The Severn Challenge 2018

24th May – 28th May 2018

217 miles

Race Overview
Utilising the longest riverside walk in Britain, the ‘Severn Challenge’ takes you along 210 miles of path, from the source of Afon Hafren (Welsh for River Severn) to the mouth of the River Severn. Added to this the four mile trek to reach the ‘source’, the ‘Severn Challenge’ commands an impressive distance of 217 miles.

The ‘Severn Challenge’ is split into five stages, over a five day period. Within the five stages are three unique races in their own right, with each having bespoke winner’s medals and trophies and t-shirts. Complete all five stages and you get a finishers medal and t-shirt for each of the three unique races and also for the Severn Challenge. In addition any competitor completing the ‘Severn Challenge’ in less than thirty-six hours will receive the ‘soon to be coveted’ ‘Severn Challenge’ jacket.

The Hall of Fame – Gallery of previous finishers and times

  • Stage 1 – The Hafren (07:00 – 07:30 register at Little Bowbrook, Walton Road, Hartlebury, DY10 4JA, 08:00 depart for start line)
    Thursday 24th May 2018 – 26 miles.
  • Stage 2 – The Severn Plod Ultra (07:30 start)
    Friday 25th May 2018 – 45 miles.
  • Stage 3 – The Severn Path Ultra (07:30 start)
    Saturday 26th May 2018 – 60 miles
  • Stage 4 – The Severn Way Ultra (07:30 start)
    Sunday 27th May 2018 – 60 miles
  • Stage 5 – Bristol Severn (07:30 start)
    Monday 28th May 2018 – 26 miles

Total race distance 217 miles

Event Options and fees:

Please note that all entry fees are on a non-refundable basis. However yoiu can defer your entry until the following year through the entry system for just £10.00. Deferral is not allowed if you are within four weeks of the event.

Full Severn Challenge entries

  • Standard Solo – £395.00 (includes transfer to the start and back from the finish, camping facilities and all food.

Source of ‘7’ to Top Barn Camping

  • Standard Solo – £275.00 (includes transfer to the start, camping facilities and all food.

Top Barn Camping to the ‘Mouth’ of the Severn

  • Standard Solo – £205.00 (includes transfer from the finish back to the Activity Centre. Camping facilities and all food.

Take on the DOUBLE – enter both the Thames Challenge and the Severn Challenge (both events in the same calendar year) at a discounted rate of £695.00

The event can also be split into single day entries (you can book as many of the single days as you like to make your own Ultra distance) See links for individual events below.

Places for The Severn Challenge are limited and we advise anybody who has an interest to secure their place by booking early. Installment options are available, please email for more information.

It is important to note that deposits will not be refunded and failure to make an installment payment on or before the due date will render the entry place forfeited and we will offer the place to a competitor on the waiting list. These terms are non-negotiable.

What is included in the cost?

Ultra Running Ltd provides camping facilities at the end of Stage 1,2, 3, and 4. Tents are included and will be set up ready for your arrival in to camp (You will need your own mat and sleeping bag). Please note that camping facilities are not provided for the end of the race.

Camping & Bedded facilities are likely to be on a shared basis.
It is requested that all camping facilities are respected and all litter etc is removed by the responsible competitor. Abuse of facilities (as deemed by Ultra Running Ltd) will result in removal and disqualification from the race. The organisers are more than happy to source alternative accommodation such as B&B or hotel, subject to availability and cost, for any runner, family member or supporter who wishes to attend any or all of the events.

Please Note:

  1. Camp Site 1, 2 & 3: Showers facilities are provided.
  2. Camp Site 4: There are NO shower facilities.


(Note: The calorific value of URL food provided per day exceeds 3,000 Kcal)

  • End of Day 1 – Fish & Chips, Rice Pudding.
  • End of Day 2 – Pub Bar Meal such as Chilli Con Carni.
  • End of Day 3 – Lasagne or Pasta meal.
  • End of Day 4 – Pizza, optional to have this also freshly cooked at CP5 by The Anchor Inn.
  • End of Day 5 – Returning to Little Bowbrook for presentations and food.


  • For those completing the entire challenge – Transfer of competitors to the start point at Rhyd-y-benwch in Wales and then back to Little Bowbrook at the conclusion of the race if required.
  • Those running Source of 7 to Top Barn Camping will get a lift to the start and camping and meals throughout as above.
  • Those running Top Barn Camping will get a lift from the finish back to Little Bowbrook. All other information remains the same.

Kit transfer
Our support vehicle will assist in the transferring of one cabin sized kit bag per competitor to the following days Camp Facility; Although this is only done with the acceptance by that competitor that they take sole responsibility for these items whilst in transit, and by requesting this service, automatically indemnify Ultra Running Ltd or any of its employees in liability for any loss or damage in transit whatsoever.

Facilities for charging of Garmins etc at camp-sites.

Check-Point Food
Example items which may change are – Red Bull, malt loaf, jam, peanut butter, cheese or marmite sandwiches, sweets, squash and coke. We would ask however that you do not rely on these alone and take only what you need with consideration for the other runners still to come in to the checkpoints.

Entry and logistics
‘Severn Challenge’ competitors are required to arrive at Little Bowbrook, Walton Road, Hartlebury, DY10 4JA on Thursday 25th May 2017 between 07:00 & 07:30 for registration and checks, the bus will depart to take runners to the start line at Rhyd-y-benwch in Wales at 08:00 prompt.

Competitors will also be transferred by Ultra Running Ltd from the finish of the race at Severn Beach back to Little Bowbrook.

Race Presentations
Severn Challenge Trophy presentations will take place at the finish of the race.

Finishers Medals and Trophies
All finishers will receive a bespoke medal and a T-Shirt. Competitors of the ‘Severn Challenge’ will get medals for The Hafren Ultra, The Severn Plod Ultra, The Severn Path Ultra, The Severn Way Ultra and The Bristol Severn Ultra, as they complete those various stages of the challenge.

Prizes are available for the following categories:

  • Men’s individual winner trophy
  • Ladies individual winner trophy
  • Men’s veteran individual winner trophy (over 55)
  • Ladies veteran individual winner trophy (over 55)

Hiring of GPS equipment
As with all of Ultra Running Ltd Events, entrants have the facility to hire out a Garmin for the duration of the race should they wish to do so at a nominal fee. For more information please click HERE

Navigation & Maps
Link to Maps / GPS / Route Instruction can be found HERE

By signing up to one of Ultra Running Ltd events you agree to abide by our general race rules which you can find HERE.

Time Restrictions
It is imperative that entrants achieve a minimum of 4mph (including stops etc). If you fall below this minimum requirement you will get pulled out of the race and not be allowed to continue any further with the Severn Challenge. This isn’t debateable.

Previous Years  Results:

The Severn Challenge results can be found here

Footage from The Severn Challenge 2013