Pennine Way 1 Route Directions

Pennine Way 1 Route Directions


PW (Pennine Way Sign)
NTS (National Trail Sign)

Start to CP1

From the Greenhead Hotel (G/R 660 653) (post code CA8 7HB) go left uphill along Glenwhelt Bank using footpath. Continue ahead into Greenhead Bank continue ahead until you join the PW at 0.6 miles, going left crossing the A69 (Take Care), follow track.

At 0.8 miles take right fork

At 1.1 miles go right follow PW

At 1.8 miles follow PW past farm buildings and uphill to stile (do not take track towards farm gate).

At 2.1 miles reach stile and bare left, NTS, then follow path

At 2.2 miles Trig Point visible aim to left for stile over wall on you left.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 642 639) cross style and follow path to right.

At 3.0 miles cross stile over wall continue on path with fence on right.

At 3.3 miles cross footbridge continue ahead.

At 3.5 miles go left at NTS and follow path fence now at back. Aim for Highshoe Farm.

At 4.1 miles (G/R 653 616) cross fence at stile and continue ahead. (If at wall NR Highside you need to track back)

At 4.3 miles cross stile and follow signs around farm.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 654 611) cross road continue ahead PW, keep fence on right.

At 4.6 miles through gate, go left through farm following NTS, before the last building go right through gate NTS continue ahead with fence on right.

At 4.9 miles at NTS bare left.

At 5.1 miles through gate and bare right and keep fence on right (ignore first stile)

At 5.3 miles go right down steep path with fence on right and cross stile.

At 5.4 miles go right over bridge and then bare left onto track through trees – stay on track until top of hill and aim for derelict building (keep on right).

At 5.7 miles NTS straight on and then bare left over stream onto path following NTS.

At 6.0 miles cross fence straight on NTS.

At 6.3 miles cross bridge with wall on your right

At 6.5 miles go right and stay on road

At 6.7 miles go right over stile onto tack

At 7.1 miles take stile over fence (painted white), keep fence on right, same at 7.3 miles, same at 7.6 miles but now a wall, same at 7.9 miles.

At 8.1 miles (G/R 671 564) reach stile built into wall on right, cross it then left downhill (wall now on left).

At bottom of hill go left over stile then ahead over bridge. Both NTS. Follow track round.

At 8.3 miles cross stile follow path ahead on NTS, ditto 8.7 & 8.8 miles.

At 9.0 miles over stile but bare slightly right (not left as per NTS)

At 9.3 PW showing direction from left on to track.

At 9.4 miles through gate continue ahead.

At 9.5 miles at kissing gate on left pass through and bare left (opposite corner)

At 9.6 miles (G/R 675 544) through gates onto road, cross under bridge – at this location is Knaresdale Hall which is CP1. Close by is Kirstyle Inn (post code CA8 7PB)

Navigation Rating: Very Good well sign posted Pennine Way
Terrain: Mainly trail and hilly
CP Distance: 9.6 miles



CP1 – CP2

From Naresdale Hall go approx. 0.1 miles and go right through gate PW, under bridge, then another gate and follow path.

At 0.4 miles over stile to cross wall and then fence.

At 0.5 miles (G/R 673 539) cross road follow PW, cross wooden bridge over stream follow faint path up hill.

At 0.6 miles take stile in wall followed by one over wall continue ahead.

At 0.8 miles take stile in wall with kissing gate – head towards farm (right corner of field). Take another stile in wall continue ahead over 2 x walls.

At 0.9 miles bare left through gate and follow track, then at 1.0 mile through gate continue ahead under bridge follow path over footbridge.

At 1.3 miles cross footbridge continue ahead on path which merges with track.

At 1.7 miles reach road turn left (ahead) at bottom of hill turn right.

At main road (A689) go right (G/R 678 524)

At 2.1 miles (G/R 680 519) reach road junction take left fork then straight on PW. On leaving the riverbank follow next field around on right side.

At 2.6 miles pass under bridge (G/R 686 511), then left over bridge continue ahead.

At 2.8 miles cross stile over wall and follow path to right uphill after 2nd stile.

At 3.1 miles cross stile at end of wall / start of fence and continue ahead, then soon through gate and follow track.

At 3.4 miles take stile over wall, path bares slightly right to next stile.

At 3.6 miles PW through Kirkhaugh and then follow path.

At 4.0 miles follow path around farm PW, then continue ahead to gate in right corner.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 696 490) cross the A689 continue ahead into woods on path.

At 4.3 miles exit woods continue ahead, follow NTS

At 5.0 miles, as track curves to left, bear right and follow fence down to stile, follow path straight on then along wall to bridge.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 698 478) cross bridge and over stile in wall. Continue on uphill, a clearer path appears bearing slightly left then curving right through gap in wall.

At 5.8 miles at unmarked gate take stile in wall on left and follow sign and path baring left downhill.

At 6.1 miles (G/R 708 474)reach rd (A689) go right then left as PW

At 6.3 miles follow PW round Harbut Lodge.

At 6.5 miles continue ahead from NTSP following path to Alston.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 716 461) reach road go left follow PW, cross bridge then at 7.3 miles go right to follow the river (G/R 717 462).

Continue on path all the way with the river to your right and at 8.2 miles (G/R 717 448) cross bridge over water and continue ahead.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 724 429) cross river bridge on your right then bear left and continue keeping the river to your left.

At 10.7 miles (G/R 740 418) reach a road junction and go left. Continue on the road until 11.0 miles (G/R 745 415) where the George & Dragon (post code CA9 3DS) is on your left which is CP2.

Navigation Rating: Very Good well sign posted Pennine Way
Terrain: Mainly trail and hilly
CP Distance: 11.0 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 20.6 miles



CP2 – CP3

(This leg is just over 15 miles and includes significant elevation, please ensure you carry sufficient energy gels and bars and water for this leg)

From the George & Dragon go left along the road, past triangular grass area to the right to reach road junction and go left along road.

At 0.2 miles take lane off to the right between houses (G/R 746 412) on PW over Alston Moor, stay on fp track.

At 2.6 miles continue over bridge (G/R 725 388) on fp.

At 3.2 miles continue over bridge (G/R 722 380) at Pikeman Hill

At 3.9 miles continue over bridge (G/R 720 369) at Long Man Hill, soon continue ahead on track, ignore track on your right.

At 4.2 miles continue over bridge (G/R 717 364) on fp

At 4.5 miles continue ahead on track / fp, ignore fp off to the left, stay on PW

At 5.9 miles continue over bridge (G/R 696 356) on fp at Skirwith Fell

At 6.2 miles continue over bridge (G/R 692 354) on fp past Greg’s Hut on your right.

At 6.7 miles fp goes sharp left (G/R 684 352) down Cross Fell.

At 7.9 miles at fp crossroads continue ahead on PW at Tees Head (G/R 697 339)

At 9.9 miles join track for a short way, then soon take fp off to the left at (G/R 717 314) at Knock Fell.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 722 304) fp goes right at top of Knock Old Man

At 12.6 miles (G/R 700 285) continue over bridge on fp, over Swindale Beck.

At 13.0 miles (G/R 698 280) continue over bridge on fp to reach track.

At 13.6 miles (G/R 692 273) cross bridge over Great Rundale Beck, stay on track PW.

At 13.9 miles at sharp right bend of track (G/R 691 269) continue ahead off track on PW.

At 14.6 miles reach road at Coatsike Farm (G/R 689 259), continue ahead and stay on road (Do not take PW off to the left). Stay on road keeping left ignore all right turns.

At 15.1 miles reach The Stag Inn (G/R 689 251) on your left, which is CP3 (post code CA16 6DB)

Navigation Rating: Very Good well sign posted Pennine Way
Terrain: Mainly trail and hilly
CP Distance: 15.1 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 35.7 miles



CP3 – Finish

From The Stag Inn continue left along the road, past an unusual fountain on left and a Caravan Park on your right. Follow road as it bends left then right, stay on road (Take Care) use verges where possible.

At 0.4 miles go left up lane, sp PW (G/R 694 248), stay on this lane / track.

At 2.2 miles track ends at Peeping Hill, continue on PW (G/R 722 250)

At 3.7 miles (G/R 742 261) reach fp junction take left fp option PW.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 749 270) cross footbridge and bear right.

At 4.8 miles cross footbridge and continue ahead, same at 5.1, 5.4, 5.6 & 5.9 miles.

At 6.1 miles (G/R 775 268) PW goes off to the left

At 6.6 miles (G/R 782 271) cross footbridge & continue ahead

At 7.8 miles (G/R 800 276) cross footbridge over Grain Beck. Soon at Birkdale continue ahead on lane PW.

At 8.9 miles cross bridge on right by Cauldron Snout, then continue right with the river also on your right.

At 11.2 miles continue past Widdy Bank Farm on your left (G/R 837 297), soon cross footbridge and continue ahead PW.

At 11.5 miles PW leads away from the river (G/R 842 298)

At 11.7 miles cross footbridge, same at 12.1 miles (G/R 851 301)

At 12.2 miles reach the finish (G/R 853 302) which is Sayer Hill Farm (post code DL12 0HH)

Navigation Rating: Very Good well sign posted Pennine Way
Terrain: Mainly trail and hilly
CP Distance: 12.2 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 47.9 miles