Oxfordshire Ridgeway Ultra Route Directions


The Oxfordshire Ridgeway Route Directions


(fp) public footpath / right of way
(sp) sign posted
(OW) Oxfordshire Way
(RW) Ridgeway


Start – CP1

From The Little Acre B&B & Caravan Park (G/R 682 021) (post code OX9 7AT), continue right along the track adjacent to the camp-site.

At 0.2 miles continue over the M40 motorway bridge.

At 0.3 miles fp goes left (G/R 681 016), over field to gap in fence, continue right along hedge (G/R 628 014) 0.6 mile go over style and continue.

At (G/R 682 014) over corner gate and bare left around hedge, soon continue over gate (no fp sign).

At 0.8 miles (G/R 685 012) fp goes over footbridge.

At 0.9 miles reach track (G/R 686 012) continue ahead

At 1.0 mile reach track (G/R 687 012) continue ahead then soon take OW on your right across field.

At 1.1 miles reach style by footbridge go over OW.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 689 008) go over style & footbridge follow OW right then immediate left then diagonally across field. Reach footbridge at 1.5 miles (G/R 688 004) cross and go left.

Cross footbridge at 1.6 miles (G/R 690 003).

At 2.0 miles go over footbridge, through kissing gate OW (G/R 693 998)

At 2.1 miles (G/R 694 997) through kissing gate continue on OW through wooded area.

At 2.2 miles reach lane through kissing gate and go right, soon reach another lane – continue right on lane.

At 2.6 miles at lane junction OW goes left (G/R 689 993).

At 2.7 miles continue ahead on track.

At 2.8 miles OW goes left on track by hedgerow (G/R 687 991)

At 3.3 miles (G/R 691 987) go right in front of treeline.

At 3.4 miles cross footbridge OW goes left (G/R 689 985)

At 3.6 miles cross footbridge OW (G/R 691 982), then soon continue over styles OW.

At 3.9 miles over style and go left, soon reach fence and go over style at left OW takes you around the field,

At 4.2 miles (G/R 696 975) go right along hedgerow keeping it on your left.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 697 973) go over style on left OW.

At 4.5 miles go over style, cross track and continue OW diagonally across field.

At 4.7 miles over style (G/R 693 969) OW bares left diagonally over field.

At 4.9 miles reach style (G/R 694 966) OW goes right then keep left on track.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 691 963) track continues ahead between hedgerows and over style.

At 5.3 miles reach gravel path by houses, continue ahead soon reach lane and go left (G/R 687 961). Continue along lane until 6.2 miles and cross the B4009 into Station Road (G/R 693 951). Continue along lane then at 6.9 miles go right (G/R 703 945) signposted Ridgeway (RW).

At 7.3 miles reach lane, continue over sp RW (G/R 698 940), soom keep right.

At 7.9 miles reach road and continue over (G/R 693 932), continue on RW.

At 8.2 miles reach crossroads, continue over sp RW (G/R 690 928) also sp Bridge Farm.

At 8.8 miles continue ahead on RW (G/R 683 924)

At 9.0 miles (G/R 681 921) continue on RW.

At 9.2 miles (G/R 678 920) continue on right track sp Swan’s Way.

At 9.6 miles (G/R 671 919) take right track ahead through woods, then soon keep right.

At 10.0 miles reach lane (G/R 666 913) and CP1 is on your left inside the wooded picnic area.

Navigational Difficulty Rating:
Low. Well signposted
Mixture of field, track and tarmac lanes.
CP Distance = 10.0 miles




CP1 – CP2

From the wooded picnic area continue to the lane junction and go right.

At 0.7 miles continue past lane on your right, follow signs for Wallingford (G/R 654 908) past Grundon on your left at 1.5 miles, reach T-junction at 1.7 miles (G/R 642 901) going right and first left sp Wallingford, then at 1.9 miles continue on lane as it bends right soon going past Clacks Farm on your left (Take Care).

At 3.3 miles reach roundabout (Take Care) (G/R 622 890) take 3rd exit off sp Wallingford ‘The Street’ and continue on footpath past the Bell Pub on your right (G/R 617 892).

At 3.8 miles reach roundabout and continue over past shops on left (G/R 615 892).

At 4.0 miles go over bridge into Wallingford, soon on your right is The Boat House Pub (G/R 609 894) at 4.2 miles, continue past and soon turn left into Thames Street on signed Thames Path route.

At 5.3 miles pass under the A4130 and continue forward.

At 8.0 miles meet a schools sports fields and continue forward signed Thames Path.

At 8.2 miles meet a road (G/R 590 846) and turn left on footpath following signed Thames Path.

At 8.4 miles go right into Willow Court Lane (G/R 590 842) and continue ahead on track at 8.6 miles go past bungalow on your left.

At 9.2 miles reach lane and go left (G/R 578 841)

At 9.5 miles read road (A417) (Take Care) and cross over onto lane, continue ahead on track.

At 9.3 miles keep right on track (G/R 561 834), then soon continue forward ahead on track.

At 10.9 miles continue forward on track (G/R 553 830)

At 11.2 miles continue ahead on right track (G/R 549 828)

At 11.5 miles continue on right track sp ‘Restricted Byway’ (G/R 544 826)

At 11.8 miles (G/R 539 825) continue forward on right track.

At 12.0 miles (G/R 537 825) continue ahead on track.

At 12.2 miles continue ahead on track (G/R 534 824)

At 12.6 miles (G/R 527 823) continue forward on track downhill, then at bottom keep to left track sp RW.

At 13.0 miles continue ahead sp RW

At 13.1 miles over bridge continue on track (G/R 519 823), soon continue forward sp RW.

At 13.2 miles keep to left track.

At 13.8 miles (G/R 509 819) reach track crossroads and go right sp RW. At this point is CP2.

Navigational Difficulty Rating:
Low. Well signposted
Mainly field and track.
CP Distance = 13.8 miles
Total Days Race Distance = 23.8 miles




CP2 – CP3

Continue down RW route.

At 0.2 miles continue ahead sp RW on concrete track.

At 0.3 miles continue ahead (G/R 506 822)

At 0.4 miles continue ahead on track (G/R 502 825)

At 0.9 miles (G/R 499 829) continue ahead on track.

At 1.1 miles continue on right track ahead (G/R 497 830)

At 1.5 miles continue ahead on left track (G/R 492 834)

At 1.6 miles go right sp RW, follow track downhill and under A34 (G/R 490 834)

At 1.7 miles continue ahead on grass track.

At 1.9 miles continue ahead sp RW

At 2.4 miles reach lane, cross over and continue through car park on RW (G/R 479 840).

Continue on Ridgeway (RW) until 3.9 miles enter car park, reach track (G/R 458 850) and continue over and through another car park staying on RW.

At 4.8 miles continue ahead on RW (G/R 443 850)

At 5.5 miles continue ahead on track (G/R 435 846)

At 5.6 miles continue ahead sp RW

At 5.9 miles (G/R 427 846) take RW sp left, then soon continue ahead on right track.

At 6.2 miles (G/R 423 844) go past a large monument on your left commemorating the battles of Inkerman and Alma.

At 6.6 miles reach car park (G/R 418 841), go through continuing on across the road (B4494) following RW.

At 6.8 miles (G/R 415 840) continue ahead on grass track.

At 7.5 miles (G/R 405 844) go left on track.

At 7.8 miles continue past White House Farm on your right (G/R 401 843)

At 8.2 miles reach car park (G/R 394 843) which is CP3.

Navigational Difficulty Rating:
Low. Well signposted
Mainly field and track.
CP Distance = 8.2 miles
Total Days Race Distance = 32.0 miles




CP3 – CP4

From the car park go to the road and go right, keeping to grass verges, then immediately left sp RW.

At 0.7 miles reach trail crossroads and continue ahead sp RW (G/R 383 841).

At 1.1 miles sp RW continues ahead, soon reach sort of crossroads and continue ahead on track.

At 1.2 miles continue ahead sp RW.

At 1.6 miles reach lane (G/R 370 840) continue over on RW.

At 2.1 miles continue forward on grass track (G/R 361 841)

At 3.1 miles continue ahead past sign on left for RW

At 3.3 miles continue ahead on track.

At 3.4 miles reach car park (G/R 344 850) and then continue over road (Take Care) B4001, sp RW.

At 3.6 miles take sp RW on left (G/R 342 851)

At 3.9 miles continue ahead on grass track (G/R 338 854).

At 4.4 miles at track crossroads continue ahead uphill (G/R 331 858)

At 5.0 miles reach lane and continue over sp RW (G/R 323 862)

At 6.0 miles continue forward (G/R 308 864)

At 6.3 miles continue forward sp RW (G/R 303 863)

At 6.9 miles reach track, continue over on hard track sp RW and ‘Wayland’s Smithy’ (G/R 294 859)

At 7.5 miles (G/R 285 855) cross lane and continue ahead on sp RW and ‘Wayland’s Smithy’.

At 7.8 miles (G/R 281 853) continue ahead on grass track

At 7.9 miles continue ahead over track on RW

At 8.5 miles (G/R 273 843) reach tarmac car park, cross road (Take Care) on hard track ahead RW.

At 9.3 miles (G/R 263 835) cross farm track & continue ahead on RW

At 10.2 miles (G/R 252 826) cross farm track continue ahead on rough tarmac track RW

At 10.5 miles (G/R 249 823) continue ahead on track RW

At 11.2 miles continue over track (G/R 238 818) on RW

At 11.7 miles reach wooded car park (G/R 232 814) then lane and go left (Take Care) use verges where possible.

At 11.8 miles The Burj (post code SN4 0DR) is on your right (G/R 231 813) which is CP4

Navigational Difficulty Rating:
Low. Well signposted
Mainly field and track.
CP Distance = 11.8 miles
Total Days Race Distance = 43.8 miles



CP4 – CP5

From The Burj continue ahead sp RW using grass verges.

At 0.5 miles (G/R 225 808) go over the M4 bridge, continue ahead using verges.

At 1.0 mile (G/R 217 806) reach B4192 (Take Care) going right immediate left sp Chiseldon – use grass verges where possible, all tarmac lane for a while (Take Care).

At 2.7 miles cross A419 (Take Care) and continue past Three Trees Farm Shop on your left (G/R 193 793), this is also cycle route 45.

At 3.3 miles (G/R 186 787) continue ahead on lane marked cycle route 45.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 183 784) go right on bend of lane along cycle route 45.

At 3.9 miles (G/R 179 782) continue ahead on tarmac lane leading to track.

At 4.6 miles (G/R 170 776) follow track as it bends left.

At 5.4 miles (G/R 159 769) reach car park area, then lane and go left immediate right marked cycle route 45 on rough tarmac track.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 145 764) reach lane and continue over on track RW.

At 6.5 miles continue ahead RW and cycle route 45

At 7.3 miles (G/R 132 752) go right on signed footpath (Millenium Trail) and continue downhill.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 126 755) meet track and continue ahead.

At 8.0 miles at bend of track, continue forward on footpath (Millenium Trail)

At 8.4 miles (G/R 116 761) go over footbridge continue ahead.

At 8.8 miles (G/R 111 764) reach the A4361, on your right is The Barbury Inn (post code SN4 9PF) which is the finish.

Navigational Difficulty Rating:
Low. Well signposted
Field and track but initially 4 mile of tarmac.
CP Distance = 8.8 miles
Total Days Race Distance = 52.6 miles