Sussex Border Path Route Directions

Route Directions for Sussex Border Path Ultra

Sussex Border Path (SBP)
Start to CP1
From the Black Fox Pub (Post Code GU30 7JJ) (G/R 830 290) cross road (Take Care) and turn left along grass verge, and then right on side road. In 50m cross road and go straight ahead on dirt track ignoring all turnings. Pass the entrance drive to North Lodge Farm on your right (G/R 846 303). Continue ahead until the track forks left, follow this till you reach a road.

At road, 1.5 miles (G/R 847 304) cross over into Highfield Lane, then immediately take right turn on to a woodland track. Continue ahead alongside the ditch.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 853 303) bear left uphill with bridleway. At top continue ahead on track over cattle grid. At meeting of four ways (G/R 854 304) continue ahead towards woods. In 300m turn left down slope. At the bottom turn left and continue down valley. Reach a house on your left (G/R 857 313), and the path turns right and goes over common. At meeting of five tracks take third exit, climbing then forking right, follow narrow track over heathland.

At 3.1 miles (G/R 866 313) reach road and turn right. In 300m turn left at junction sign posted ‘Haslemere’, then in 50m right on bridleway track until you reach a tarmac lane (G/R 879 312). Continue ahead. In 100m as lane bears left, turn right on track past stables to a road of houses. Where road bends left continue ahead into woods.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 886 311) reach road and go left. After 100m turn right into car park at Marley Common. Continue through car park straight across common. Just before path drops steeply fork right (G/R 892 315). At junction bear left and down steps through Twitten. At the road turn left.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 894 314) cross A286 (Take Care) into Fernden Lane, then after 300m turn left along track leading to a tarmac drive, continue east on drive to reach road and turn right. Pass to the right of the brick gateway, and go left at end of fence to path over a boardwalk. Turn left at corner, then turn right along drive. Soon turn sharp left uphill on track, pass through gate and immediate right up steep field to gate at top, continue over field to gate to woods.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 911 306) turn left uphill just before gate. Continue ahead till path opens out. Reach five ways and take 2nd exit – slightly bearing left. Stay on this track then fork right downhill by a National Trust Notice Board.

At 7.8 miles (G/R 922 307) reach a car park on your right which is CP1.

Route Description:
Mainly track and field
Well sign posted route
CP Distance = 7.8 miles
CP1 – CP2
From the car park turn right into lane, and then continue on the track to the right of the lane. At path fork keep left.

At 0.4 miles (G/R 927 304) reach road go left uphill. After 400m (G/R 928 308) take road to right (not sign-posted) and continue on road to a t-junction at 1.6 miles (G/R 941 313) and go left. At next t-junction (G/R 941 315) cross over to bridleway on winding track. After footbridge keep to right path.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 945 323) reach A283 (Take Care) cross over and go left, and take stile on your right, opposite road turning for Haslemere. After 1st field take stile and continue through wood. At (G/R 952 326) continue into several fields with hedge on right. Re-enter woods (G/R 956 327) and head uphill at signpost into another field (G/R 958 328). Continue, keeping the hedge to your right.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 968 329) cross road to bridle gate to left of drive. Continue around paddock and keep to right of field. Pass through gate (G/R 973 325) keeping hedge on left. Take path into woods and uphill then down to bridle gate into field (ignore path on left just before gate). Continue left side of fields to reach stile and plank bridge into woods (G/R 983 321). At t-junction of paths (G/R 986 322) go right and then immediately left to metal corner gate. Continue ahead on drive, then tarmac lane.

At 6.0 miles (G/R 997 329) reach road and cross into drive to farm, soon take stile in hedge on right. Continue with hedge on left and cross stile into woods (G/R 999 328). Take path turning left, then in 100m turn right through woods. Ignore path on left then drop downhill to plank bridge at 6.7 miles. Go over 2nd stream and another footbridge. At top of hill join path coming in from the left then shortly go left at next fingerpost then again left onto forest ride. Continue ahead over track crossing (G/R 011 326).

At 7.0 miles (G/R 012 327) turn right on crossing track and continue to gravel drive, straight on until within sight of buildings ahead (G/R 020 322). Take path to bridle gate on left keeping wire fence on right. Continue within left edge of wood, over plank bridges and gates ahead. Cross field to stile at Barberry Bridge (G/R 027 325), over bridge and uphill. Continue ahead over crossing on clear path towards Oakhurst Farm. At farm keep right around buildings and over lane to B2133, then turn left.

At 8.9 miles (G/R 037 332) reach the Sir Roger Tichborne pub (Post Code RH14 0QS) which is CP2.

Route Description:
Mainly track and field
Well sign posted route
CP Distance = 8.9 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 16.7 miles

CP2 – CP3
From Sir Roger Tichbourne pub cross over to Pigbush Lane and continue straight on, past Songhurst Farm (G/R 046 331) before joining a gravel track (G/R 052 334).

At 1.3 miles (G/R 053 337) meet several tracks and take 3rd exit ahead through woodland. At 1.8 miles pass straight through grounds of Rikkyo School. Pass through double field gates on tarmac track and continue ahead.

At 2.0 miles (G/R 063 341) reach the A281 (Take Care), cross and continue on Hillhouse Lane.

At 2.4 miles (G/R (068 342) reach T-junction. Continue ahead over bridge, through deer gate into woods. Follow path with fence on right. Exit woods and continue ahead with fence on left. Cross concrete road (G/R 074 344) and go up to woods. Go straight ahead through woods, then down to path junction and cross stiles on left to field. Continue up, over stile and along fence line to another stile. Enter wood, then after sharp dip leave wood through gate on left, cross field diagonally right to a gate and turn right.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 091 345) reach B2128 and turn right. After 300m turn right at the King’s Head pub, taking a path through churchyard. Pass through the kissing gate, a field and another kissing gate (G/R 093 343). Turn left on metalled drive and continue, past High Croft Cottage. In 200m cross track and stile to metalled track. Continue ahead over stile into field and wood.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 098 344) exit wood and go left on drive. At T-junction with drive go left to Lodge House. From the Lodge take path east over stile across field towards copse. Join concrete road and go left.

At 5.4 miles (G/R 109 352) reach Bury St. Austin’s Lodge, cross track and continue ahead through yard on concrete track through Ridge Farm.

At 6.2 miles (G/R 121 355) reach road and go left. In 50m turn right on to field path. Continue through woodland ignoring side tracks to road beside lodge (G/R 127 365), then turn sharply back right and follow metalled lane downhill.

At 7.3 miles (G/R 130 360) reach Monks Farm and turn left up course of Stane Street. At top of rise go right on to tarmac lane (G/R 133 366). When lane bears right, instead continue straight ahead on path through belt of trees. At crossing path turns right, then immediately left through bridle gate to follow fenced path.

At 8.4 miles (G/R 143 367) cross A29 (Take Care) into concrete access drive. Go through Denne Farm, and then turn left along grass track between hedges. Go through field, over bridge, and then continue straight through more fields. Cross culvert, with fence on left. Then ignore track on left and continue ahead through bridle gate on to woodland path. Exit wood and go left, then immeditaley right through farm gate.

At 9.4 miles (G/R 147 375) reach lane (Weare Street) and go right. After stream crossing take right fork along Smugglers Lane. At end of concrete drive go ahead along gravel path and continue along farm track. Pass between buildings at Wattlehurst Farm (G/R 164 374). At last cottage turn left through gates along field edge and reach woodland path. Exit wood and go left through gate right of shed, continue on grass track. Follow farm access drive.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 173 378) reach A24 (Take Care) turn left then immediatelyright through metal gate and along left field edge. Cross railway (G/R 176 377) and keep to left edge of field.

At 11.8 miles (G/R 181 378) reach road and turn right. After stream crossing go right over stile across field keeping left of dirt-racing track. Go through gap in hedge continue ahead. Cross plank bridge, track and small bridge then go across field to stiles. Continue over footbridge, across field then keep to right edge of field. In field corner cross stile and go through belt of trees, across field. On other side of field ignore bridge and gate but bear left along field edge, through gap in corner and along right edge of next field.

At 12.5 miles (G/R 184 368) reach road (Friday Street) and turn left, the Royal Oak pub (post code RH12 4QA) is on your right which is CP3.

Route Description:
Mainly track and field
Well sign posted route
CP Distance = 12.5 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 29.2 miles

CP3 – CP4
Continue up the road with Royal Oak pub on the right, then after passing gateway to Howells Gill turn right over plank bridge and stile. Continue ahead over another stile then slightly left across horse paddock to next stile turning right along access drive, then fork left across grass, passing to left of small wood-built house. In 100m reach stile in hedge and bear left to stile into woods. Join track from right over culvert and turn left, soon ignore left fork. Exit wood and keep right of field. Go right back into woods (G/R 195 373) and turn left, then downhill to footbridge and rough steps. Exit woods and continue ahead keeping right of field.

At 1.3 miles (G/R 204 375) reach road and go right on footpath. At Plough Inn, turn left along signed path then continue ahead. As you pass through gap in tree belt immediately turn left along left edge of field. Follow path into woods and down to footbridge (G/R 213 377). Exit wood and keep to left edge of two fields then at corner bear half left into woods. At the T-junction turn right and exit woods, then follow left edge of field.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 215 388) reach road and turn right then straight ahead at next junction signed Charlwood.

At 2.9 miles (G/R 216 389) on bend of road, go right over stile and along right field edge. By isolated oak trees veer half left across field, aiming to the right of buldings. Continue to the far left edge of the field and cross stile. Continue forward to gate and across large field. Cross stile and bear left along right edge of two fields.

At 4.0 miles (G/R 228 401) turn right on main road. Just after the main entrance to Russ Hill Hotel go right over stile and immediately left along left field edge. Rejoin road verge for a short way then cross another stile behind hedgerow to road. Immeditaely do the same, then enter signed path ahead to left of drive to Windacres. Continue along left field edge, in corner go over two stiles and continue ahead across field. In corner cross stile, across track and another stile, then follow stiled path across fields. Cross culvert and bear half right across field to gate and go through Charlwood churchyard (G/R 240 411). Continue past Half Moon pub.

At 5.2 miles (G/R 242 411) reach road and go right, continue past Rising Sun pub (post code RH6 0DS) then fork left down Chapel Road (G/R 244 410). Continue along rough track passing Chapel on left. At crossing track turn right, then at fork (G/R 251 414) go straight on.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 258 413) reach road and turn left, then cross over to track and immediately left over stile following path parallel roadside hedge. At gravel path turn left to follow path with river Mole on right. About half a mile follow path and river beneath bridge.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 275 423) cross footbridge with A23 on your left. Reach roundabout, take right exit ‘Longbridge Way’ and follow next exit road ‘Crossway’. Reach bridge, turn left parallel to overhead railway and then bear right beside ‘Gatwick Way’. At T-junction turn left. At roundabout turn left along cycle route beneath two subways, then turn right through third subway follow path beside railway line.

At 8.9 miles (G/R 286 419) cross railway via footbridge, then follow fenced path straight ahead. At corner of field curve right, then soon turn left over stile.

At 9.3 miles (G/R 293 418) reach road and turn right passing Coppingham Arms pub (post code RH6 9EF). Just before motorway turn left to follow track beside M23 (G/R 294 417).

At 10.0 miles (G/R 303 417) go right under motorway, then at 10.5 miles (G/R 302 410) go left along Church Lane and over motorway (G/R 304 409). Where road bends right, go ahead on track which narrows to path.

At 11.3 miles (G/R 312 414) reach road turn right passing Burstow Church. As road bends left go over two stiles and across to corner of field to rejoin road, then turn right.

At 11.8 miles (G/R 316 408) reach and cross B2037 and head half left across field aiming left of buildings (If fence is electrified then take site driveway, and turn left through yard to rejoin SBP). Go over stile in hedge, turn left along edge of yard, through gate and half right across field to gate aiming right of the white house.

At 12.4 miles (G/R 322 401) reach road and turn right to Cherry Tree pub (post code RH10 3JD) which is CP4.

Route Description:
Mainly track and field
Well sign posted route
CP Distance = 12.4 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 41.6 miles

CP4 – Finish
From the Cherry Tree pub go along the road and in 50m turn left along Clay Hill Lane. Where lane ends (G/R 326 397) go right along drive which leads to track. At edge of built-up area turn left along path which leads to track by Roundabouts Farm. At (G/R 329 394) turn right.

At 1.1 miles (G/R 328 392) cross A264 (Take Care) into drive opposite. At four ways continue ahead (half left), leading to woodland path (G/R 328 383) then hard track.

At 2.3 miles (G/R 327 374) by Hill House, where track turns away left, go ahead downhill. At Rowfant House turn left under castellated gateway, following drive straight ahead.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 326 370) reach road and turn left.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 328 370) turn right then in within 100m left along a path following an old railway track.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 341 372) reach road junction by the Royal Oak pub (post code RH10 4JT) and turn right, where road curves continue ahead on Sandhill Lane. Where lane forks go left along Burleigh Lane. At Burleigh House gates go over stile and follow right edge of three fields. Cross track via two stiles cand ontinue ahead over plank bridge (G/R 361 372). Go ahead along left edge of two fields.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 367 373) turn sharp left along wide unfenced grass strip between two fields. Continue ahead.

At 5.8 miles (G/R 364 381) rejoin old railway track and turn right. Follow this track (also a cycle route) through to East Grinstead.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 388 382) go through East Grinstead Railway Station (post code RH19 1EB), and continue to mini-roundabout. Take 2nd (far right) exit on London Road, keeping the Mid-Sussex Timber building to your left.

At 7.8 miles (G/R 393 382) reach next next mini-roundabout and go right into High Street, passing East Grinstead church. Reach major roundabout (G/R 400 379) and go right on track leading down to Forest Way on old railway. Continue ahead.

At 9.3 miles (G/R 408 365) reach bridge over railway continue forward on same track / cycleway.

At 10.6 miles (G/R 425 355) reach A22 and continue over on track / cycleway.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 428 353) turn right, into the car park of the Forest Row Social Club. Pass through into Station Road and continue straight ahead to the Foresters Arms (G/R 426 350) on your right. This is the finish of the Sussex Border Path Ultra.
Route Description:
Mainly track and field
Well sign posted route
CP Distance = 11 miles
Total Race Day Distance = 52.6 miles

Original Route Direction produced November 2012
Latest Revision carried out by Darryl Carter November 2014