The Leicestershire Ultra Route Directions


The Leicestershire Ultra


Start to CP1

Leave campsite and turn right down the B4065 for 0.7 miles then go straight on over two small roundabouts, past The Bulls Head, then bear left to Wolvey Heath.

At 1.3 miles (G/R 435 884) turn right into Mill Lane.

At 1.7 miles at a T-junction, turn right signed to Lutterworth.

At 1.9 miles (G/R 443 882) turn left to Copston Magna.

At 3.7 miles meet a junction with the A5 (G/R 472 886). Turn right on the A5 then immediately left signed towards Claybrook.

At 4.9 miles just after “The Pig in Muck” Pub, turn left into Froleshill Lane towards Frolesworth.

At 5.6 miles turn left onto signed “L/R” footpath (G/R 499 893) and follow yellow painted posts.

At 6.0 miles cross over a small tarmac drive which leads to a house on the left, go through a gate and straight on through the field heading towards a church in the distance.

At 6.6 miles reach a small lane with “32 White Cottage” in front of you (G/R 502 906). Turn right here along the road past a church on the right heading towards Leire.

At 7.5 miles (G/R 514 902) turn left into field onto signed “L/R” path. Continue to meet a small tarmac lane, continuing forward down the lane to meet a road (G/R 525 901). Turn right here for approx 50 yards to The Queens Arms which is CP1 at 8.3 miles (G/R 525 900).

Navigation Difficulty Rating:
Low, well signed Leicestershire Round (“L/R”).
Course type: Relatively flat, Tarmac and fields.
CP Distance = 8.3 miles


CP1 to CP2

Leave CP 1 and turn left along the road.

At 0.3 miles then turn right into Stemborough Lane continuing down the lane towards Stemborough Mill.

At 1.1 miles pick up the “L/R” signed footpath at the back of the mill.

At 2.1 miles go through the gate onto a gravel track (G/R 544 906). Bear right onto a tarmac lane to meet a junction with a village hall on your right. Continue forward up the hill past The Dunton Basset Arms then turn right into Church Lane (G/R 546 905). Just before the Church on your left, go through their gate into the grounds of the Church and keep left to a stile (G/R 547 905).

At 2.9 miles reach the A426 (G/R 550 906), turn left for approx 50 yards then cross the A426 to pick up the signed “L/R” path.

At 3.3 miles go up the steps by the M1 motorway, turn right over the motorway bridge then immediately left down the steps onto the signed “L/R” footpath.

At 3.7 miles cross a small road (G/R 558 911) and continue on the signed path.

At 4.4 miles reach a small lane and turn left.

At 4.7 miles go left through gate signed “L/R” (G/R 570 919).

At 5.1 miles go through a gate on your left (G/R 572 922) and continue towards the signs in the distance. Go through several gates in succession then at (G/R 574 927) turn right in between houses.

At 5.5 miles meet a lane and turn right heading towards a church.

At 5.7 miles by the church, cross the road to join the signed “L/R” path through green gates. Go through the church grounds then left through a gate to follow the signed “L/R” path for approx 50 yards before going through gate on right signed “L/R” path.

At 6.7 miles go through kissing gate by woodland and turn right then after approx 50 yards, turn left through kissing gate signed “L/R” path.

At 7.3 miles meet a small road (Main Street) (G/R 593 925) and turn right.

At 7.6 miles meet a staggered crossroads and look for a “L/R” sign and gate on the left (approx 10 yards after crossroads – Easily missed as sign is in the hedge! (G/R 593 920).

At 9.1 miles reach a stile by Main Street in Bruntingthorpe. Go over stile and turn right through village, pass garage on your right, follow the road round to the right to reach The Plough which is CP2 at 9.4 miles (G/R 603 897).

Navigation Difficulty Rating:
Low, well signed Leicestershire Round (“L/R”).
Course type: Tarmac and fields.
CP Distance = 9.4 miles
Total Race Day’s Distance = 17.7 miles


CP2 to CP3

From the Plough turn left down the road for approx 0.1 miles then as road bends left head forwards into “Little End”.

At 0.3 miles meet a stile leading back onto the “L/R” (G/R 604 899).

At 1.1 miles go through a gate and bear right along the tree edge to a gate then over a small bridge over a stream.

At 1.7 miles go through gate to meet Mill Lane (G/R 623 906). Turn left down the lane.

At 2.0 miles meet the A5199 (G/R 625 910), turn left then in approx 50 yards turn right by green metal gates signed “L/R”.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 628 913) go through the gate then go through the second gate and turn immediately right along the field edge.

At 3.2 miles meet a lane and turn right (G/R 636 921).

At 3.3 miles go through the gate signed “L/R”.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 651 924) turn right opposite Lodge Farm on signed “L/R” path towards Saddington.

At 4.8 miles (G/R 656 920) cross over the road and go straight ahead signed “L/R”.

At 5.2 miles cross two wooden pedestrian bridges (G/R 664 915).

At 6.7 miles cross a lane and continue on signed “L/R” way (G/R 678 904).

At 7.0 miles meet a road and turn left.

At 7.1 miles you will see a sign for the “L/R” way on your left BUT continue past this to The Bell Inn which is CP3 at 7.2 miles (G/R 683 899).

Navigation Difficulty Rating:
Low, well signed Leicestershire Round (“L/R”).
Course type: Tarmac and fields.
CP Distance = 7.2 miles
Total Race Day’s Distance = 24.9 miles


CP3 to CP4

Leave the Bell Inn and turn left back up the road you previously came down and turn right just after the phone box on the right signed “L/R”. KEEP RIGHT ALONG THE TREE LINED PATH TO GO THROUGH A GATE IN THE HEDGE, DO NOT CONTINUE FORWARD FOLLOWING MARKER POSTS IN FRONT OF YOU !

At 0.8 miles cross a footbridge over the Grand Union canal and continue on the signed path (G/R 690 900).

At 1.2 miles meet the Grand Union canal again (G/R 696 900) and turn left along the towpath.

At 1.5 miles just before a road bridge over the canal, leave the tow path onto North Lane signed “L/R” for approx 10 yards to a crossroads then turn left down the road.

At 1.7 miles turn right into Dalby’s Lane to meet a lane which you cross over and continue on signed “L/R” path to another lane. Turn LEFT here for approx 40 yards then turn right between houses to pick up the sign for the “L/R” path which is set back from the road (G/R 703 900).

At 3.1 miles meet a kissing gate by the B6047. Go through the gate, cross the B6047 then turn right on the pavement. After approx 50 yards (just before the bollards in the road), turn left signed “L/R” into wooded area (sign can be easily missed!) (G/R 719 905).

At 3.4 miles (G/R 722 905) turn left to follow signed path.

At 3.5 miles cross the A6 (with care!) and continue forward on signed “L/R” way.

At 4.2 miles go under railway line (G/R 724 916).

At 4.7 miles reach a lane and turn right.

At 4.8 miles turn left into Back Lane.

At 5.0 miles as the lane bends left, continue forward through a kissing gate on signed path.

At 5.7 miles (G/R 738 923) turn left through a kissing gate signed “L/R”.

At 5.8 miles turn right through gate signed “L/R” towards a church. Go past the church, bear left to a T-junction where you turn right on the pavement towards Welham.

At 7.7 miles just after a church on your right, turn right towards Weston.

Continue to reach The Wheel and Compass Pub on your left which is CP4at 8.7 miles.

Navigation Difficulty Rating:
Low, well signed The Leicestershire round (“L/R”)
Course Type: Tarmac and fields.
CP Distance = 8.7 miles
Total Race Day’s Distance = 33.6 miles


CP4 to Finish

Leave the Wheel and Compass turning left towards the B664

At 0.2 miles meet the B664 and turn left towards Ashley.

At 1.0 mile turn right on the bend in road signed to Ashley (G/R 791 912). Follow the road past the church and The George Pub heading towards Middleton.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 837 905) turn sharp left then right  within 10 yards (not carrying straight ahead onto the Jurassic Way !).

At 4.7 miles reach a road at Cottingham and turn right past a school then turn left towards Rockingham on the B670.

At 6.5 miles turn right onto the Jurassic Way (G/R 862 918).

At 6.7 miles meet the B6003 by The Sondes Arms and turn right up the road for approx 0.1 miles then cross over the road to see a sign for the Jurassic Way (G/R 867 915).

At 8.6 miles go under the railway line (G/R 892 933).

At 9.3 miles meet a lane by West Hill Farm (G/R 899 939) and turn left.

At 9.4 miles pass The Talbot pub (G/R 899 942).

At 9.5 miles branch right at a “Y” in the road to a junction where you continue forward up the lane.

At 9.8 miles turn right up Kirby Road then after approx 100 yards turn left on a stone vehicle track past wooden sheds on your right (G/R 902 944) heading towards a large farm building. Just after the farm building branch left signed The Jurassic Way and continue through three gates and to woods ahead.

At 10.5 miles by the woods go over the wooden fence to your left and keep alongside the hedge to your right to a gate. Go through the gate and keep on the path.

At 11.9 miles by the lake at Harringworth Lodge and a wooden fence either side of the path (G/R 932 951) bear left on the track into the Lodge at 12.0 miles which is the campsite for the end of this leg (G/R 932 952).

Navigation difficulty Rating:
Low, well signed Leicestershire Round) “L/R”)
Course Type: Tarmac and fields.
CP Distance = 12.0 miles
Total Leicestershire Ultra Distance = 45.6 miles