Green Man Ultra 2017

GMU 2017 – Entries are now closed. You can still add your name to the waiting list incase cancellations occur by pressing the red entry buttom and choosing that option, but this only applies to GMU45 Catered entry, All other entry options are no longer available.

The race benefits from chip-timing which records competitors times as they progress through CP1, CP2, CP3 and the finish at Ashton Court Mansion. CP4 is a manual timed point.

These times will also be available to view as they are uploaded in real-time so that anybody with internet access can view them and also leave supporting comments for their friend or family member taking part.

Race Date
March 4th 2017

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  • The event is under race conditions and entrants will be issued with race numbers
  • Check-points will be provided (4 in total) to (a) monitor times & wellbeing of competitors, (b) provide water and some nutrition.
  • At the end of the race finishers will receive (a) Bespoke Green Man T-Shirt, (b) Bespoke Green Man medal, (c) Signed certificate to confirm entitlement to either a Woodwose or a Woodwight (providing completion inside 12 hours).
  • Hot food will be available to ‘catered entrants’ at the finish.

For 2017 the start / finish for the GMU45 will be Ashton Court Mansion. Parking for the event is strictly the Dovecote Carpark and then walk up to the Mansion House, following the race signage – a nice leg stretcher before the main challenge! Overall, the route still follows the Community Forest Path. The GMU45 race will start promptly at 8.00am.

Route Directions, Maps & GPX files:

For GMU Route Directions click here GMU Route Directions
For Green Man Ultra GPX Files & Maps Click Here  

Time Restraints.
The GMU45 race will start promptly at 8.00am.
The GMU30 race (from CP2) will start at 11.00am from CP2. and conclude at Ashton Court Mansion, utilising the same route taken for the GMU45.

Check point cut-off times are set; which will allow completion of the GMU45 race within a 12 hour period and the GMU30 within a 9 hour period.  Anybody who falls outside these times, at any of the check-points, will have failed to have completed the challenge and not be allowed to continue. The Cut-Off times are as listed departure times for the 12 hour Time Lord.

Time Lords.
In 2015 we introduced the ‘Time Lords’. Time Lords are non-competative entrants who try their best to run at specific times – 9hr, 10hr, 11hr and back of the pack 12hr.

Any newby ultra-runner or person concerned with navigation can simply join a Time Lord who runs at their own race pace.

It must be noted that the Time Lords principal role is to offer navigation assistance and endeavour to complete the race within their given time period of either 9hr, 10hr, 11hr or 12hr. The check-point departure times are purely guide times. A Time Lord has many considerations on the day including at least a 5min stay at a CP for everyone to fuel and take a toilet break and ground conditions can play an impacting role also. A Time Lord may also choose to push harder at the start with a view to allowing a walk/run pace on the last leg – so there are many variables. It may be that once a Time Lord has a formed group, the group unilaterally decides to increase pace and finish a bit earlier. On the flip side to this it may be that, during the later stages of the race (final leg), some members of a group require a slower pace which means the Time Lord arrival time may be delayed. The only issue here is the 12hr Time Lord position, because any finishers outside the 12hr limited will not receive their certificate so the 12hr Time Lord must allow sufficient margin to be within the 12hr period.

URL recommendation – If you are considering following a Time Lord add an hour to your expected finish time. The GMU is notable as a tough and muddy course. If you choose either the 9hr or 10hr Time Lord, be prepared for a faster start than possibly you would expected. This is due to initial bottlenecks which are likely with so many starters and the obvious issues caused if the faster Time Lords were caught at the back of a queue.

Time Lords will be conspicuous by wearing Electric Orange Time Lord tec-t’s and have their hour marker flag attached to their back-packs. They will also be acknowledged during the Race Brief.

Time Lord expected CP arrival / departure times:
A Time Lord should try to run at a reasonably consistent pace. The below times are a good guide in order to achieve their target times. Based on a 8.00am race start:

The 9hr Time Lord will depart:
CP1 at 9.30am, CP2 at 10.45am, CP3 at 1.00pm, CP4 at 3.30pm and finish at 5.00pm

The 10hr Time Lord will depart:
CP1 at 9.45am, CP2 at 11.15am, CP3 at 1.50pm, CP4 at 4.40pm and finish at 6.00pm

The 11hr Time Lord will depart at:
CP1 at 10.00am, CP2 at 11.40am, CP3 at 2.30am, CP4 at 5.10pm and finish at 7.00pm

The 12hr Time Lord will depart at:
CP1 at 10.10am, CP2 at 11.55pm, CP3 at 3.15pm, CP4 at 6.00pm and finish at 8.00pm.

Green Man Merchandise

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Green Man Ultra Rules

The Green Man Ultra follows the 45 mile route of the Community Forest Path around Bristol. The course is very challenging and for competitors own safety and fairness the following rules must be adhered to. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from this and future events.

The course is self navigation and tough.

With the use of the freely downloadable route directions and maps and gpx files you can eliminate navigation issues – assuming you can follow directions, read a map or operate a garmin.

For those less confident on the above navigation tools, but still wanting to take on the challenge, the Time Lords is the way to go.

Leading up to the event there will be many groups carrying out recce runs. If you wish to join a group, we will soon have a GMU forum for this. Please also check out the Green Man Challenge Facebook Page

Garmin Hire

Garmin Foretrex401

Garmin Foretrex 401

If you are new to Ultra Running and don’t have a Garmin or similar gps device but would like to have a go at using one – URL has invested in 30 Garmin foretrex 410 devices that you can simply hire just for race day. The hire cost is £20.00. Each unit comes with the route already downloaded onto it. You will need to supply your own 2 batteries (triple A type / AAA) and carry a further spare 2 batteries within your kit bag. Dependant on your quality of battery you should achieve 18 hours with a set of batteries, but you should always carry a back-up set.

These devises will be secured by runners quite quickly, so if you want to hire one, we strongly suggest you book one straight away – Hire now!

Timing: The Green Man Ultra will benefit from chip-timing. As competitors pass through check-points 1, 2 & 3 and finish, their times will be simultaneously available for view from our event results page. This will enable family and friends to follow the race progress and also leave supportive comments.

The Event Options:

The Green Man Ultra GMU45 (full course distance)
The Green Man Ultra GMU30 (commences from CP2)
Teams of three – each member completing the whole GMU45

All entrants must be 20 years of age or over at the start of the race. Each competitor must ensure that they carry with them all of their individual requirements needed to complete the race.

Every entrant must confirm that they have read these rules and other event information and therefore understand the nature of the event and that participation is at their own risk.

Race Entries

Competitors must register on-line prior to the event day. Collection of race numbers and a safety brief will be at the start location at least one hour before the start of the race, where competitors will present their kit for examination on request.

Each participant will be given a race number which must be clearly attached by safety pins. If this is not clearly visible you may be delayed at checkpoints.

Mandatory Kit List.

  • Checkpoint details and maps (these are free to download from this website)
  • Competitors must be self-sufficient, and carry the following mandatory items:
  • Backpack or equivalent
  • Head Torch with spare batteries
  • Ordnance Survey Maps 155 & 167 (our downloadable maps are fine)
  • Compass or GPS device
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • Emergency foodpack consisting of a chocolate bar, Mars or similar
  • First Aid Kit

Checkpoints and Water Stations

GU energy are the official gel sponsor for all URL events, and their gel product will be available at check-points 2 & 3. CP1 will provide malt-loaf, squash and water. Our outside caterer for CP2 & CP3 ‘The Juice Box’ will provide a selection of food to include -sandwiches, red bull, coke, jelly babies, malt loaf, crisps, savory items, tea etc. Supporters can also purchase food & drink items at CP2 and CP3 from the Juice Box. CP4 will also be a Hot-Stop with hot drinks and soup available.

Competitors should cater for their own special requirements.

Competitors must go through all check points and even though we have chip-timing, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the check point attendant has recorded your race number; failure to do so at any check point may mean that you have failed to complete the race and could be disqualified.

Any competitor found to not follow the predetermined race route will be disqualified.

Competitor Retirement

If any competitor has to retire for whatever reason they must contact the race organisers immediately, either by advising a checkpoint attendant or by telephoning the emergency number which will be written on the race numbers of each competitor.


We will be developing a list of local places to stay which we can email out to anybody who is interested. If you stayed somewhere for the GMU 2016 event please let us now where and provide some feedback – the cost, and if you would stay there again – we can then develop a more meaningful and useful guide.

Registration & Entry Fees

Our Official Race Charity is Kids Run Free.  If you commit to raising a minimum of £200.00 for the charity prior to the event date, you can run for just £10.00 which covers our Admin Fees.

Kids Run Free is a charity that organises fun, running based activities for children in their local parks and schools. Currently they have two children’s running programmes: Kids Run Free Running Races and Kids’ Marathon.

Please consider running for this worthy charity.


Upkeep of the Community Forest Path

URL donate a portion of the entry fee towards the upkeep of the Community Forest Path. Please ensure that you do not leave any rubbish along the route and you keep all farm gates etc closed after you pass through. Donations to date total £1,100.00.

The Green Man Ultra entry options:

  • Individual (GMU45) Catered is £65.00 (CLOSED)
  • Individual GMU45 Catered Waiting list – £70.00 (ONLY REFUNDABLE IF A PLACE DOESN’T BECOME AVAILABLE)
  • Individual (GMU45) RAW (only water provided) is £55.00 (CLOSED)
  • Individual (GMU30) Catered is £55 (CLOSED)
  • Individual (GMU30) RAW is £45 (CLOSED)
  • Me + 1 options – Bring a friend. Discounted rates apply, see entry form. (CLOSED)
  • The Double – GMU45 2017 and GMU Midnight Express 2017. Discounted rates apply, see entry form. (CLOSED)

Have you run the GMU five times?

If you have, you can now choose your preferred Bib number which will stay with you year on year. The only way you will lose the number is if your request to withdraw it or you fail to run a GMU  event inside 24 months, at which time it may be offered to others.

Cancellation (No longer available for 2017)

Entry into the GMU is on a non refundable basis, but at the organisers discretion you can defer your place to the following year. Cancellations within four weeks of the event will not be able to defer or transfer under any circumstances.

In order to defer / transfer you will be required to pay a £10.00 admin fee – £5.00 of which will go to Kids Run Free.

Photo coverage



Ultra Running Ltd. reserves all exclusive rights for photo coverage of the GMU. Participants agree that Ultra Running Limited may use exclusively their individual or collective names and pictures for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in this event.

Finishers Medals & Trophies

All finishers will receive a GMU medal and Technical T-Shirt.

Trophies are awarded to the following:

  • Men’s & Ladies 1st, 2nd & 3rd in both GMU45 & GMU30
  • Men’s & Ladies Veteran 1st in both GMU45 & GMU30
  • Team winners GMU45 only (you need to have named your team prior to race day)
  • Canicross winner GMU45
  • Barefoot Men’s & Ladies winners GMU45 & GMU30 (you need to have confirmed that you are running barefoot before race day)

Free entry into the following years race for the first male and female of both the GMU45 and the GMU30. Same for the veteran male and female winners.

The organisers reserve the right to change or amend any part of the event.