Shropshire Ultra Route Directions

Shropshire Way Ultra – Directions

SW (Shropshire Way)

Note: we have been forced to make some deviations from the original Shropshire Way route due to impassable footpaths.

Start to CP1

From the Old Jack Pub (G/R 602 372) (post code SY13 4PA), go right on quiet road sign posted Ichtfield, (Take Care no footpath).

At 0.8 miles continue on road as it bares left sign posted Whitchurch.

At 0.9 miles continue on road as it bares right.

At 1.5 miles turn left into entrance for Lea Hall

At 1.7 miles through farm yard to track, continue ahead.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 570 385) reach lane and bare left.

At 3.0 miles reach lane (G/R 564 381) and go left sign posted Prees Heath.

At 3.4 miles reach dual carriageway (G/R 557 381), crossing over on your right to the Raven Hotel (Take Care busy road), then continue down Tilstock Lane.

At 3.8 miles go over a humped bridge, entering Tilstock at 4.0 miles, continue on same lane.

At 4.3 miles pass Tilstock Primary School on your right.

At 4.5 miles reach a t-junction (G/R 541 377) bare left then sign post for Hollinwood, past the Horseshoe Pub on your left, continue on lane.

At 5.3 miles go past ‘The Park’ on your right (G/R 530 374)

At 5.4 miles continue on lane as it bares left to Hollinwood (G/R 528 373)

At 6.3 miles (G/R 521 362) go left on lane opposite sign posts for Platt Lane and Tilstock, soon pass Cumbernauld Lane on your left.

At 6.7 miles continue past Whixall Church on your right.

At 6.8 miles take lane on right leading to ‘Give Way’ sign and mini-roundabout, then continue over to Church Lane sign posted Bostock Hall.

At 7.3 miles go past the Old Vicarage on your right.

At 7.6 miles pass Whixall Social Centre (G/R 516 344) (post code SY13 2NA) and continue along lane to junction and go right sign posted Bostock Hall, then soon go left to Braynes Hall, continuing past Gilberts Lane on your left.

At 8.0 miles reach a fork (G/R 512 339) and go left.

At 8.5 miles reach lane and go left sign posted Edstaston (G/R 508 334).

At 9.0 miles reach lane go left (G/R 505 327), soon passing sign for Edstaston.

At 9.7 miles reach lane go right (G/R 513 322)

At 10.3 miles continue on lane baring left sign posted Creamore.

At 10.7 miles (G/R 513 309) continue ahead on lane sign posted Wem.

At 10.8 miles continue ahead on lane sign posted Wem.

At 11.1 miles reach road and go right (Take Care) use grass verges leading to footpaths.

At 11.4 miles enter Wem and continue past church on your right.

At 11.7 miles (G/R 514 292) pass the Hawkstone Arms on your right (post code SY4 5AF).

At 11.9 miles reach the White Lion Inn (post code SY4 5AA) , which is CP1 (G/R 514 289)

Navigation Rating: Fair
Terrain: Mainly tarmac due to impassable SW
CP Distance: 11.9 miles



CP1 – CP2

From the White Lion continue right on road through the town sign posted Shrewsbury B5476, soon going left sign posted Shrewsbury B5476, use the footpaths.

At 0.6 miles continue past Wem Mill on your left.

At 0.8 miles bare right into Tilley Road.

At 1.1 miles (G/R 508 280) on road junction, go left by Tilley Farm. Soon cross over level crossing and continue ahead on track.

At 1.3 miles reach road (Take Care) cross over and continue on lane sign posted Tilley Green.

At 1.5 miles go right sign posted Trench Farm (G/R 510 274)

At 1.7 miles, just past a house on your left, take the kissing gate on your right (G/R 512 272), go directly across field to another kissing gate which may be overgrown within the hedgerow. Continue up the field towards a small group of trees within another hedgerow. Just before the corner of the left end of the hedgerow (G/R 513 268) is another kissing gate marked Shropshire Way, also possibly overgrown at 2.2 miles.

At 2.4 miles take kissing gate on your left and continue with hedgerow on your right (G/R 515 263)

At 2.8 miles through kissing gate (G/R 518 257) and continue with hedgerow on your right.

At 3.0 miles through kissing gate on your left (G/R 520 255) then going right on a grass track.

At 3.1 miles take Shropshire Way sign on your left (G/R 519 253) and immediate right through two kissing gates.

At 3.2 miles over track and continue through kissing gate (G/R 521 251) and ahead.

At 3.4 miles go through kissing gate in hedge and continue Shropshire Way (G/R 522 249).

At 3.5 miles cross over footbridge and continue.

At 3.7 miles through kissing gate to lane (G/R 522 244), turn right then immediately left through kissing gate Shropshire Way signed, keep fence line to your right.

At 3.8 miles go through kissing gate in corner and continue up field with hedgerow on your left. Exit field through kissing gate at 4.0 miles, through house backyard, across track and left into woods taking the well signed Shropshire Way.

Through woods following Shropshire Way signs till you reach lane at 4.4 miles (G/R 521 234), go left and past The Inn at Grinshill (post code SY4 3BL) which is on your right, then take first left down Sandy Lane.

At 4.6 miles take fp off to the left (G/R 520 231), then soon reach and cross lane continue on SW.

At 5.3 miles cross footbridge and continue on fp (G/R 519 220)

At 5.5 miles reach and cross road into wooded area with fp going off half left.

At 5.8 miles reach and continue across track on fp (G/R 522 214)

At 6.0 miles reach and cross road on fp (G/R 523 210)

At 6.3 miles reach and cross road onto lane opposite (G/R 522 206), then soon, just before right bend, take fp off to the left.

At 6.6 miles reach lane, Chapel Road, go right. Then soon reach road and go left then immediate right into lane, at end of lane continue on fp SW.

At 6.8 miles reach Station Road and go right, soon to cross railway bridge, then on right hand bend of road take fp off to the left at 7.2 miles (G/R 516 195).

At 7.5 miles cross railway again and the A49, soon reach and cross track (G/R 520 189)

At 7.8 miles at fp junction continue ahead SW (G/R 523 188)

At 8.1 miles reach road and go left (G/R 528 187), soon reach junction and go right, then soon continue on road as it bends right with church to your left. Stay on this road.

At 8.6 miles reach main road, A53, on your right is CP2 (G/R 532 181) the Dog In The Lane pub (post code SY4 4BU)

Navigation Rating: Fair – SW poorly signed in some areas
Terrain: Mainly trail, some tarmac
CP Distance: 8.6 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 20.5 miles



CP2 to CP3

From The Dog In The Lane pub go right along the road, then very soon take fp off to the left through steel gate.

At 0.4 miles fp joins track at (G/R 533 176), continue on track to buildings until track turns sharp right, at this point continue ahead off track on fp at 4.7 miles. Ignore fps coming in from the right and left, stay ahead on fp SW.

At 1.1 miles SW turns half right towards edge of woods, then at far woods it turns sharp left (G/R 540 160).

At 1.8 miles meet track (G/R 544 162) and SW turns acutely right along tracks. Continue forward on track till it reaches road junction.

At 2.5 miles, at road junction (G/R 545 151) you will see that the SW footpath returns acutely back across the field, but ignore this. Go right along road using verges and pavement (Take Care).

At 2.8 miles go left into ‘The Hollies’ woods, on fp SW (G/R 541 150)

At 3.5 miles at fp junction (G/R 535 139) continue right on SW.

At 3.8 miles reach lane and go left (G/R 529 140), soon reach road (Take Care), cross over and continue on fp which soon joins the cycle route. Stay on this fp which goes under the A49 and continue with the river to your left.

At 4.9 miles track returns close to the river on your left.

At 5.4 miles continue under road bridge (G/R 506 141), river still on your left.

At 6.1 miles pass weir and then continue under railway bridge

At 6.9 miles go under English Bridge (G/R 495 123), then continue under Grey Friars Bridge.

At 7.4 miles reach Kingsland Bridge (G/R 488 121), exit here and cross over to the other side of the river. Continue on pavement following road as it bends and goes under stone bridge (G/R 488 119).

At 7.7 miles reach junction and go left into Kingsland Road, then immediately right into Beehive Lane. Continue along lane which leads to f/p, over footbridge and reaching lane opposite churchyard at 8.0 miles, go right on pavement passing Old Roman Road on left.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 484 112) reach roundabout and go left on Roman Road, sp B4380, use pavement.

At 8.3 miles take SW off to the right, opposite cemetery and green lamppost. Follow fp to cross railway and reach Meole Walk and go left, soon reach junction and go right which is Vicarage Road.

At 8.7 miles (G/R 485 106), as road bends to the right go left up Church Road with sports field on right past church on left. Ignore all side roads, pass school on your right.

At 9.0 miles (G/R 484 101) take SW off to the left between houses on bend of road, soon cross footbridge with fp leading to Pulley Lane, then at road junction continue right along pavement.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 481 097) cross bridge over the A5, then soon on left take fp. Cross stile to lane and go right, then soon on your left just past farm buildings cross stile SW. At Bayston Hill reach fp junction at 9.9 miles (G/R 482 092) do not go left, keep to the right fp option which leads into Castle Lane.

At 10.2 miles reach junction of Lythwood Road and go right, use pavement stay on this road, ignore all side roads passing The Beeches pub (post code SY3 0NT) on your left.

At 10.5 miles as road bends to the right (G/R 476 086) continue over past Glebe Road on your left and turn into unnamed road by house No 125. Continue down lane, through farm. As track splits keep left then continue across field to lane.

At 11.6 miles (G/R 477 073) reach lane and go right, then soon continue up track with sign ‘Welcome to Lyth Hill.

At 12.2 miles reach car park at Lyth Hill Country Park (G/R 472 068) which is CP3

Navigation Rating: Fair to Good – SW reasonably signed
Terrain: Mainly trail, some tarmac
CP Distance: 12.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 32.7 miles



CP3 to CP4

From the car park at Lyth Hill country Park continue along the SW.

At 0.3 miles go through wooden kissing gate and turn left on track and forward to another wooden gate signed SW

At 0.7 miles bear left on gravel track.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 459 062) meet T-junction and turn left for approx 50 yards then turn right on SW

At 1.3 miles (G/R 457 057) bear slightly right then continue forward with house on your left, through wooden kissing gate, down left hand side of field edge and through two wooden kissing gates.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 455 053) meet lane and turn right for approx 50 yards.

At 1.7 miles turn left.

At 2.0 miles in farm grounds, bear right onto SW and continue forward.

At 3.0 miles (G/R 448 038) meet vehicle track and continue forward through kissing gate on signed Shropshire Way route.

At 3.2 miles cross small lane and continue forward on signed SW

At 3.4 miles (G/R 448 031) cross road and continue forward on SW

At 3.8 miles (G/R 450 026) meet lane and turn right on SW

At 5.1 miles (G/R 436 016) meet lane and turn right.

At 5.2 miles in front of house, turn left on signed Shropshire Way route.

At 6.0 miles (G/R 427 008) meet gravel lane and continue forward on signed Shropshire Way route.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 414 996) go through gate and head ½ left towards the left hand side of small wood in front.

At 7.3 miles meet small lane, cross this and continue forwards on SW

At 8.0 miles (G/R 419 985) turn right through kissing gate on SW

At 9.7 miles (G/R 403 969) turn right over stile by house and ford, and continue forward on SW

At 10.4 miles (G/R 397 963) meet road and turn right on SW

At 10.6 miles (G/R 393 964) reach The Horseshoe Inn in Bridges which is CP4.

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly trail
CP Distance: 10.6 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 43.3 miles



CP4 to Finish

From the Horseshoe Inn go left along the lane with river to your right.

At 0.3 miles reach track on right with fp sign, follow SW

At 0.7 miles (G/R 389 954) continue ahead on fp to meet track and go right on farm track over Adstone Hill.

At 1.5 miles (G/R 388 940) reach lane and go left, keep on lane

At 2.3 miles (G/R 393 935) take track on left through metal gate, at end of track continue on fp, crossing footbridge to reach lane at 2.8 miles and go right, along lane.

At 3.3 miles (G/R 403 930), where lane bends sharp right, continue ahead on track (sp Dead End), then soon take fp off to the left through metal gate, and bear right over Longmynd.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 404 923) at fp junction take right fp option SW leading to a road at 4.0 miles, cross road and continue on track opposite, soon past Gliding Club.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 403 908) reach track crossroads, continue ahead on track SW, not left or right tracks.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 400 902) continue ahead on track, ignore track on your left.

At 6.2 miles (G/R 392 881) reach track junction at Black Knoll and continue ahead on track, ignore track off to the right.

At 6.8 miles, as track bends right, take track off to the left.

At 7.2 miles track reaches road (G/R 383 878) go left on road.

At 7.4 miles reach main road and go right (Take Care), cross over river bridge, then soon take first road on the left which leads to track.

At 8.2 miles (G/R 380 871) reach track junction and take left track leading through woods, at end of track continue on fp.

At 8.7 miles exit woods then soon at fp junction keep left.

At 9.0 miles (G/R 387 859) reach lane and bear left, then soon at junction of lane continue over, SW.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 392 854) reach lane and go right to another lane then continue left along lane (Basford Bank), passing quarry on your right. Stay on this lane, continue past lane on your left sp Cheney Longville.

At 10.0 miles (G/R 397 848) continue ahead on lane, ignore lane off to the right sp The Fish / Hopesay.

At 10.2 miles at farm track entrance (G/R 401 845) go left and follow fp SW signs, soon at fp junction continue ahead then bear left to woods and over Hopesay Hill.

At 11.0 miles go left at edge of woods (G/R 403 835), soon enter woods for a short while, continue on fp SW.

At 11.4 miles (G/R 409 831) at fp crossroads continue ahead SW to meet lane at 11.6 miles, turn left towards the courtyard of Sibdon Castle which is the finish of the Shropshire Ultra.

Navigation Rating: Good to fair
Terrain: Mainly trail, some tarmac
CP Distance: 11.6 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 54.9 miles