Buff Joust 24hr Results 2017

We hope you enjoyed the 2017 Buff Joust 24hr race and we hope to see you again soon on one of our other events.

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PlaceSolo/Pair/Team NameBib NoF/MTotal LapsTime
Mens ChampionUgis Datavs24m2523:47:15
2nd MaleRyan Holmes28m2123:13:20
Ladies ChampionGeorgina Townsend55f2123:13:20
3rd MaleKim Taylor18m2123:28:43
4th MaleDave Rennick34m2022:35:59
5th MaleTim Hosell39m1923:05:23
2nd LadyEwelina Skolimowska58f1823:12:43
6th MaleMichael Rotherham30m1719:35:43
9David Stevenson27m1721:37:54
3rd LadySinead Maguire59f1721:54:17
11Maciej Biernacki20m1622:17:34
12Ryan Isles32m1623:28:46
13Steve Holden33m1623:33:00
14Paul Harrowell22m1518:04:36
4th LadySarah Jackson54f1522:26:46
Champion Male VetPhil Woolley60m1522:47:22
17Gerald Sanders35m1522:58:12
18Mark Ramsey21m1523:20:02
5th LadyWendy Cole46f1523:25:23
6th LadyRebecca Henry56f1422:10:39
21Gary Burkes43m1320:41:00
22Lee Scott19m1321:17:05
23Steve Massey26m1322:16:27
24Chris Hucker12m1322:19:46
25Beata Payne49f1322:22:03
26Karen Cook52f1322:54:32
27Mark Rose36m1322:55:49
28Matt Payne2m1323:23:22
29Greg Ashley5m1323:30:16
30Chris Clarke11m1212:59:29
31Phil Miles16m1218:30:53
32Richard Owen37m1222:24:43
33Teresa Greenhalgh51f1222:43:38
34Claire Emma Shacklock57f1223:39:47
35Steve Jones40m1121:15:43
36Andrew Graham42m1122:35:32
37Simon Marshall38m1122:53:04
38Scott Morrall8m1010:29:20
39Duncan Gordon23m1020:21:10
40Nick Harris31m910:04:35
41Richard Cranswick29m87:30:47
42Martin Reed-Derby44m810:37:49
43Terry Stokes1m812:00:32
44Katherine Hay-Heddle53f711:10:02
45Leigh Holland25m719:35:43
46Paul Butcher13m65:18:02
47Kevin Rowland14m610:21:30
48Duncan Edwards41m514:59:21
49Rachael Swailes45f514:59:21
50Nicola Rowland50f410:21:28
Mens Pairs
ChampionsPortsmouth Ultra Club5012622:07:23
3Pair O'Plums5031121:18:17
4Pershore Plum Plodders 15021021:06:38
Ladies Pairs
ChampionsA Right Pair of Plums!5051723:50:50
Mixed Pairs
ChampionsBPJ 'The Dillon Wannabee's'5102623:33:54
2Hereford Ghost Runners5082423:10:28
3Bournville Runners5092122:37:44
4Pershore Plum Plodders 25061322:30:57
5Ra and Rave50767:46:29
Ladies Team 3-5
ChampionsCleeve Ladies Jiggling Jesters5122423:28:46
2Cleeve Ladies Sleepless Knights5132423:28:46
34 Nutters5162323:22:06
4Sugar Plum Faries5152023:42:57
5Cleeve Ladies Muddy Maidens5141722:30:38
Mixed Team 3-5
ChampionsWTF?...Where's the finish ?'5173623:29:05
2Laser Quantum5183023:49:59
3Wander North East5192822:28:56
Team 6-8
ChampionsBPJ Old Gits (+ 1 Youngster)5223823:39:07
2The Lilly Whites5253023:16:37
3Scrambled Legs5213023:20:18
4Chafing the Dragon5242823:49:17
5The Iron Knights5272723:16:31
6Off Our Heads!5262523:45:15
7Plums of the Round Table5232323:16:36
8The Jedi Knights5291923:16:54
9The Mandalorian Knights5281822:51:36