Buff Joust 2016 Results

We hope you enjoyed the 2016 Buff Joust and look forward to seeing you all again soon on one of our other events. Huge thanks to Chip Timing Services Ltd for a seamless performance with the live timing. For split times click here.

PlaceSolo/Pair/Team NameBib NoVetTotal LapsTimeStatus
1Richard Cranswick372523:31:260
2Matthew Blackburn352423:03:540
3Paul Watham462223:27:110
4Harry Mcalinden38Male Vet2123:48:480
5Craig Allen412023:04:120
6Martyn Chrystie182023:26:580
7Alison Carr602023:36:220
8Chris Hucker271923:06:130
9Neil Heron671923:13:150
10Luan Wall61923:36:220
11Cindy Richards331822:43:160
12Gemma Morgans471823:27:110
13Thomas Cockerham501823:30:020
14John Hammond441722:23:230
15Maxine Hosell621722:44:490
16Adam Tysoe451521:46:080
17Mark Rose511522:22:580
18Sarah Jackson131522:58:360
19Ewelina Skolimowska121523:17:280
20Mike Julien64Male Vet1523:19:260
21Phil Miles51523:27:190
22Chris Lamb521523:47:490
23Tara Rufus221419:13:070
24Becky Amor261419:16:260
25Gerald Sanders2Male Vet1423:02:260
26Mick Ward361313:22:460
27Mark Jackson161319:56:510
28Ian Oldham591322:47:140
29Steve Sysum401218:35:180
30Charlie Harwood571116:32:460
31Neil Wheeler551117:27:390
32Paul Evans661119:53:040
33Andy Hawthorne211121:01:380
34Wendy Cole81121:15:450
35Nichola Robinson41122:04:530
36David Shacklock111122:11:070
37Neal Cox191122:46:190
38Nicola Leo421122:48:500
39Richard Grocott611123:20:150
40Adam Dyson581123:20:150
41Gary Smith321011:13:250
42Rachael Swailes481019:50:070
43Duncan Edwards491019:50:070
44Rodger Alexander17Male Vet1023:12:200
45Brenda Okeeffe Miere54910:59:450
46Preston Grundy14Male Vet923:31:080
47Mark Cooper6386:17:360
48Kevin Rowland24810:55:550
49Sarah Morris23820:07:010
50Nigel Cowell15820:09:300
51Elvyn Leo43822:48:520
52Jo Evans56823:12:190
53Nicola Rowland25610:55:530
54Martin Reeves948:24:030
55Matt Griffiths5321:28:360
56Lyndsey Pedlar6522:18:470
57Jules Taylor10DNS
58Dave Williams30DNS
59Amanda Husband70DNS
60Margaret Gwilliam100DNS
61Kirsty Derson200DNS
62Jude Dayne28Female Vet0DNS
63Phil Woolley29Male Vet0DNS
64Kevin Fleetham300DNS
65Phil Bellamy310DNS
66Marcus Weatherstone340DNS
67Chris Owen390DNS
Mens Pairs
1JLP Running Club5022323:29:110
2BPJs Dan and Dave5052123:27:180
3The Kessel Runners5031423:13:490
4Trotters Independent Runners5041322:51:310
5Team Skins5010DNS
Mixed Pairs
1Black Pear Joggers5062122:17:140
2Stubbington Green Runners5071822:20:290
Womens Team 3-5
1Cleeve Ladies5102023:27:240
Mixed Team 3-5
1Burnden Road Runners 15133423:22:130
2The Wheeler Fan Club 15122923:26:480
5Mixed 5115110DNS
6We Thought She Said Rum!5160DNS
Team 6-8
1BPJ Old Gits5233723:48:460
2Hereford Ghost Runners5223223:42:380
3MJ Lords5243123:40:210
4MJ Ladies5212823:28:000
5Burnden Road Runners 25192623:49:130
6Pershore Plum Plodders5252423:50:450
7The Wheeler Fan Club 25202222:55:500