac lane.

At 7.4 miles reach a road (B4361) and go right no footpath (take care). Shortly come to a kissing gate on your right with fp sign, take this then through a second metal gate to a wooded track. At 7.8 miles continue ahead over crossing track then 50 metres take the track on the left.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 492 711) take the left track down to a house, and continue on the downward track, soon reach cross junction of tracks, follow fp sign straight over to gate (this area is normally very muddy), through two sets of gates the route then continues along a small brook.

At 8.2 miles reach lane (G/R 490 707), go right. At 8.9 miles (G/R 488 701) continue over lane junction sign posted Village Centre.

At 9.3 miles (G/R 496 697) lane bears left and at 9.4 miles the lane reaches a road B4361 and the Castle Inn Pub which is CP2 is immediately on your right (post code SY8 4EW).

Route Description:
Low navigation skills required, mostly signed. 60% field and 40% tarmac.
CP Distance = 9.4 miles
Day’s Race Distance Covered = 18.1 miles



CP2 to CP3

References to Herefordshire Trail are noted (HT) and sign post (SP), and footpath sign (FP).

From CP2, The Castle Inn pub, go right onto Main Rd, just past the black & white house on the left is a style within the hedge (SP HT), go over and into small Orchard.

At 0.1 miles through kissing gate and diagonally across field to far gate (SP HT)
at 0.3 miles, then shortly right through gate and into farm and over fields.

At 0.8 miles reach a pair of gates, take the right gate and then to a style about 50m to the right of the house (HT). At 1.0 mile reach small lane continue following (HT).

1.3 miles reach B4362 cross over (HT) into fields then shortly through hedge on the left, over footbridge and track between houses.

At 1.6 miles reach lane, continue over with church on right, taking steps back of church into church yard. Across back of church yard to style, go over then across field to style on lane, bearing left on lane then 100m right over style into field.

At 2 miles over style onto farm track going left (G/R 494 666), 2.3 miles over waterway & continue over field towards small pylon. At 2.5 miles cross railway line and diagonally across field to gate (HT). Continuing following (HT) signs.

At 3.3 miles reach lane, go over gates into farm yard between metal sheeted buildings, shortly reach field gate, go through and continue on farm track and gate on far left. At 3.5 miles continue over field to middle style, over and across to right corner of field.

At 3.8 miles reach lane (G/R 496 640) go right and over railway bridge. At 4.5 miles reach road and go left on footpath. At 5 miles take the lane on the right (SP) Lydiatts / Eyton. At 5.5 miles take the lane on the left past Pool Cottage (G/R 483 620).

At 6.5 miles cross road to (FP) going right (Take Care). At 7 miles cross over waterway staying on (FP). At 7.3 miles go left a road junction by The Hop Pole staying on (FP).

At 7.6 miles cross railway line, up to island and go right on grass verge. At 7.7 miles cross road (Take Care) to farm gate and continue on track towards house. At 8 miles take the (FP) track up through wooded area.

At 8.3 miles over style, then another style and into fields and at 8.4 miles (FP) goes downhill on the right. At 8.5 miles take (FP) on left uphill (HT), going over styles into fields.

At 9 miles go over footbridge (G/R 517 590) and bear left to corner of tree lined field.  At 9.2 miles enter wooded area going left, exit at a lane bearing left and immediately right (HT) into wooded area.

At 9.6 miles over style going just left of bungalow (HT), crossing footbridge at 9.9 miles (G/R 526 596) and up over hill to top right of field.

At 10.3 miles (G/R 530 600) take (FP) on left which goes immediately to a style behind the house on your left. Over style turning sharp right, along the farm buildings and straight ahead to the top of the field over another style  and continue ahead.

At 10.7 miles reach farm track and go right onto it around the back of farm buildings, stay on track.

At 11.3 miles go left along tree line, crossing footbridge at Bach Camp, uphill towards (FP) gate at 11.4 miles, but taking the track to the right of the gate next to the mounds. Shortly take the (HT) style on the right and down to a lane. Cross lane, down steps to footbridge (G/R 548 603)

At 12.2 miles reach lane and cross over into Gorse Farm, 50m going left into field, over style continue right. At 12.5 miles over footbridge and continue to gate left of house reaching lane (G/R 563 600).

At 12.7 miles Pudleston Village Hall is on your right which is CP3 (post code HR6 0RA)

Route Description:
Average signage, predominantly fields with lots of gates and styles.
CP Distance = 12.7 miles
Total Day’s Distance = 30.8 miles


CP3 to CP4

Exit Pudleston Village Hall and go right onto the lane, shortly reach another lane and turn left.

At 0.2 miles continue ahead signposted Bockleton / Tenby.

At 0.5 miles on the right take (HT) across field to gate and continue. Well signposted.

At 1.2 miles reach lane and go right, continue along through farm until you reach another lane by St Leonards Church (G/R 586 594) at 1.8 miles and go left.

At 2.4 miles leave the lane going right (HT) (G/R 595 594), past house named ‘Lockleys Heath’, straight ahead over field & styles continue.

At 2.8 miles reach lane, go over into ‘The Velvet Stone’, the route continues to the left of their garage.

At 3.1 miles (G/R 605 592) reach lane continue straight over, HT well signposted.

At 4.1 miles reach lane (G/R 621 589) go straight over and continue on wooded track, then along left side of hedge, through farm and continue in field keeping hedge on your right to bottom right corner (G/R 628 588), go over footbridge to lane and bear right (4.5 miles).

At 4.9 miles reach lane, directly opposite on your left is (HT), continue over fields just left of wooded area (not through woods), and then continue ahead and again over fields.

At 5.5 miles (G/R 641 593) go past house, continue ahead on tarmac drive then at 5.6 miles go right onto concrete track.

At 6.0 miles reach road and go left, 6.1 miles go right signposted Tedstone Water / Edvin Loach.

At 6.9 miles reach lane junction (G/R 663 593) bearing left onto lane.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 679 592) bear left onto road (Take Care), and then 100m on right take a lane signposted Hedge House Farm, go through farm yard & stay on left farm track. At the end of the track take the right gate (G/R 683 598) and continue with hedge on your right.

At 8.8 miles (G/R 689 600) through gate and continue along tree line, until 9.1 miles (G/R 694 603) through gate and go left on track downhill, through gate and continue ahead (don’t go left over waterway)

At 9.5 miles (G/R 699 601) continue down lane past church on left, and at 10.4 miles reach road junction going right into Hope Lane, use grass verges or footpath where possible (Take Care).

At 11.0 miles reach road junction (G/R 714 615), turn right and CP4, The Lion Pub, is 50m on your left (post code WR6 6DH).

Route Description:
Average signage, predominantly fields with lots of gates and styles.
CP Distance = 11.0 miles
Total Day’s Distance = 41.8 miles



Final Leg CP4 to Finish

From the Lion pub turn left onto the road, keeping where possible to grass verge or footpath, where none please take care.

At 0.3 miles go left into Old Road, and continue until 0.8 miles reach the B4204 and continue ahead.

At 1.7 miles go over Ham Bridge on the River Teme then at 2.1 miles reach sign post on left indicating Worcestershire Way & Martley Circular Walk, take this route over styles, into wooded area and exit at a lane 2.3 miles.

At exit bear left then immediately right onto a lane. Continue on lane until at 2.8 miles reach road junction and cross over into Horn Lane (G/R 754 610).

At 3.3 miles go left sign posted Prickley Green, and at 3.7 miles go right onto lane. (G/R 763 619)

At 4 miles go over style on left sign posted footpath (G/R 769 620) (there are two footpaths quite close together, it’s the 2nd one). Then 4.2 miles over style into wooded area, over two more styles / gates and reach lane (G/R 774 625) at 4.4 miles turning right on lane.

At 5 miles reach road, cross over into lane sign posted Sinton Green / Hallow.

At 6.9 miles take left fork, then immediately left again, past Birchall Cottage.

At 7.2 miles go through gate (G/R 812 618) and head down track towards farm

At 7.4 miles climb over gate and at 7.5 miles go left through Northingtown Farm and continue on track until main road at 7.8 miles. (Take Care Busy Rd).

Cross rd and over gate opposite into field, bearing right and keeping tight along the hedge. And border of property / paddock. Continue around field until at 8.2 miles go right over gate into lane, bearing left. At 8.5 miles lane bends sharp left, then opposite the church is the finish at Holt Castle (G/R 829 626), at 8.6 miles (post code WR6 6NJ).

Route Description:
Directionally quite straightforward. 95% on tarmac, 5% field and track.
CP Distance = 8.6 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 50.4 miles