Two Moors Way Route Directions

Two Moors Way Route Directions

fp (public footpath / right of way)
DHW (Devonshire Heartland Way)
TMW (Two Moors Way)


Start – CP1

From Church House Inn (post code TQ13 7SJ) cross the road into lane s.p. Ashburton / Princetown.

At 0.1 miles reach lane junction and go left s.p. Hexworthy, very soon take fp off to the right over stile.

At 0.5 miles enter woods (G/R 709 700)

At 1.1 miles (G/R 712 708) over footbridge to reach road and go left over River Dart Bridge and then immediate left into lane s.p Hannaford.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 706 712) reach area where the verges are more grass than heath and take the unmarked footpath at 90 degrees to the road through the moorland. Soon reach and cross track, continue to another track at 1.9 miles (G/R 704 714) and go left around Aish Tor on your right. Stay on this track to reach Mel Tor where you turn away from the river and follow the wall on your right to the car park and the road at Bel Tor Corner at 3.4 miles.

At 3.4 miles (G/R 695 731) reach road at 3.4 miles (Take Care) cross and continue over on fp. Take the track skirting the uphill side of the tree-lined enclosure, then follow the track down to Lock’s Gate Cross and the road down towards Ponsworthy and Widecombe.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 699 738) go left through a gate fp just before the ford and continue along West Webburn Brook and soon through wooded area.

At 4.9 miles (G/R 699 750) cross stream by bridge beside mill house and turn right along road to reach junction and go left up the hill.

At 5.2 miles (G/R 701 753) continue over at crossroads

At 5.6 miles (G/R 703 759) continue over crossroads and stay on this road, ignore the TMW western route off to the left.

At 6.6 miles (G/R6 764) reach lane junction and go left s.p. Widecombe.

At 6.9 miles (G/R 718 768) reach The Old Inn on your left (post code TQ13 7TA) follow the road around with the pub on your left and the village green on your right to reach the Old Inn car park which is CP1.

Route Summary:
CP Distance – 6.9 miles




CP1 – CP2

From the Old Inn car park continue on the same lane which is quite quiet and leads through a wooded valley.

At 2.3 miles (G/R 720 802), before passing the gateposts on either side of the road at Natsworthy Gate, go left through wooden gate onto the moor. Just inside the gate cross a stream and then a stile into a wooded area following the yellow paint spots which is well marked Mariners Way.

At 2.9 miles (G/R 718 810) reach lane and continue over.

At 3.4 miles (G/R 717 818) reach lane and continue over.

At 3.9 miles (G/R 714 824) reach lane and continue over at Lower Hookner.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 709 824) reach lane and take track opposite leading to fp.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 702 833) reach the B3212 and continue over on fp, (Take Care) dog-legging to the right to a stile off a disused tarmac road.

At 5.4 miles (G/R 701 840) reach track and go right, then follow track left between buildings.

At 5.9 miles (G/R 696 844) reach lane with stone walling opposite and go left, then shortly take fp off to the right through metal gate just past stone building.

At 6.4 miles (G/R 690 845) turn left along the farm track through the yard then leave the track right behind the house and before the final barn. The path goes over a ford to reach a lane and go left. As you approach the hamlet of Hurston take the right fork, then turn right around the first house.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 683 848) reach track and go right then take fp off to the left.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 681 850) cross stile to lane and continue over on track which is still also the Mariners Way leading through the farm. Leave the farm yard through the gate behind the house and follow hedge until you reach a pair of gates. Diagonally across the next field to a footbridge across the river then between two large trees continue up the hill, through fields and over boardwalks through woods to Teigncombe.

At 9.0 miles (G/R 671 871) a final gate brings you to a wooden bungalow called Mariners Way and a drive to Teigncombe Cleve where you reach a lane and go right.

At 9.2 miles (G/R 674 871) keep left s.p TMW which leads to a track unsuitable for motors.

At 9.8 miles reach lane (G/R 682 876) and go right along lane.

At 10.6 miles (G/R 694 878) reach crossroads and go left to Gidleigh. Soon cross river bridge and CP2 is immediately either on your left in a layby or your right in the field (G/R 693 880) at 10.7 miles

Route Summary:
CP Distance – 10.7 miles
Total Day Distance – 17.6 miles



CP2 – CP3

From CP2 continue along the TMW with the river to your right.

At 0.8 miles (G/R 705 882) reach a road bridge, exit the river path here and continue left on the road, then after a short distance, just as the road bends left, take the river path again keeping the river always to your right.

At 1.7 miles (G/R 712 893) reach and cross the A382 (Take Care), continue along the river path with the river to your right.

At 2.3 miles (G/R 721 895) the TMW leaves the riverside and follows the ‘Hunters Path’ up through a wooden squeeze gate, leading to a tarmac lane, which you continue to follow as it turns off along a footpath into the Castle Drago Estate and climbs towards the castle walls.

At 3.5 miles (G/R 731 899), after Sharp Tor, the TMW goes left over a ridge and down towards woods.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 732 904) enter woods over stile. As you exit woods continue on track.

At 4.1 miles (G/R 734 907) reach lane and go right, stay on lane as it soon bends sharp left, passing The Drewe Arms on your right (post code EX6 6QN). On the left of the post office the TMW takes the road s.p. Crockernwell. At (G/R 735 910) continue on lane as it bends right, passing lane on left.

At 4.6 miles (G/R 736 913), as the road bends right take the lane off to the left (ahead), soon crossing bridge over brook and immediayely take the track to the left.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 736 924) reach road and go left crossing over the A30 bridge, then immediately turn sharp right down the lane to the waymarked path before the farm drive. The TMW is well marked down to the ford and bridge over the Yeo and up to Hill Farm. At Hill Farm TMW goes sharp left to pass to the left of a small clump of trees, then over fields and across a boardwalk over a boggy patch to Whitehornpass over fields, then another boardwalk over a boggy patch to Whitehorn. (Take Care) Boardwalks may be slippy.

At 7.0 miles (G/R 731 949) reach road between two thatched cottages and turn right going past school then soon continue ahead at crossroads s.p. Yeoford.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 737 962) stay on the road as it bends right, passing ‘dead end’ lane on the left. Stay on this road ignore all side roads and signs as you are no longer on the TMW.

At 11.2 miles reach junction and go left s.p. Yeoford Station (G/R 782 988), over railway bridge and then river bridge.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 783 990) reach the Mare & Foal on your left which is CP3 (post code EX17 5JD)

Route Summary:
CP Distance – 11.3 miles
Total Day Distance – 28.9 miles



CP3 – CP4

From the Mare & Foal go left on the road and soon follow it as it bends sharp right to Crediton.

At 0.4 miles (G/R 790 911), after just going past property named ’Hunterswood’ on your right, take the signed public footpath off to your right down track.

At 0.8 miles (G/R 794 989) reach road junction and go right, soon crossing river bridge then railway bridge.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 799 980) reach road junction and go left DHW, s.p. Crediton. Stay on this road to reach river bridge but do not cross.

At 1.9 miles, just as the road bends sharp right to the bridge, take signed public footpath off to the right, eventually leading to track.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 812 976) reach lane and go left, ignore all side roads.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 826 985) reach lane and go right, soon reach bends in road with farm opposite and go left.

At 4.0 miles continue over humped river bridge then before you reach the level crossing take the f.p. off to the right over stile just before the house, and continue with river Yeo to your right.

At 4.6 miles reach track and continue right on to track (G/R 835 991)

At 4.8 miles reach road junction and go left (G/R 839 993) using the pavement, soon continue over level crossing then immediately left into Four Mills Lane which bends right between garage and houses, stay on this lane.

At 5.1 miles reach A377 (G/R 838 998) and continue ahead using pavement, pass Park Road on your left.

At 5.2 miles where road bends left, keep right through ‘No Entry’ signs (G/R 839 000), soon continue past East Street on your left and Tolleys on the right and then Crediton Inn on your right (post code EX17 1EZ). Stay on this road and use pavements.

At 5.4 miles (G/R 839 003) turn right into Commercial Road, s.p. Sports Centre then take first left also s.p. Sports Centre. AS you the car park area continue on the left footpath and follow fp past house, across fields and over footbridge at 6.1 miles (G/R 848 007).

At 6.2 miles reach lane via kissing gate and continue right (G/R 849 007)

At 6.3 miles (G/R 852 008) turn right into lane opposite gated Lodge entrance.

At 7.3 miles (G/R 863 998) continue ahead past crossroads, sp. Newton.

At 8.0 miles (G/R 873 944) turn right at dog-leg crossroads, s.p. Newton.

At 8.5 miles (G/R 880 989) reach junction and just before the Beer Engine Pub is on your right which is CP4 (Post Code EX5 5AX).

Route Summary:
CP Distance – 8.5 miles
Total Day Distance – 37.4 miles



CP4 – Finish

From the Beer Engine Pub go right over the railway bridge, and continue past Newton Recreational Club on your left, then at 0.2 miles, just before the river bridge go left on fp with the river to your right.

At 1.3 miles (G/R 895 975) reach river bridge and follow fp left away from the river. Continue over railway line and footbridge to reach road at 1.7 miles.

At 1.7 miles (G/R 900 977) reach road and go left, then soon just before a house on your right and a house on your left with a stone saying ‘White Gates’, take the lane off to the right, also with public footpath sign in hedge on right.

At 2.1 miles fp goes off to the right then soon at fp junction keep right.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 910 976) reach lane and go left.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 912 978) DHW goes right up lane just before white house sp. Public Footpath.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 926 979) reach lane and go left continue on pavement. Just before The Lazy Toad (Post Code EX5 5DP) take the fp on the right heading North behind the church.

At 4.1 miles cross river bridge (G/R 927 985) then fp goes immediately left with the river also on left.

At 4.9 miles (G/R 935 990) reach lane and go right.

At 5.2 miles reach triangular grass lane junction and go left (G/R 939 991)

At 5.5 miles stay on lane as it bends right (G/R 941 995) ignore turning on left and soon continue past left turning for Nether Exe. Stay on lane.

At 5.9 miles (G/R 947 997) reach and cross A396, continue along lane opposite, sp Columnjohn. Stay on lane soon going over humped railway bridge and then river bridge.

At 6.6 miles (G/R 958 997) cross river bridge and follow lane as it bends to the right and then bends to the left.

At 7.4 miles reach lane junction (G/R 970 992) and go left sp Killerton, ignore all side roads.

At 8.2 miles (G/R 978 001) reach triangular grass lane junction and go right sp Killerton.

At 8.5 miles cross over the M5 motorway bridge to reach the B3181 at 8.7 miles and go left sp Cullompton, use pavement.

At 9.0 miles go right into lane sp Caddihoe (G/R 985 001), stay on lane ignore all side roads.

At 9.9 miles (G/R 999 000) go left up lane indicated as cycle route 52.

At 10.4 miles (G/R 999 006) reach crossroads and continue over with stone farm buildings on your left, sp. Clyst Hydon.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 010 015) reach triangular grass junction and continue ahead sp Clyst Hydon.

At 11.6 miles (G/R 015 017) keep left, follow sp Clyst Hydon.

At 12.5 miles reach triangular grass junction and go right sp Clyst.

At 12.6 miles (G/R 028 013) reach the Five Bells Inn on your right which is the finish (post code EX15 2NT).

Route Summary:
CP Distance – 12.6 miles
Total Day Distance – 50.0 miles