The Ribble Way Route Directions

The Ribble Way Ultra


Ribble Way (RW)
Pennine Bridleway (PBW)

Start to CP1

From The Crown at Horton (G/R 808 726), go over bridge then soon on your left take the (RW), follow river.

At 1.3 miles Craghill Farm (G/R 806 708)

At 1.5 miles follow sign across field.

At 1.7 miles keep wall on left

At 1.8 miles cross wall and right back on river.

At 1.9 miles the track leads to railway, at 2.0 miles go under railway then left following road.

At 2.2 miles go left on road (G/R 810 695)

At 2.3 miles reach Helwith Bridge Pub, join road on left and cross bridge at (G/R 811 695).

At 2.5 miles (G/R 813 694) reach junction and go left, soon taking track on right

At 2.8 miles go right (G/R 818 697)

At 3.4 miles go right off track (G/R 825 691) over wall, follow grassy path mostly downhill.

At 4.6 miles reach Stainforth, continue following track, then soon at junction go right (G/R 821 674)

At 4.7 miles cross B6479, then the railway, follow PBW signs

At 5.0 miles go left sign posted Little Stanforth.

At 5.1 miles cross bridge then left sign posted Stackhouse, follow river Ribble on left.

At 6.6 miles go right

At 6.8 mile Stackhouse go left joining road

At 7.1 miles leave road on left (G/R 814 652), across field back to the river Ribble.

At 7.9 miles cross road bridge (G/R 816 641). Follow path on side of river, staying on right of river.

At 8.4 miles follow road straight on then round to right.

At 8.6 miles (G/R 812 633) at junction go left then immediately cross road and through gate, re-join river on left.

At 9.4 miles (G/R 808 623) go under ‘A’ Road then railway.

At 9.7 miles (G/R 805 618) carry on south, leaving river Ribble as it bends left and head for small bridge over stream. At (G/R 805 617) head left over wall towards another bridge.

At 9.9 miles (G/R 804 614) cross Road

At 10.1 miles go right on farm track (G/R 803 612)

At 10.5 miles follow signs through farm (right then left), slightly right across field, through farm buildings, take hidden left turn just before walled road.

At 11.2 miles go left at road (Hesley Lane), then soon on right is Rathmell CoE Primary School (post code BD24 0LA) which is CP1 at 11.4 miles (G/R 803 599)

Navigation difficultyGood, use maps and directions
Terrain – Mainly trail, some tarmac
Total CP distance = 11.4 miles




CP1 to CP2

From Rathmell CoE Primary School return left on road, then at 0.2 miles take footpath on left.

At 0.4 miles at sunken track stay left then straight on through gate.

At 0.5 miles as track turns right, go left over footbridge and follow signs through farm.

At 1.0 miles go right at road.

At 1.1 miles go left at fp sign off road.

At 1.3 miles before stream go right then left down steep bank to footbridge, follow fp signs after this to Wigglesworth Hall Farm (WHF).

At 2.0 miles, just before (WHF), go right over field and follow signs round farm. After farm follow stream keeping it on your left.

At 3.2 miles re-join (RW). ( G/R 824 572)

At 3.4 miles reach road and go right at Cow Bridge (G/R 827 569), then immediately left and follow road.

Follow PBW signs until bridge

At Deepdale Head, 4.3 miles (G/R 827 556) go left off track, follow signs across fields and round farm.

At 5.2 miles go left at track (G/R 836 549))

At 5.8 miles go right at road, then soon left (G/R 841 543) (diversion in place, stay on road).

At 9.4 miles reach The Buck Inn (post code BB7 4JD) which is CP2 (G/R 831 519).

Navigation difficultyGood, use maps and direction notes
Terrain – Mainly trail some tarmac
Total CP distance = 9.4 miles
Total Day’s race distance = 20.6 miles




CP2 to CP3

From the Buck Inn continue left onto road, then at 0.4 miles cross bridge and then right onto track.

At 0.9 miles A682, follow path alongside road.

At 1.4 miles go right following signs to Gisburn Park and through park.

At 2.0 miles (G/R 822 496) go left at road (Do not cross bridge), follow road.

At 2.3 miles go right at PBW sign (G/R 822 491) and through Coppy House grounds until split just after, follow (RW) sign to right.

At 2.8 miles follow path round to right of farm buildings, right at road.

At 3.0 miles go left off road into fields, follow path along and into new tree plantation.

At 3.5 miles reach end on new trees, over style and turn left, following fence line but before end of it go to right where the path comes alongside the Ribble.

At 3.8 miles go left away from the river

At 3.9 miles (G/R 801 483) go left, very steep uphill, caution, (Take Care)

At 4.1 miles follow (RW) signs through field and around farm.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 803 478) go over rail bridge then follow signs bypassing farm.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 803 476) go over rail bridge, follow (RW) into fields through Huggan Ing.

At 5.1 miles go through gate, follow fence line until end then head for opposite right corner (Edge of Wood) and then follow tree line.

At 5.6 miles continue with signs and follow road.

At 6.6 miles take gate on right and follow road to Sawley

At 6.8 miles (G/R 776 465) reach The Spread Eagle pub (post code BB7 4NH), follow the road to cross the Ribble at 6.9 miles.

At 6.9 miles go left into field alongside the Ribble, and at 7.1 miles go left at road.

At 7.6 miles the footpath is closed, continue on road to Gridlington, follow main road until going right at junction sp West Bradford.

At 9.2 miles (G/R 747 447) reach West Bradford Village Hall which is CP3

Navigation difficultyGood, use maps and direction notes
Terrain – Mainly trail some tarmac
Total CP distance = 9.2 miles
Total Day’s race distance = 29.6 miles



CP3 to CP4

From West Bradford Village Hall continue on cycle way

At 0.3 miles take left road, sp ‘Clitheroe 2 miles’ Chapel Lane, followed by second left (G/R 744 443) with stream on left hand side.

At 0.7 miles (G/R 744 440) cross bridge then return back onto (RW) keeping river side of fence.

At 1.5 miles at diversion take left fork and continue to follow river.

At 1.8 miles go right to bridge (G/R 739 427). Do not cross bridge, take fp left and continue with the river on your right.

At 2.1 miles reach junction of merging fp (G/R 735 425) continue ahead.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 730 422) reach track and continue ahead.

At 2.7 miles reach road and continue ahead, soon follow road as it bends sharp left and at 3.0 miles (G/R 732 416) reach road junction and go right.

As road bends right take fp on left (G/R 726 414) just before bridge – continue along with the river on your right.

At 3.9 miles fp turns away from the river (G/R 727 406), soon reach road and continue ahead to T-junction (G/R 728 406) and go right. Stay on this road which leads to track and then to fp – continue ahead.

At 4.9 miles fp leaves track on the left (G/R 724 393), still continue ahead with river to your right.

At 5.5 miles reach road by Aspinall Arms (post code BB7 9PQ) (G/R 717 386) and cross bridge, continue on road which is also a cycle route. Ignore two right turnings at forks – always keep left.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 705 391) cross bridge at Lower Hodder, continue on road until 6.9 miles take fp off to the left (G/R 700 389).

At 7.3 miles reach track and continue left.

At 7.8 miles (G/R 709 380) track leads to fp with river on your left.

At 9.0 miles fp continues on track for a short while then back to fp at (G/R 700 378) continue with river to your left.

At 9.3 miles ignore fp on right, stay on RW

At 9.8 miles continue past bridge on your left (G/R 691 373)

At 9.9 miles ignore fp on the right and continue into wooded area alongside river.

At 10.2 miles continue ahead on fp past track

At 10.4 miles at fp junction take right option continuing same side of river.

At 10.8 miles cross footbridge over Starling Brook (G/R 680 367)

At 10.9 miles cross track and continue on fp, soon at fp junction take the left option towards river (G/R 677 365)

At 12.2 miles continue ahead – ignore fp on right.

At 12.4 miles reach road B6245 which is also a cycle route and continue ahead (G/R 622 357) Blackburn Rd.

At 12.9 miles reach the Ribchester Arms on your right (G/R 652 355) (post code PR3 3ZQ) which is also CP4.

Navigation difficultyGood, use maps and direction notes
Terrain – Mainly Trail following the Ribble Way
Total CP distance = 12.9 miles
Total Day’s race distance = 42.5 miles



CP4 – Finish

From the Ribchester Arms continue right on Blackburn Road then take first left which is Greenside. Soon reach a fork and go right, soon reach a T-junction go left into Water Street, then soon left into Church Street. Continue ahead on track.

At 1.1 miles track ends, continue forward on fp (G/R 640 347)

At 1.2 miles continue ahead as fp merges in from the right.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 635 349) ignore fp on right and soon join track, continue ahead towards and past Hothersall Hall on track as it leads to tarmac road.

At 2.2 miles (G/R 623 347) take left turning on track by houses leading to fp.

At 2.8 miles cross footbridge (G/R 615 343) and continue ahead at crossroads junction, soon going over another footbridge.

At 3.2 miles reach road, cross over into drive, continue ahead on fp.

At 3.6 miles continue ahead, ignore fp on right.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 602 337) reach track and continue forward.

At 4.1 miles reach T-junction and go left on road (G/R 597 335)

At 4.6 miles reach fork in road and take right road option (G/R 597 327)

At 4.9 miles as road bends left take fp ahead leading to woods.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 591 324) cross footbridge into woods.

At 5.4 miles reach track and continue ahead on track (G/R 586 325), then soon take track on left leading to fp by river.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 583 314) enter woods.

At 6.7 miles continue on track (G/R 586 310)

At 7.1 miles (G/R 583 303) continue under M6, along river on your left.

At 7.6 miles reach track junction (G/R 576 302) and go left. Reach the A59 (Take Care) cross over the river bridge and continue along the other side of the river.

At 8.0 and 8.1 miles ignore fp’s on left, continue ahead.

At 8.2 miles (G/R 575 294) take fp going left leading to track between buildings

At 8.4 miles enter woods, stay on track to reach road at 8.7 miles (G/R 576 288) and go left on the road over M6 bridge B6230 (Take Care)

At 9.9 miles reach crossroads and go right on road (Take Care)

At 10.7 miles reach fork and take right road (G/R 600 283)

At 11.2 miles reach road junction and go left (G/R 606 277)

At 11.7 miles go left into Gib Lane (G/R 613 277), also a cycle route.

At 12.2 miles go under railway bridge (G/R 612 270)

At 12.4 miles reach the A675 (G/R 613 267) and the finish the Boars Head is immediately on your left (post code PR5 0RX).

Navigation difficultyGood, use maps and direction notes
Terrain – Mainly Trail some tarmac
Total CP distance = 12.4 miles
Total Day’s race distance = 54.9 miles