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Blister Prevention 101

By kind permission of Andy Dubois Blisters are a common problem for many marathon and ultramarathon runners. There are many ideas for how to prevent them, some of them old wives tales and some of them have a bit more credibility. But despite the use of every remedy known to mankind some of us still suffer blisters. Maybe our understanding of what causes them is incorrect and we need to try something different. A new product cau… Continue reading

Walking in Ultras – How to train to Walk Faster

By kind permission of Andy Dubois – Walking is typically seen as the soft option in running races, however in an ultra its often the smart option. In a hilly race even the elites walk, the difference between them and the back of the pack runners is the amount of walking and the speed at which they walk. When training for my first Ultra I made the mistake of thinking that I didn’t need to practise walking in training. Surely if I… Continue reading

The top three training mistakes

The top three training mistakes By kind permission of Andy Dubois – Whether you are training to run a marathon or lose weight, tone up and get fit there are three basic training errors that can hold you back from reaching your goals. Every client I have ever worked with has been making at least one of these. Have a read and see if any of these apply to you. 1. Repeating the same exercise program. The body adapts to training qui… Continue reading

What Causes Running Injuries?

By kind permission of Andy Dubois Running injuries are so common , more than 50% of runners suffer one every year. Why? Is it because they a) Increased their distance too quickly b) Increased their intensity too quickly c) Didn’t stretch before running d) Didn’t stretch after running e) Were wearing cushioned supportive running shoes f) Weren’t wearing supportive running shoes g) None of the above If you answered g) none of the… Continue reading

Barefoot, Shoes, heelstrike, midfoot, forefoot. What’s right for me?

By kind permission of Andy Dubois There is a lot of discussion about the merits of barefoot vs. shoes, heel strike vs. forefoot/midfoot going on at the moment and it’s getting very confusing for many people to work out what is right for them. So with that in mind I’d like to separate the fact from the fiction for you and discuss some of the research out there in plain English so you can make an informed decision on what is best… Continue reading

Training in a fasted state – pros & cons

…ks or gels improve endurance performance? Reproduced by kind permission of Andy Dubois I am often asked if sports drinks and gels are worthwhile. Are they necessary on a long run? Running on an empty stomach has got to improve the ability of the body to burn fat doesn’t it? The research from a number of studies on this is fairly conclusive. The good news Training on an empty stomach without additional carbohydrates WILL increase f… Continue reading

Hop Skip & Jump your way to becoming a faster runner

…ump your way to becoming a faster runner. Reproduced by kind permission of Andy Dubois –   Most runners spend almost 100% of their training time actually running. This is based on the mistaken belief that if you want to become a better runner then you should simply run more. The reason this is misguided is that our running technique and efficiency is dependant on the strength and flexibility of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and… Continue reading

Machine weights – to be avoided at all costs!

  Article by kind permission of Andy Dubois from Just because something is easier to use doesn’t mean it is worth doing in the first place. It is easier to use because it doesn’t involve any co-ordination or neuromuscular skill something that the Machine weight Advocates say is a good thing. However running is an activity that requires very good co-ordination and neuromuscular skill so it makes no sense to start with an exercis… Continue reading