Vanguard Way Route Maps


This year the Vanguard Way Ultra Route is revised.

For Start to CP1 please use Sussex Border Path Map CP2 – CP3, which is Sir Roger Tichbourne Pub – Royal Oak. 12.5 miles

For CP1 – CP2 please use Sussex Border Path Map CP3 – CP4, which is Royal Oak – Cherry Tree Pub. 12.4 miles

For CP2 – CP3 please use Sussex Border Path Map CP4 – Finish, which is Cherry Tree Pub – Foresters Arms. 10.7 miles.

Then the last leg will be CP3 – Finish which is the below map Vanguard Start – CP1

I hope this isn’t too confusing! Our intention was to complete at the Olympic Stadium which unfortunately isn’t possible this year. Fingers crossed next year though. The revised route is far more scenic than struggling through London City without the prize of the stadium.

Vanguard Way Ultra Start – CP1