Tamar Valley Route Directions

Tamar Valley Discovery Trail Route Directions

Start to CP1

From the Blue Lion continue right along pavement.

At 0.2 miles, just past the bus stop take f/p off to the right at G/R 447 866, follow fp signs

At 0.5 miles G/R 444 869 reach lane and go left then soon take fp off to the right.

At 1.0 mile G/R 437 868 reach lane and go left, still following fp signs. Soon ignore lane off to the left and continue ahead.

At 1.3 miles G/R 433 869 go right at crossroads.

At 1.9 miles G/R 427 874 take fp off to the left towards woods, shortly continue on track.

At 2.6 miles G/R 417 871 reach lane and go left, then take next lane on your right, immediately continue ahead at lane junction which is your left option.

At 3.8 miles exit woods G/R 403 863 and over footbridge, then continue sharp left on fp which soon goes sharp right to reach a lane and go left. Stay on lane and ignore side roads.

At 5.2 miles continue through Cemy on main road, following fp signs.

At 6.1 miles G/R 373 854 continue under A30, stay on road.

At 7.2 miles G/R 361 861 take fp off to the left by dismantled railway line, follow fp signs.

At 8.0 miles G/R 356 849 reach A388 go right then take the first lane off to your right, still signed fp, then immediately take fp off to your left crossing A388 again. Continue on lane over to cross A30.

At 8.8 miles G/R 351 841 reaqch junction and go left.

At 9.2 miles G/R 354 834 take lane on left, then 2nd right into lane signed fp.

At 9.9 miles G/R 363 832 go right at T-junction, stay on lane and ignore side roads.

At 10.7 miles G/R 355 823 reach St. Michael’s Church which is CP1 (post code PL15 9NQ)

TOTAL CP DISTANCE = 10.7 miles


CP1 – CP2

From the church continue along the road, keep right at fork.

At 0.3 miles G/R 351 821 reach T-junction and go left.

At 0.5 miles G/R 351 817 cross B3362 into lane then soon at junction continue ahead (left option) on the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail (TVDT).

At 1.5 miles G/R 355 803 take lane on your left, signed fp.

At 2.4 miles G/R 368 803 reaqch B3362 go right over bridge and take 2nd lane on left G/R 370 803, signed fp, stay on lane ignoring side roads.

At 3.3 miles G/R 380 800 take left lane option at fork.

At 4.9 miles G/R 403 801 take fp off to the right, opposite lane.

At 5.5 miles G/R 406 793 cross over B3362 at Milton Abbot, continue on fp.

At 6.2 miles G/R 403 783 reach lane and go right

At 7.0 miles G/R 398 771 take lane on your left.

At 7.7 miles G/R 409 769 take fp off to your right down lane, stay on fp.

At 8.4 miles G/R 408 760 reach lane and continue over on road.

At 8.9 miles G/R 406 753 reach lane and go left, stay on lane ignoring all side roads.

At 10.4 miles G/R 430 750 reach junction and go left.

At 10.8 miles G/R 436 751 reach CP2 which is the Chipshop Inn (postcode PL19 8NT)

TOTAL CP DISTANCE = 10.8 miles



CP2 – CP3

Continue right down B362, take care and use grass verges where possible.

At 0.5 miles G/R 440 744 take lane on your left

At 1.3 miles G/R 453 742 continue over crossroads, then soon take right fork option.

At 2.6 miles G/R 473 739 reach A390 and go left on footpath, take care, then right at island crossing the river bridge and continue along the A386.

At 3.3 miles G/R 477 732 take lane off to your right with river also on your right.

At 4.0 miles G/R 478 722 take road off to your left with woods also to your left on the West Devon Way (WDW), eventually leading to a track – stay on track also WDW.

At 6.7 miles G/R 490 696 fp goes off sharp left.

At 7.4 miles G/R 499 693 reach track which is also a cycle route and go left.

At 8.0 miles G/R 507 688 reaqch junction and continue over on signed fp.

At 8.7 miles G/R 515 680 reach lane and go right.

At 9.0 miles G/R 518 678 reach CP3 which is The Leg ‘O’ Mutton (postcode PL20 6AD)




CP3 – CP4

From the Leg ‘O’ Mutton go left on cycle way / fp to soon reach and cross the A386, then stay on cycle route / fp.

At 0.7 miles G/R 518 669 go sharp left into lane, follow fp signs, soon going acute right. Continue through woods with river Meavy to your left.

At 2.7 miles G/R 528 646 reach and continue over lane on fp / cycle route.

At 3.1 miles G/R 530 640 reach lane and go left, away from fp / cycle route. Keep left until you reach a T-junction just past the church at 4.2 miles and go right.

At 4.7 miles G/R 547 624 continue over crossroads and then ignore all side roads.

At 6.4 miles G/R 571 615 continue ahead at offset crossroads.

At 8.4 miles G/R 599 601 at fork take left road option.

At 8.9 miles G/R 605 597 reach The Cornwood Inn which is CP4 (postcode PL21 9PU)




CP4 – Finish

From the Cornwood Inn continue right up Fore St, then soon take the right fork option into Vicarage Hill and ignore all left turnings.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 624 598) continue ahead past crossroads.

At 2.4 miles G/R 636 595 cross river bridge, continue past church to a T-junction and go left. At end of lane continue ahead on fp.

At 3.8 miles G/R 655 599 ignore fp off to the right, then soon reach and go left on track which is also The Two Moors Way (TMW)

At 8.7 miles G/R 648 659 leave track and take the TMW off to the right.

At 9.5 miles G/R 657 662 cross footbridge continue TMW, soon ditto.

At 11.9 miles G/R 685 681 cross footbridge, soon reach track and go right on track, eventually leading to lane.

At 13.2 miles G/R 703 685 continue over crossroads then keep left on road ignoring side roads.

At 13.9 miles G/R 706 691 continue ahead on road which is your right option.

At 14.0 miles G/R 705 693 ignore lane off to the left and soon ahead you will reach the finish which is Church House Inn (postcode TQ13 7SJ)

TOTAL CP DISTANCE = 14.0 miles