Vanguard Way Route Directions

Route Directions for Vanguard Way


Vanguard Way (VW)
North Downs Way (NDW)


Start – CP1

From the Foresters Arms (G/R 426 350) go left up Station Road, continuing past Riverview Café.

At the Forest Row Social Club go half left through carpark then right through gap in bushes to lane at 0.2 miles (G/R 428 353). Continue ahead on footpath next to water treatment works and through gate, leading into field, then soon follow left edge.

At end of field go through latch gate to ascend footpath between woods and field. Continue uphill, later with fields on both sides. Follow footpath through trees and past horse training paddock.

At 0.9 miles reach lane (G/R 431 364) and go left (Canisron Lane). After 200m take right track to another lane (Surries Lane) and go left.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 430 368) go right along lane (private road).

At 2.1 miles (G/R 435 380) reach Dog Gate Lodge and turn left down bridleway along edge of wood, soon reach open farmland crossing a bridge over a stream, continue ahead on bridleway into Wet Wood.

At 2.7 miles (G/R 435 389) turn left along footpath between field and wood to a lane (Brooklands Lane). Turn right uphill and at 3.2 miles (G/R 432 395) cross the A264 (Take Care) and continue ahead into Shepherds Grove Lane.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 429 401) reach road junction and turn right (Smithers Lane).

At 3.9 miles (G/R 434 403) go left on tarmac track (Beeches Farm Lane).

At 4.6 miles (G/R 434 413) pass through gate towards farmhouse, then soon turn left between barn and tall hedge. End of hedge go right through gate and up bridleway. At next bridleway junction continue ahead and up fenced track between fields. Keep on track along left edge of field and at fenced reservoir go left through gap in embankment, follow track downhill.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 430 420) reach track junction by Dry Hill Farm and go right, then soon turn left down bridleway as it winds around right side of garden and field, with Reynolds wood on right.

At 5.8 miles (G/R 424 425) go through gate and turn right, then soon turn left through latch gate on bridleway, then keep ahead at footpath junctions.

At 6.4 miles (G/R 423 434) reach B2028 (Moor Lane) cross over (Take Care) then cross style to right of Starborough Nurseries. Then go half right on footpath across field to style and turn left along drive, shortly reach junction with footpaths with stiles on both sides – cross stile to left and immediately turn right alongside of field, bearing left with hedge to another stile.

At 6.9 miles (G/R 424 442) turn right on lane and pass The Coach House, go through metal gate and turn left on track, go under power lines and continue straight.

At 7.1 miles (G/R 425 445) cross stile on left and cross field quarter left to hedge corner. Keep hedge on left, cross plank bridge and stile, across field towards far left corner. Cross another bridge then at end of field go left to cross stile.

At 7.6 miles (G/R 417 446) reach road continue ahead (Take Care) no pavement, soon reach road junction bear right (Water Lane). Cross bridge over Eden Brook, taking second stile and turn quarter left across field. Cross culvert and footbridge (G/R 417 450) continue with stream on left.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 418 455) reach road (Haxted Road) and go right, then soon take road on your left (Dwelly Lane).

At 9.2 miles (G/R 417 471) cross stile on your right (opposite farm drive), going sharp right between hedge and fence (may be overgrown), then soon bear left across grass to stile, continue along left side of field to corner gate, over footbridge then bear right across field. Cross stile and bear right across field. Cross another stile and continue ahead left of field.

At 9.6 miles (G/R 421 475), reach and go behind concrete cupboard to reach road and go right (Honeypot Lane). Continue on lane to meet road junction go left (Hilders Lane). Cross two railway lines then go left into Troy Lane (G/R 426 477).

At 10.2 miles (G/R 427 481) go right across stile continue up possibly muddy track, soon go through left-hand gate then immediately right into field by fence, reach gate go left along footpath right edge of field. Continue ahead a footpath junction by tree. Cross stile and continue.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 432 488) reach road and go left, then soon take stile on right before gate. Continue past Guildables Wood on left.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 434 496) pass pond (may be dry) over stile into field keep left of field then soon cross stile on left into another field keep left of field then over stile into copse.

At 11.6 miles (G/R 433 499) follow right of way ahead to cross another stile, then right in field to a 3rd stile, reach rd and turn left passing Hurst Farm. Soon, just before Brook Cottage, go through gate on right then keep left of paddock. At wall corner continue ahead and go through gate in far left corner behind trees. Keep left in field soon crossing footbridge heading just left of large buildings.

At 12.3 miles (G/R 431 507) continue ahead on footpath option to reach track go right passing Trevereux Manor then bear left up lane.

At 12.9 miles (G/R 427 517) reach B269 (Take Care) cross over into Moorhouse Road, soon take lane on your left (Tally Road) and the Carpenters Arms at Limpsfield Chart (post code RH8 0TG) which is CP1, on your right (G/R 424 518) at 13.1 miles.

Route Description:
85% field and track, 15% lanes
Total CP Distance = 13.1 miles

CP1 – CP2

From the Carpenters Arms (G/R 424 518) go left on Tally Road, take the second left which is Stoneleigh Road. Continue on gravel drive past houses.

At 0.3 miles (G/R 424 522) reach and cross road to drive then fork right on bridleway through woods. Fork left as you come to a junction with open field on your left, next junction continue ahead, then descend to foot of hill and cross track marked bridleway.

At 0.8 miles (G/R 423 528) take latchgate on left, cross field and through another, continue up track over mound in field.

At 1.1 miles (G/R 420 532) reach A25 (Take Care) and cross over into Broomlands Lane. Continue ahead towards motorway.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 417 544) cross over the M25 bridge, then immediately left take stile down steps, following footpath through ‘hawthorn tunnels’ beside fence and M25. Soon after the SOS phone beside M25 hard shoulder bear half right across field. Follow field edge on your left till you reach the B269. (Take Care) cross road and go left on grass verges, soon take stile on right at 2.4 miles (G/R 408 542). Cross footbridge continue ahead across field to right of lone tree.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 401 544) reach road go right continue as it leads to track and climbs steeply. Ignore track left up to gate, and soon at fingerpost turn left up steps to join the North Downs Way.

At 3.3 miles (G/R 398 548) continue north uphill to gate at car park at 3.7 miles (G/R 398 554) and turn right on B269, cross immediately to footpath NDW – take care with tree roots.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 405 555) turn left up steps NDW, then about 40m turn left and continue uphill off NDW to (G/R 405 557). Reach road and continue over signposted Beddlestead.

At 6.7 mile (G/R 393 589) reach junction and go right (not ahead to other road) along quiet lane but without verges (Take Care).

At 8.1 miles (G/R 396 607) continue past disused road to left, now a cycle route with concrete bollards to prevent vehicle access.

At 8.3 miles reach crossroads and go left using pavement, along King Henry’s Drive.

At 8.5 miles continue past Addington High School on left, then soon go left into Fairchildes Avenue.

At 8.6 miles turn right into Comport Green (G/R 392 613) using pavement.

At 8.7 miles reach crossroads (Take Care), cross over to the other side of the road by playground and go right, then just after the bus stop turn left down Milne Park East, using pavement or Milne Park on your left.

At 9.0 miles continue past Uvedale Crescent on your right (G/R 388 617), then soon take cycle route off to your left, just before car park of high rise flats. As cycle route reaches St. Edwards Close go right and immediate left along main road, again stay on pavement. Soon reach a roundabout and continue ahead (2nd exit) onto Central Parade (Take Care).

At 9.5 miles reach New Addlington Parkway (G/R 382 622) continue ahead with railway line to your left, stay on pavement, passing Parkway Health Centre also on left.

At 9.8 miles reach a roundabout with a Shell Station on your right, again continue ahead (Take Care).

At 10.7 miles reach a roundabout on the A2022 (Take Care), again continue ahead to the Cricketers / Harvester (G/R 370 639) directly on the roundabout. (post code CR0 5AQ). From the Harvester continue right, down Addington Village Road with the churchyard on your left, use pavements, soon follow the road as it bends sharp left into Spout Hill, continue past Roxton Gardens on your left.

At 11.0 miles take lane on your right named ‘Bridle Way’ (G/R 372 644) and continue to end then follow track through woods which emerges soon on another lane with houses on the left. Continue ahead on pavement, stay on this lane.

At 11.7 miles (G/R 381 650) go past a City of London display board on your right, as road bends left stay on road, ignore all side roads.

At 12.2 miles reach junction of Wickham Court Road and go left, soon reach crossroads with The Swan pub (G/R 382 660) (post code BR4 0NJ) opposite, which is CP2.

use pedestrian crossings and continue over into Station Road.

Route Description:
Mainly lanes and pavement
Total CP Distance: 12.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 25.3 miles

CP2 – Finish

From The Swan use pedestrian crossings and continue over into Station Road.

At 0.4 miles reach crossroads with West Wickham Leisure Centre on your right and turn right into Red Lodge Road, and at the same time use pedestrian crossing to get to the other side of the road then soon pass The Railway pub on your right.

At 0.6 miles (G/R 384 666) reach mini-roundabout and take left lane, Red Lodge Road. Stay on this road and use pavements.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 385 672) reach mini-roundabout and continue ahead into Wickham Way, use pavements, stay on this road.

At 2.0 miles (G/R 380 685) (Take Care) reach roundabout, continue over into Wickham Road with shops to your left, stay on pavements, ignore all side roads.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 378 694) reach crossroads of A222, use pedestrian crossing to continue over into Bromley Road B230, soon cross small crossroads passing Beckenham Methodist Church on left.

At 2.8 miles reach crossroads of A2015 with churchyard on the right, go right into High Street. Stay on this road and use pavements.

At 2.9 miles (G/R 374 697) continue over crossroads using pedestrian crossing into Southend Road, stay on this road, ignore all side roads and use pavement.

At 4.3 miles (G/R 383 716) reach T-junction of A21 and continue left on pavement past Homebase and lake on your left. Soon at crossroads continue over using pedestrian crossing onto the Bromley Road A21, stay on this road and ignore all side roads using pedestrian crossings at crossroads.

At 5.6 miles (G/R 377 735) reach one-way traffic system at Catford Gyratory and continue ahead sign posted C. London A21, passing the Broadway Theatre on your left.

At 6.2 miles pass University Hospital Lewisham on your left and a War Memorial on your right, still stay on the A21.

At 6.6 miles (G/R 381 751) continue under railway bridge, soon reach roundabout and continue ahead on the A2211 (to do so first go right at the island to cross pedestrian crossings then ahead on the roundabout). Continue under bridge, then immediately on your left after the bridge continue past Maggies Café & Restaurant (G/R 383 760) at 7.2 miles (post code SE13 7PA).

From Maggies continue on road a short way then go right up Lewisham Hill towards Blackheath. Continue uphill on track beside road (G/R 384 763) stay on right hand side.

At 7.6 miles reach mini roundabout, continue over to soon reach crossroads (Take Care) and continue over into Cade Lane (G/R 386 767).

At 7.9 miles bear left and exit through park gates then take Park Walk on the right between buildings (G/R 387 770). Enter Greenwich Park and turn left downhill, exiting on Croom’s Hill (G/R 384 774), (Caution steep descent).

At 8.3 mile pass Greenwich Theatre on right (G/R 384 775) and continue straight ahead on right hand side. Rejoin A2211 bearing right with church on the left (G/R 383 776). Cross traffic lights, continue straight ahead along Greenwich Church Street, crossing at traffic lights.

At 8.6 miles pass the Cutty Sark on right and enter foot tunnel straight ahead (G/R 383 779), (Caution steep steps).

At 8.9 miles exit foot tunnel and turn left parallel to the river heading west, after about 300 yds turn right at The Ferry House (G/R 380 783), then cross the A1206, and continue down East Ferry Road, passing the Lord Nelson pub on your right.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 379 787) pass Mudchute Station DLR on left.

At 9.9 miles pass Crossharbour Station DLR on left (G/R 379 793).

At 10.2 miles reach at T-junction (G/R 380 797) turn left on Marsh Wall Road, sign posted The City A13.

At 10.3 miles pass South Quay Station DLR on left (G/R 378 798) and continue straight ahead, cross to the right hand side of the road. About 100 yards before the DLR flyover go right towards footbridge (G/R 375 799) to Canary Wharf.

At 10.6 miles cross footbridge, down steps and continue right alongside the key, with water on your right.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 377 800) turn left up steps, straight on joining Upper Bank Street and passing Canary Wharf Station DLR. As Upper Bank Street splits into a one way system keep to the left then soon reach main road.

At 11.1 miles reach A1261 (G/R 377 805) and go left along pavement, soon reach and use spiral stairs to footbridge and cross over the A1261 carriageway. (Take Care) go down spiral stairs on other side then continue along alley between fenced sports area to your left and the Tower Hamlets College building to your right. Soon reach road and continue across into Hale Street, with bowling green on your right.

At 11.4 miles (G/R 376 809) reach A13 junction and go right along pavement.

At 11.6 miles use pedestrian crossing to cross road into Chrisp Street.

At 11.9 miles (G/R 378 814) go past Langdon Park DRL on your right. Soon, as road bends slightly right, continue ahead as road leads into Morris Road.

At 12.2 miles (G/R 377 818) Morris Road reach bridge over waterway, continue over into Violet Road.

At 12.4 miles (G/R 375 822) reach mini roundabout and go right to another mini roundabout then left into Campbell Road. Soon go under railway bridge and ahead to road junction.

At 12.8 miles reach road junction of A11 (G/R 373 828) and go right to use pedestrian crossing to other side of the road then continue right along A11 passing Bow Church DLR on your right and soon turn left into Fairfield road. Stay on Fairfield Road going under railway bridges.

At 13.3 miles reach mini roundabout and go right into Tredegar Road (G/R 371 834).

Continue on Tredegar Road and follow as road bears left and continue across motorway using bridge.

Continue onto Wick Lane (past the Shell Garage) for approx. 0.3 miles, upon reaching roundabout turn right to stay on Wick Lane (passing Big Yellow Storage on your left).

At 13.7 miles, upon passing Big Yellow Storage (G/R 371 839) turn right onto The GreenWay foot path and follow footpath to the Moka East Café / The View Tube aka the Finish! (G/R 382 836) at 14.4 miles.