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If you want to be a part of the action but not the racing, we are always interested in hearing from you. Extra hands are always welcome; from manning check-point stations to helping out with catering. Please let us know, well in advance, of the time and dates which interest you.

New Races

We are continually developing our portfolio of exciting, unique races. Ultra Running Limited would be very interested to hear if anybody knows of an exceptional location to run a race. Our team would then carry out logistic checks to the route and if the race became live, the person who introduced the route would have FREE entry for life.


Do you have an extra special photograph, either scenic or of yourself competing? If you do and you have the right to share the photograph, please send us a copy. It may be selected for our photo of the month and then include for prosperity in our Gallery. Material which we deem unsuitable or advertises third parties will not be used, and we will only select one a month. By sending us the photograph you are confirming that we can use it on our web-site or for other marketing purposes.

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