MHU Maps & GPX

Malvern Hills 2018 GPX

Malvern Hills Ultra 50 mile event Maps & GPX

[NOTE: Maps are in PDF format. If you cannot open in browser, Right-click | Save Target to download]

Use this map for the first leg (Start to CP1) and the last leg (CP5 to Finish)
Start – CP1 and CP5 – Finish

Use this map for the second leg (CP1 to CP2) and the fifth leg (CP4 to CP5)
CP1 – CP2 and CP4 – CP5

Use this map for the third leg (CP2 to CP3) and the fourth leg (CP3 to CP4)
CP2 – CP3 and CP3 – CP4



We would also like to take the opportunity of reminding all supporters and competitors to treat these check-points with respect. Please refrain from wearing muddy shoes within the establishments and respect that their day to day activities will include other paying customers.

However, we have been very fortunate at securing these excellent locations and most can supply excellent accommodation and food, they are all highly recommended and I think the relay teams may have to show some restraint if they are to complete the challenge!