Greensand Way Ultra Route Directions

The Greensand Way Ultra


Start to CP1

From The Royal Oak pub (G/R 081 308), continue over roundabout signed Silsoe, Bedford, continue on footpath past The Bull pub on your left, then go left into Mill Lane at 0.2 miles (G/R 081 312).

At 0.3 miles reach bend in road and continue ahead on footpath, then soon ditto.

At 0.5 miles (Take Care) cross over dual carriageway and down into Millpond Garden Centre where the trail footpath continues on your left by the Centre entrance, then soon keep right.

At 0.8 miles continue on wooded track, over footbridge, kissing gate then right of field to gate (G/R 072 312), then across to left corner of field through kissing gate bear left, immediately right between hedgerows (G/R 070 312).

At (G/R 066 312) reach hedgerows where track goes right between hedgerows, soon over footbridge then continue ahead across fields.

At 1.5 miles continue ahead with hedgerow on left (G/R 062 313), soon reach track, go over and continue with hedgerow on left. Reach hedgerow at 1.8 miles and go through (G/R 058 312)

At 2.0 miles exit track on left to lane (G/R 055 312) going right on road, no footpath (Take Care) but quiet road, go past Mill End Nursery on your left, use grass verges where possible.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 049 308) go left on lane in front of Boarding Kennels, then at 2.9 miles go right by Willow Farm then trail fp on right (G/R 047 305)

At 3.2 miles reach road, bear right then take first left Goswell End Road, stay on footpath. At 3.5 miles pass Harlington Upper School on your right (G/R 039 309).

At 3.8 miles go under railway bridge past Chilterns Aquatics on right.

At 4.0 miles footpath finishes (Take Care) use grass verges where possible.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 028 317) go right on grass verge, reach main road and cross over (Take Care), down lane on left, soon sp Tingrith.

At 5.2 miles continue on road past sign for Wood End, using grass verges where possible.

At 5.8 miles go left under motorway bridge sp Tingrith (G/R 011 328)

At 6.1 miles enter Tingrith and continue ahead through village.

At 6.5 miles continue on footpath, sign Eversholt (G/R 005 322).

At 6.8 miles take left lane on bend of road (G/R 002 321), sp Public Footpath Eversholt.

At 7.1 miles enter farm yard, keep to right track continuing forward.

At 7.7 miles continue ahead to lane (G/R 989 321), the ahead on tarmac drive.

At 8.0 miles reach lane (G/R 984 324) go left then right at t-junction. Opposite the church is The Green Man pub which is CP1 at 8.1 miles (G/R 983 325)

Navigational Difficulty:
Average signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat 50% tarmac, 50% trail. Care required on some roads where limited footpaths, but generally quiet roads.
CP Distance = 8.1 miles


CP1 – CP2

From The Green Man pub go left on the lane returning the same way you arrived.

At 0.25 miles take the Greensand Ridge Walk (GRW) on your right (G/R 981 322), soon reach field cross over at 11. O’clock.

At 0.4 miles over footbridge and continue across fields (G/R 979 322)

At 0.5 GRW goes through trees on right and soon up steps to field continue straight ahead to middle of woods, entering woods at 0.7 miles (G/R 975 324).

At 0.8 miles go through gate to Deer Park continuing ahead.

At 1.0 mile (G/R 970 326) continue ahead sp GRW, down to left side of Woburn Abbey car park area following GRW signs.

At 1.5 miles lake on your left, continue ahead.

At 2.0 miles exit Deer Park (G/R 956 326), then reach road at 2.2 miles going right on footpath.

At 2.3 miles past the Welcome to Woburn sign, soon on your left across the road take GRW footpath (G/R 950 328) between the garage and the fire station into a wooded area. As you come out of the wooded area go through kissing gate then turn right along the length of the field.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 942 328) meet Leighton Street, cross over and turn left.

At 3.1 miles (G/R 938 326) turn right towards Little Brickhill then immediately left into field signed Greensand Ridgeway.

At 3.4 miles continue on gravel track.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 932 323) continue forward towards woods.

At 4.0 miles (G/R 925 321) at crossroads in path, turn left on signed Greensand Ridgeway.

At 4.9 miles (G/R 933 310) meet road and turn right for approx 100 yards, then approx 50 yards before road bends to the left, look out for sign in a small gap in the hedge on your right (G/R 933 309) (easily missed !) Go through gap in hedge and continue forward.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 927 308) meet road and cross with care then continue forward on signed Greensand Ridgeway route.

At Rammamere Farm go through a couple of gates, left at the ménage, then through the gate in front of you into the woods.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 919 300) as path forks, bear right.

At 6.4 miles (G/R 917 298) reach lane and turn right.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 915 298) go through gates to the right on number 2 North Lodge (says private road but is also signed Greensand Ridgeway on the gate).

At 6.9 miles (G/R 911 294) at crossroads in the path, continue forward.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 907 291) bear left at signed crossroads to follow Greensand Ridgeway route.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 908 289) go over flat wooden bridge and continue forward.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 914 280) cross forest lane and continue forward then immediately bear right.

At 8.2 miles in front of pond, turn right then immediately left (with house and pond on your left) and continue forward on gravel path.

At 8.3 miles (G/R 913 277) meet lane then turn left to T-junction, then turn right and immediately left up steps signed Greensand Ridgeway.

At 8.7 miles (G/R 911 274) as path exits woods, continue forward on path (not left as signed) and continue on path with road parallel on your right. Shortly reach a road bridge, cross this and a second bridge, then, just before the third bridge bear right onto the canal towpath and turn left along the towpath.

At 10.0 miles (G/R 913 262) reach The Globe Inn Pub which is CP2.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 10.1 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 18.1 miles


CP2 – CP3

From The Globe Inn pub continue along the GRW.

At 0.5 miles (G/R 918 262) pass Leighton Lock.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 915 250) go under bridge just after Tesco’s on your left and continue forward.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 913 233) go under the A4146 and continue forward on tow path.

At 3.2 miles (G/R 921 255) the towpath rises to meet a road by a bridge. Turn right here leaving the towpath and continue down the lane.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 915 223) reach T-junction and turn left.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 915 221) turn right through green gates to the right of farm buildings, down gravel track (no signage here) and over railway line then bear right.

At 4.0 miles (G/R 912 222) turn left on signed footpath.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 905 219) meet lane and turn left signed Wingrave.

At 5.1 miles pass right hand turn to Wing and continue forward to Wingrave.

At 5.8 miles (G/R 889 206) pass cross roads and continue forward towards Wingrave.

At 7.0 miles (G/R 873 195) reach signs for Wingrave and continue forward.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 869 191) reach T-junction in front of church and turn right down the road.

At 7.5 miles (G/R 867 191) turn left down Castle Street.

At 7.8 miles go through metal gate and continue forward through kissing gate.

At 8.5 miles (G/R 855 182) cross small wooden footbridge and continue forward.

At 8.9 miles (G/R 851 181) reach small lane and continue forward for approx 50 yards to meet a road then turn left.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 849 179) turn right into Manor road and go all the way to the bottom then turn left through wooden gate and continue forward.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 826 180) go over stile in hedge and continue forward towards farm.

At 11.0 miles (G/R 823 181) continue forward over stile in hedge towards farm.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 821 183) reach lane by Shepherds House and turn left.

At 11.7 miles (G/R 814 181) reach The Five Elms Pub which is CP3.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 11.7 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 29.8 miles


CP3 – CP4

From The Five Elms Pub turn right up High Street.

At 0.6 miles (G/R 810 185) turn right over stile on signed footpath.

At 1.0 mile (G/R 809 188) turn left over wooden bridge and continue forward over another.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 807 189) reach church and turn right then right again in 50 yards down steps to a lane then turn right up the road.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 805 190) turn right on signed footpath.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 805 192) turn left for approx 50 yards to Ye Old Jug in Hardwick.

Continue down Lower Road to a T-junction and cross over onto a small tarmac drive.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 791 188) reach Holly Farm and continue on footpath.

At 2.9 miles go through three gates and continue forward through field on the Aylesbury Ring route.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 774 192) turn left over stile and continue forward on the Aylesbury Ring route.

At 3.9 miles cross wooden bridge and continue forward to another wooden bridge in hedge, cross this then turn ½ right across the field.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 771 187) meet gravel track and turn left.

At 4.3 miles meet road, cross this and continue forward on Aylesbury Ring route.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 760 183) meet road and turn left signed Aylesbury Way route.

At 5.4 miles cross bridge over railway line and continue forward on road.

At 6.1 miles (G/R 757 167) reach road, cross over, go through gate and turn left.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 758 153) meet road and turn left.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 760 150) as lane bends left, continue forward.

At 8.0 miles (G/R 762 142) meet small tarmac lane and turn left.

At 8.1 miles turn right over stile in hedge then ½ left up field.

At 8.6 miles (G/R 766 135) go through gate by house and turn left over bridge, then shortly over a second.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 768 133) turn right through hedge signed Aylesbury Ring route then ½ left.

At 10.6 miles (G/R 765 115) meet the A418 and turn right.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 764 114) turn right down lane signed towards Cuddington.

At 12.5 miles (G/R 738 110) reach The Crown at Cuddington, which is CP4.

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to good signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 12.5 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 42.3 miles


CP4 – Finish

From the Crown at Cuddington, continue for 0.7 miles and cross bridge.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 726 113) turn left over stile signed Thame Valley Walk.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 724 107) cross stile and continue forward.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 721 103) meet small lane with church on your right and turn right.

At 1.7 miles (G/R 719 103) opposite Shupps Lane, turn left over stile and continue forward.

At 2.1 miles (G/R 716 099) cross railway lines (literally- there is no level crossing so take care!) and continue up steps, over stile and continue forward.

At 2.7 miles (G/R 712 092) at farm buildings bear right on gravel track then round to the left, then turn right on gravel track just before the entrance to Notley Thythe Barn.

At 3.0 miles (G/R 710 088) continue forward over concrete hard-standing area.

At 3.9 miles (G/R 698 090) reach lane with church on right and continue forward to reach a junction, then turn left.

At 4.1 miles (G/R 696 089) pass Eight Bells Pub at Long Crendon.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 694 086) meet T-junction, cross over and continue forward down Frogmore Lane.

At 4.8 miles (G/R 689 084) reach T-junction and turn left towards Shabbington.

At 5.8 miles (G/R 676 075) pass New Village Farm on left.

At 6.7 miles (G/R 666 069) meet T-junction in Shabbington and turn left down Mill Road.

At 7.1 miles (G/R 668 065) pass The Old Fisherman Pub and bear left over the road bridge, then shortly over a second narrow road bridge, then just after the third bridge, turn right (G/R 669 064) over small wooden pedestrian bridge and continue forward on signed Thame Valley Walk.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 668 053) meet road and cross (with care!) continuing forward on signed Thame Valley Walk.

At 8.5 miles (G/R 664 051) meet concrete road and turn left. Follow road bearing left through stables to a wooden gate. Go through gate signed Oxfordshire Way.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 666 045) at crossroads in the path, turn left towards Rycote Chapel, then turn right on footpath signed Oxfordshire Way, past the chapel on your left, into the woods. Go through two wooden gates and continue forwards to woods in distance.

At 10.0 miles (G/R 676 043) meet road, cross over and continue forward on Oxfordshire Way route.

At 10.6 miles (G/R 680 034) turn right on grass track.

At 11.2 miles (G/R 682 025) continue forwards towards the A40 ahead.

At 11.5 miles (G/R 682 021) meet the A40 where immediately over is the finish at The Little Acre Bed & Breakfast & Caravan Park

Navigational Difficulty:
Average to fair signage, use directions, maps, gpx.
Terrain is flat mainly trail.
CP Distance = 11.5 miles
Day’s Race Distance = 53.8 miles