Harcamlow Way Ultra Route Directions

The Harcamlow Way Ultra


Start to CP1.

From The Rose and Crown Pub (post code CB10 2HB) take the road opposite signed to Radwinter.

At 0.1 miles (G/R 587 419) turn right opposite Kates Lane then bear ½ left across the field.

At 0.3 miles (G/R 585 418) as path forks, turn right over the wooden bridge then left towards the church at the top of the field.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 581 414) meet a metal gate and continue forward onto a gravel track.

At 1.0 miles (G/R 580 414) meet tarmac lane and turn right for approx 20 yards to T-junction then cross road and turn right.

At 1.1 miles (G/R 580 416) turn left down Guildhall Way.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 574 417) as track forks, bear left.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 573 416) turn right down gravel path.

At 1.9 miles (G/R 568 414) meet small tarmac lane and turn left.

At 2.1 miles (G/R 569 411) by Muntjac nurseries, turn right on public footpath.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 559 407) go in between farm buildings and solar panels and continue forward on track.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 550 399) reach gravel track and turn left.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 544 391) reach tarmac road and continue forward all the way down.

At 4.9 miles (G/R 539 387) reach roundabout at junction with Church Street & Ashton Road, go left downhill past park on left to another roundabout going right through No Entry signs and continue on footpath past shops.

At 5.2 miles cross road into Abbey Lane then at 5.3 miles keep right with King Edward VI on your right.

At 5.4 miles enter gate into park area at Hanover Place (G/R 533 382), keep to left track which leads straight ahead.

At 5.7 miles (G/R 530 380) continue ahead on track through wooded area, soon reach road going left on footpath then just past the Saffron Walden sign take the road on the right sign posted Wendene.

At 6.1 miles take the bridleway sign on left (G/R 528 375)

At 6.5 miles reach road (G/R 531 370) go right, cross road and left take bridleway.

At 7.2 miles continue on same track with woods on right (G/R 534 359) and at 7.3 miles (G/R 534 358) go right across footbridge into woods.

At 7.5 miles continue over footbridge (G/R 535 355)

At 7.9 miles track goes right then left following edge of woods (G/R 533 350), soon reach fork in track – keep left.

At 8.4 miles (G/R 530 343) track goes right.

At 8.8 miles continue past gate on your right, then soon over waterway and under railway bridge to road at 8.9 miles (G/R 521 344), go right then first left into Bury Water Lane.

At 9.2 miles continue ahead on tarmac lane past School Lane on your left.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 513 434) keep right sign posted Byway, then under road bridge.

At 9.6 miles (G/R 500 351) go left in front of hedgerow, then at 10.7 miles footpath goes right (G/R 500 348), then soon track goes through wooded area.

At 11.2 miles through hedgerow (G/R 492 348) and continue left.

At 11.8 miles reach tarmac lane and continue ahead, soon reach another lane and go right, at 11.9 miles (G/R 484 343) reach road junction and go right sign posted Duddenhoe End.

At 12.0 miles (G/R 483 344) reach the Axe & Compass pub (post code CB11 4EX) on your left which is CP 1.

Navigation difficulty:
Signage is poor, use directions and maps or gps
Terrain – Mainly trail and flat.
Total CP distance – 12.0 miles


CP1 to CP2

From the Axe & Compass pub (post code CB11 4EX) go right on the lane footpath and continue on it as the lane bends right, footpath goes so take care, but quiet lane.

At 0.8 miles pass ‘Clavering’ sign and at 1.1 miles go right (G/R 481 327) sign posted Stickling Green. Continue on quiet lane.

At 2.1 miles continue on road as it bends left by Clavering Farm Lakes

At 2.3 miles reach junction go right to Langley (G/R 465 326), contuinue on road.

At 3.1 miles (G/R 453 329) go left sp Further Ford End.

At 4.3 miles reach junction (G/R 437 329) go left sp Meesden

At 4.7 miles reach junction (G/R 435 323) go right sp Meesden, continue on this lane.

At 6.4 miles continue past sign for Anstey.

At 6.8 miles reach junction (G/R 407 330), go right sp Nuthampstead

At 7.4 miles (G/R 405 340) go left off road sp footpath

At 8.2 miles reach lane (G/R 400 346) go across to lane sp Bury Farm.

At 8.3 miles where lane bends left go into Bury Farm and take footpath sign immediately on left over style, cross fields then left in field following Hertfordshire Way signs.

At 8.5 miles enter wooded area, then at 8.8 miles continue ahead on track (G/R 392 351)

At 9.1 miles reach lane go right (G/R 388 351) Hertfordshire Way sign, then soon left through drive of house.

At 9.3 miles Hertfordshire Way goes into wooded area (G/R 385 352)

At 9.4 miles reach lane and go left.

At 9.6 miles reach the Tally Ho pub on your left which is CP2 (G/R 383 348)

Navigation difficulty:
Signage is poor, use directions and maps or gps
Terrain – Mainly tarmac with some trail and flat.
Total CP distance – 9.6 miles
Total race distance – 21.6 miles


CP2 to CP3

From the Tally Ho pub (post code SG8 8EX) go right returning same path as you arrived.

At 0.2 miles Hertfordshire Way goes left just behind a brick wall.

At 0.4 miles reach field keep to the right side by hedgerow, and at 0.5 miles (G/R 380 352) keep to the right track.

At 0.6 miles reach concrete track (G/R 379 354) and go left, soon Hertfordshire Way goes right, then at 0.9 miles the trail goes alongside the woods.

At 1.1 miles continue ahead (G/R 372 356) Hertfordshire Way.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 369 355) go right at junction of tracks.

At 1.7 miles Hertfordshire Way goes through style on corner of track (G/R 366 358)

At 1.8 miles over style to track, go right and immediate left onto lane sp Driftway, Hertfordshire Way.

Reach road junction at 2.0 miles go right (G/R 361 359)

At 2.2 miles reach junction go left into Blacksmiths Lane.

At 2.5 miles reach A10 go right on footpath (G/R 356 363) by Café, then next left towards Therfield.

At 3.2 miles reach junction and go left into Dane End sp ‘Sandon’ (G/R 345 364)

At 4.1 miles reach junction (G/R 343 352) go left which is Chapel Green.

At 5.0 miles go right sp Sandon Road (G/R 345 340) continue on rd.

At 5.4 miles pass Five House Farm Barns Business Park on your right.

At 6.1 miles reach junction go right sp Sandon (G/R 328 341), stay on road, passing Sandon sign at 6.4 miles.

At 6.7 miles pass Sandon Farm, reach junction but continue on same road as it bears left, going past Sandon School, continue on road.

At 8.4 miles reach junction going left and immediate right (G/R 301 337).

At 8.5 miles go right sign posted Wallington.

At 8.9 miles pass sign saying Wallington.

At 9.0 miles road bends right towards school, continue on road.

At 9.1 miles road bends left, Kitts Lane, (G/R 292 338)

At 11.0 miles reach roundabout, cross over (Take Care) (G/R 264 344) sp Baldock, continue over bridge of dual carriageways sp Baldock, continuing on footpath.

At 12.5 miles reach crossroads with traffic lights, on right is CP3 The Old White Horse (G/R 245 340)

Navigation difficulty:
Signage is poor, use directions and maps or gps
Terrain – Mainly tarmac with some trail and flat.
Total CP distance – 12.5 miles
Total race distance – 34.1 miles


CP3 to CP4

From the Old White Horse (post code SG7 5BS), back to lights at road junction and go right.

At 0.1 miles reach roundabout going right into Hitchen Street.

At 0.3 miles go right into Norton Road

At 0.5 miles just after The Orange Tree pub go left into Norton Road then soon under railway at (G/R 240 341) and continue over the A1M

At 1.2 miles reach junction and go right into Norton Road using footpath.

At 2.5 miles reach roundabout going left on grass verge sp Shefford.

At 3.2 miles reach roundabout (G/R 208 359) go left to Ickleford, no footpath for 50m Take Care then use footpath on your right.

At 3.6 miles reach roundabout, continue over keeping to footpaths or grass verges.

At 3.9 miles reach roundabout, continue over keeping to footpaths or grass verges.

At 4.9 miles reach roundabout, continue over to Wilbury Hills Road, on footpath.

At 5.4 miles reach pub on right, Gardeners Arms (G/R 201 327), past car park area, and at 5.5 miles Ickneild Way is on your right (G/R 200 324).

At 6.4 miles reach pedestrian bridge over railway (G/R 188 317)

At 6.7 miles (G/R 183 316) reach road, cross over and trail goes left.

At 6.8 miles, bear right by The Green Man pub.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 177 312) reach roundabout continue forward on West Mill Lane.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 170 309) follow Ickneild Way signs.

At 7.9 miles as path forks, bear right (G/R 167 311)

At 9.4 miles (G/R 148 317) reach Royal Oak lane and continue forward into High Street.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 147 317) reach the Fox Pub which is CP4.

Navigation difficulty:
Signage is poor, use directions and maps or gps
Terrain – Mainly tarmac with some trail and flat.
Total CP distance – 9.5 miles
Total race distance – 43.6 miles


CP4 to Finish

From The Fox (post code SG5 3PS) cross over into Crab Tree Lane, passing the church on your left.

At 0.1 miles (G/R 146 315) ignore Ickneild Way say on left and continue on footpath ahead, bearing left at bend past the Motte & Bailey pub on your left.

At 0.3 miles reach junction of Hitchin Rd and Primrose Hill – continue over on the Ickneild Way (G/R 144 314).

At 0.5 miles (G/R 141 311) continue on track ahead. At 0.7 miles also continue ahead.

At 1.1 miles (G/R 133 306) go on right track, then soon take footpath on right keeping left.

At 1.4 miles trail goes 90 degrees left, then at 1.6 miles trail goes 90 degrees right (G/R 128 303).

At 1.8 miles reach lane go left (G/R 125 305), at 2.2 miles go right sign posted The Chiltern Way Extension, passing The Live & Let Live pub on your left.

At 2.3 miles reach road junction and go right, no footpath but quiet road.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 119 306) sign post Dead End, continue down lane, reach end and continue on track ahead (G/R 117 307).

At 2.9 miles go left (G/R 116 310) sign posted Public Bridleway.

At 3.0 miles continue ahead.

Continue on track / lane until 3.7 miles (G/R 106 307) go right sp Higham Gobion, past the Hexton Cricket Club, then soon take footpath on your left sp Barton-Le-Clay.

At 4.0 miles cross footbridge following The Bunyon Trail signs (TBT).

At 4.9 miles reach hedgerow and keep right (TBT) (G/R 090 311).

At 5.1 miles follow (TBT) left then right across field and over footbridge to pathway, reaching road at (G/R 086 310). Go right on footpath past houses then at 5.3 miles (G/R 086 311) take signed footpath on left, soon reach road and go right, down to road junction and then continue left on footpath (G/R 085 313).

At 5.6 miles (G/R 081 312) reach road junction and go left, continue past the Bull pub on your right to a small roundabout where you will see The Royal Oak pub (post code MK45 4JX) which is the finish for the Harcamlow Way Ultra. 5.8 miles (G/R 081 308)

Navigation difficulty:
Signage is average, use directions and maps or gps
Terrain – Mainly trail with some tarmac and flat.
Total CP distance – 5.8 miles
Total race distance – 49.4 miles