Pennine Way 2 Route Directions

Pennine Way 2 


PW (Pennine Way)

Start – CP1

From Sayer Hill Farm (post code DL12 0HH) cross the bridge and continue right with the river on your right.

At 0.7 miles (G/R 862 293) reach & cross bridge, then go left with the river now on your left. Continue to the end of the lane then ahead on fp PW

At 1.3 miles cross footbridge (G/R 861 283) and PW goes sharp left, still with river on left, continue over several footbridges.

At 3.2 miles (G/R 888 282) continue ahead on PW past bridges on your left at Holwick Ho.

At 4.3 miles (G/R 903 278) continue ahead past Wynch Bridge on your left, still keep river on your left.

At 4.8 miles (G/R 910 273) continue past bridge on left. PW

At 6.1 miles (G/R 923 261) PW leaves river for a short while here, at Park End Wood.

At 6.4 miles cross footbridge continue PW just left of woods.

At 6.8 miles (G/R 933 256) enter woods PW

At 7.2 miles at fp junction (G/R 940 253) take left option (ahead) on PW to soon reach track.

At 7.6 miles reach road (G/R 946 251) and go right along pavement, soon at road junction continue over taking PW ahead.

At 9.6 miles reach track and go left (G/R 924 233) then very soon take PW off to the right, soon cross footbridges to reach lane, continue along lane PW, at Wythes Hill Farm continue down farm track to road.

At 10.2 miles cross road and continue on PW

At 10.5 miles cross footbridge (G/R 925 220)

At 10.9 miles reach lane by farm and go left

At 11.0 miles reach CP1 on your left (G/R 928 216) which is a car park and picnic area at Grassholme Reservoir.

Navigation Rating: Very Good, well signed PW
Terrain: Hilly, mainly trail
CP Distance: 11.0 miles



CP1 – CP2

From the picnic area continue on lane crossing the reservoir bridge, then very soon, after sharp bends, take PW off to the right.

At 0.3 miles (G/R 930 212) reach road and go left for a short way then take PW off to the left.

At 1.4 miles (G/R 931 196) cross footbridge and continue ahead on PW, same at 1.7 miles.

At 1.8 miles reach road and go left then soon right on track, as track bends right continue ahead on PW leading to Blackton Reservoir.

At 2.2 miles reach track and continue along (G/R 935 183), soon reach bridge and go left over bridge then continue left on track. Continue on track past Clove Lodge then soon take fp off to the right PW (G/R 935 176), over Cotherstone Moor.

At 4.0 miles at fp crossroads, continue ahead on PW (G/R 942 160)

At 4.6 miles cross footbridge, same at 4.8 miles then soon continue across track.

At 5.0 miles cross footbridge (G/R 950 146) over by Ravock Castle.

At 5.9 miles cross footbridge over Rove Gill (G/R 955 134)

At 6.3 miles go under the A66 then PW goes sharp left then soon sharp right on track to cross bridge, then continue right PW.

At 7.1 miles cross footbridge (G/R 959 119), then soon PW goes sharp right.

At 7.5 miles at fp junction go right (G/R 961 114) with Sleightholme Beck on your left.

At 7.7 miles at fp junction go left PW (G/R 960 111)

At 8.1 miles cross river bridge (G/R 957 106) and continue right along cycle route PW.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 941 092) leave cycle route and take right track, still PW.

At 10.0 miles (G/R 934 090) leave track and take PW off to the left with Frumming Beck to your left.

At 12.7 miles reach road, Long Causeway, go right.

At 12.8 miles on your right at (G/R 896 066) is CP2, Tan Hill Inn (post code DL11 6ED).

Navigation Rating: Very Good, well signed PW
Terrain: Hilly, mainly trail
CP Distance: 12.8 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 23.8 miles


CP2 – CP3

From the Tan Hill Inn take track directly opposite sp. PW / Keld.

At 0.4 miles take PW off to the right.

At 0.8 miles cross footbridge (G/R 894 055) continue ahead on fp.

At 1.6 miles cross footbridge (G/R 887 045), then soon at fp junction PW goes off to the left.

At 2.2 miles at fp junction by Low Brown Hill continue ahead on track PW

At 2.6 miles (G/R 889 030), as track bends left towards Frith Lodge, continue ahead on PW, soon at fp junction continue ahead (left option) on PW, then over footbridge.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 894 014) continue on PW along track, past lane coming in from the right.

At 3.9 miles (G/R 896 011) go right over bridge at E. Stonesdale then soon at end of track PW goes sharp left, follow PW around Hooker Mill Scar.

At 5.8 miles (G/R 903 986) PW takes a sharp right before soon a sharp left.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 895 983) cross footbridge at Thwaite and continue till you cross stone walling onto lane and go right.

At 6.7 miles you will find CP3 on your right, the Kearton Country Hotel, (post code DL11 6DR) (G/R 892 982)

Navigation Rating: Very Good, well signed PW
Terrain: Hilly, mainly trail
CP Distance: 6.7 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 30.5 miles



CP3 – CP4

From the Kearton Country Hotel go right to junction and turn right, continue past fp sign on left along brook.

At 0.2 miles go left along track with stone walling either side PW (G/R 889 983)

At 0.5 miles ignore track to the left, continue ahead on PW

At 1.1 miles reach end of track and continue ahead on PW

At 1.6 miles cross footbridge PW (G/R 868 988)

At 3.2 miles go over the top of Great Shunner Fell (G/R 848 973)

At 6.0 miles (G/R 847 932) reach track and continue ahead PW

At 7.8 miles (G/R 866 912) reach road and go left, soon pass The Cart House Tea Room on left, cross bridge, then take immediate right PW opposite The Green Dragon pub (post code DL8 3LZ).

At 8.5 miles reach road and go right (G/R 876 907). Stay on this road to reach road junction (there is an option to take PW off the road, but it soon returns to same road).

At 9.2 miles, at road junction go right, use pavements. Soon cross river bridge, continue to road junction with right and left bends, go left with the churchyard to your right. Soon, at 9.4 miles reach CP4 (G/R 873 898) which is the White Hart Inn (post code DL8 3QL) on your left.

Navigation Rating: Very Good, well signed PW
Terrain: Hilly, mainly trail
CP Distance: 9.4 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 39.9 miles



CP4 – Finish

From the White Hart Inn take lane directly opposite, which is Penn Lane. Continue up cobbled path. After a short way, another lane goes off to the left, but stay on the right lane, Penn Lane. Then, very shortly as the lane turns half right, take fp off to the left. Follow PW

At 0.3 miles reach lane (G/R 870 894) and go left, then just before the stone bus shelter go right along alley between houses. Soon reach and cross over another lane into fields on track through stone wall ahead.

At 0.5 miles reach lane and go right (G/R 869 893)

At 0.6 miles reach road junction and go directly over onto fp, then soon at fp crossroads take right fp option (G/R 868 890).

At 0.8 miles reach and cross road to lane opposite.

At 1.2 miles take fp off to the left (G/R 860 887)

At 2.6 miles go over Ten End to reach track and continue left on track. Stay on track.

At 4.2 miles go past Dodd Fell Hill on your left (G/R 836 848)

At 5.2 miles reach track and go right PW (G/R 829 834)

At 5.8 miles continue ahead on track PW, ignore track off to the left at (G/R 821 827). Stay on track.

At 7.7 miles at Cam End, meet track junction and go left PW (G/R 801 804)

At 9.8 miles (G/R 804 773) at track junction, go sharp left, then after about 300m take PW off to the right.

At 10.4 miles (G/R 813 772) reach track by Birkwith Moor, through gates and go right, stay on track ignoring track off to the right at 10.5 miles.

At 13.1 miles (G/R 808 727) reach lane, then soon on your right is the finish – The Crown (post code BD24 0HF).

Navigation Rating: Very Good, well signed PW
Terrain: Hilly, mainly trail
CP Distance: 13.1 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 53.0 miles