The Severn Challenge Day 3 / Severn Path Route Directions



 START – CP1 (14.0 miles)


Leave the Wingfield Arms and immediately cross over the road to pick up a track opposite between houses. Go through two gates and alongside a fence to a footbridge. Cross one field and then in the next, go forward by a fence to pass through a gate at the top. Follow a hedgerow round to two more gates and take the right one. Follow a green track between hedgerows to a farm track.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 445 151) reach a road and turn right into Bicton, passing an old yew-shrouded churchyard enclosing the scant ruins of a 16th century church next to Bicton Hall. Stay on the road until it bends to the right when you leave it on the left and go through a gate and follow a track to Grove Farm, beyond which a lane leads to a T-junction. Cross the road and join a path to the right of Rossall Lodge, going over two stiles before striking across a field. On the other side, go through two brindle gates and forward alongside a fence following the headland across two fields. On the far side you reach a field-edge track, but soon leave it on the left through a gate, continuing alongside a fence at the edge of a large open field to a stile in the corner. Beyond the stile, go forward between hedgerows to join an access track. When you come out to a road at Shelton, turn left and after approx 100 meters turn left again on a bridleway.

At 3.2 miles (G/R 465 136) the bridleway descends as a broad track into woodland, before continuing to meet a rising gravel track. At the top of the track, a stile gives way to a footpath between a hedgerow and a fence by an adjoining service road. Steps descend towards the riverbank which is now followed to the outskirts of Shrewsbury. At the edge of a large field the riverside runs between two fences and ends by climbing steps, at the top of which you turn left onto a walled path bordered by houses. When you reach another flight of steps descend to follow a path at the rear of the gardens to a stile and later into a large open field. Continue along the riverbank to an isolated waymark post, turn sharp right to a stile by a stand of willows and onto a playing field. Turn left around the field edge and pass under Frankwell Footbridge to the edge of a car park.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 488 128) continue under Welsh Bridge. The riverside path eventually leads up to Water Lane to a road. Turn left, go past the Boathouse Inn.

At 5.6 miles (G/R 484 126) turn left over Port Hill Bridge, on the other side, turn right and follow the river passing under Kingsland Bridge and Greyfriars Bridge.

At 6.6 miles (G/R 495 123) continue under English Bridge and on to pass below the railway, following a riverside towpath to a small road by a weir at 7.3 miles. Keep ahead and when the road bends to the left, stay on a narrow stony path beside the river.

At 8.0 miles (G/R 505 141) you reach the bridge linking Ditherington and Monkmoor and some steps. Climb the steps and cross the bridge, descending the other side to join a path along the river towards Monkmoor.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 523 140) go under the A49. Continue along the path to reach the edge of Monkmoor housing estate and a large field with a pylon in it. Go round the left field edge to the far corner emerging briefly onto an estate road. After approx. 10 meters bear left to return to the Severn continuing on a narrow path.

At 10.8 miles (G/R 519 125) you will pass under Belvidere Bridge. The path then passes into light woodland, when it forks, branch left staying by the river.

At 12.0 miles (G/R 521 109) you pass under the A5. Continue past Emstrey Farm and soon rejoin the riverside path which finally meets the B4380 at a stile. Turn left to Atcham and after 0.6 miles you will see a sign at a road junction for “Cross Houses”. Cross the road here but still going forward, look for a small path which leads onto the footbridge adjacent to the road bridge. This is CP1 at 14.0 miles (G/R 539 093).

Navigation difficulty rating: Low, well signed “The Severn Way”.
Course type: Grass tracks, fields, tarmac roads and paths.



CP1 – CP2 (12.3 miles)

From the footbridge continue along the B4380.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 556 093) follow  the road as it branches right, then after approx 500 meters right again onto a narrow lane.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 563 083) reach a T-junction on the edge of Wroxeter and go right here which takes you through the village and along the Severn Way. Follow the road south, passing the hamlet of Eyton on Severn, passing an unusual tower on the right when approaching the hamlet of Lower Dryton.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 579 059) leave the at a gate, branching right onto a wide track which runs down into the edge of a large field. Turn left across two fields and approx 200 meters into the second field, go left through a hedgerow and over a stile. In the ensuing field, turn right alongside a fence and then bear left on a narrow path to a waymark post on a small rise.

From this waymark, cross to the corner of the field at the left-hand edge of woodland. Follow the track to the far side of the woodland then turn right and diagonally across the field aiming for the left edge of the woodland boundary ahead. Reaching a stile, cross it, and turn left through scrub. On the far side, you emerge into a long, narrow riverside field which follows the Severn.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 594 045) cross the Cressage Bridge and walk up to a road junction near the war memorial in Cressage. Turn left following the Severn Way towards Sheinton. Pass Sheinton Church perched above the road as you climb out of the village.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 618 037) the road bends gently right, leave it here (signed) going left down a lane past Buildwas Park. Approx 20 meters before you reach the only house at the end of this lane, branch left over a stile and into woodland (G/R 621 038).  At the end of the woodland, climb past Park Farm and head along a rough surfaced track.

At 9.1 miles (G/R 641 039) pass Mill Farm to meet the A4169. Turn left passing Buildwas Abbey, crossing Buildwas Bridge and at 9.5 miles turn right towards Ironbridge. After approx 0.1 miles leave the road at a stile beside a gate (G/R 647 045) entering a riverside meadow which goes through woodland. Go under a bridge and follow the path until it meets a road where you turn right for approx 100 meters before going through a hedgerow to continue on the path by the river, leading to a paved walkway.

At 10.5 miles (G/R 660 038) pass beneath the Albert Edward Bridge.

At 11.00 miles (G/R 665 036) you reach Ironbridge Antiques Centre  where you turn left to meet a road then turn right to walk into Ironbridge.

At 11.5 miles, cross the Iron Bridge. On the other side of the bridge turn left through the car park heading for the far side. The Way here is signed and actually runs along the old railway tracked.

At 12.3 miles (G/R 684 030) you will reach CP2 at the Black Swan by the Old level crossing.

Navigation difficulty rating: Low, well signed “The Severn Way”.
Course type: Predominantly roads, some tracks, fields



CP2 TO CP3 (13.3 miles)

From CP2 keep right over the old level crossing and into Church Road. Go past the Jackfield

Tile Museum and the church of St. Mary the Virgin. As the road surfacing ends go down a stony track to the riverbank and onto a path rising through woodland meeting a lane at a U-bend. Go left towards a former pub but keep to the right of it on a tarmac path which brings you to Maws Craft Centre. Keep forward alongside the centre and on into a ferry road passing terraced cottages, The Boat Inn and the War Memorial Bridge. Just past the Boat Inn follow the road as it rises to the right and pass under the former railway, then turn left up steps to the trackbed and turn right. The route is deflected left by a couple of cottages, descending to a riverside path which leads through Preen’s Eddy Picnic Area.

At 1.3 miles (G/R 701 020) reach a road at Coalport Bridge, near the Woodridge Inn. Turn right, walking up the road to an old station, then turn left along a concrete-surfaced lane as far as the Severn Trent waterworks.

At 2.1 miles (G/R 709 010)  branch left on a descending track to meet the riverbank once more at Foundry Cottage. Continue along the riverside path passing in and out of woodland.

At 4.0 miles (G/R 706983)  reach Apley Forge footbridge. Between Apley Forge and Bridgnorth the route hugs the riverbank.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 724 954), the route meets a golf course. Continue along the edge of the golf course.

At 7.1 miles (G/R 722 943) you will see on the opposite side of the bank Pendlestone Rock and Fort.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 720 935) you will reach a road called riverside at the edge of town. Continue along this road in front of new houses to the end and a junction at which you turn left to meet the main road. Cross over the road and descend to a paved area, going forward onto a narrow path which later joins riverside fields. Just opposite Quatford (3 miles), you go back to the riverside path.

At 11.1 miles (G/R 732 895) the path meets buildings at Lower Forge. Keep left beside the river, shortly branching left again onto a narrow riverside path. After crossing a tributary, Mor Brook, the path runs close to the railway. The route is now along riverside fields.

At 13.1 miles (G/R 745 870) you will pass under South Staffs Waterworks Bridge.

At 13.3 miles (G/R 745 865) you will reach The Unicorn Inn which is based in a campsite, this is CP3.

Navigation difficulty rating: Low, signed “The Severn “Way”.
Course type: Tarmac road, fields, tracks



CP3 TO CP4 (12.5 miles)

From The Unicorn Inn, carry along the Severn Way which continues to Upper Arley following the river closely. The route continues to reach a country park on the edge of Highley.

At 2.6 miles (G/R 749 829) you will pass The Ship Inn at Stanley. The Way goes on past Stanley as a broad roughly surfaced access track and when you reach a junction, turn left on a descending gravel track back to the riverside and a stile which gives onto a path.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 765 800) cross over a footbridge where the Severn Way briefly merges with the Worcestershire Way for a short distance. Leaving Upper Arley, walk south on the east bank on a surfaced pathway at first before continuing across wooded slopes above the river. At Worrall’s Grove the path forks, branch left and cross a footbridge, then turn right immediately, leaving the Worcestershire Way. A few strides further on ascend left, then descend right on a wide track through Eymore Wood. When the track forks, stay by the river.

At 5.7 miles (G/R 766 792) pass under Victoria Bridge. Further on the path leaves Eymore Wood to go around Trimpley Resevoirs. Beyond the reservoirs, the way continues along the edge of woodland to become a broad stony track at a car park adjoining the Elan Aqueduct. Continue beyond the car park onto a surfaced lane.

At 7.5 miles (G/R 779 771), just after a house named Bridewell, turn right, over a stile, around a field edge and across further fields. A broad track leads past the abutments of a dismantled viaduct, beyond which a path heads into a park. When the path bends left continue beside the river until the route is deflected around the rowing club, then to a lane leading to Wribbenhall and the bridge into Bewdley. At the bridge, cross the road and proceed to Stourport Road. Leave the road when it bends left, and cross a forecourt on the right. Keep on along a wide riverside path and when it forks, stay by the river heading towards Bewdley bypass and Blackstone Rock.

At 9.5 miles (G/R 794 743) continue under the Bewdley bypass and onto an enclosed path, leaving it at a bend to turn right over a stile into a riverside field below Blackstone Rock.

Pass Blackstone Rock keep forward to a stile beside a gate. Climb briefly through a rock cutting to reach a large field, shortly forking left along the left edge of the field below some sandstone cliffs. Not far into the field you can cut into adjoining woodland at a stile, and continue at the woodland edge to a grassy path. Cross a field to a stile giving access to the riverbank and walk along the edge of a caravan site. A stile on the far side gives onto a  narrow path running along the river. As you approach Lickhill Manor, stay beside the river to pass Stourport Motor Yacht and Bungalow association, and then continue through parkland as you approach Stourport.

At 12.3 miles (G/R 808 710) pass under Stourport Bridge which is the (A451). Continue towards an amusement park entrance and then bear right to go through Stourport basins.

At 12.5 miles (G/R 811 709) you will come to The Angel Inn,  which is CP4.

Navigation difficulty rating: Low, Well signed “The Severn Way”.
Course type: Gravel tracks, grassy paths, fields



CP4 TO CAMPSITE (6.3 miles)

Leave The Angel Inn and continue on the path through a boatyard and onto a narrow path that leads to a large industrial warehouse.

At 1.2 miles (G/R 821 693)  go past Lincomb Lock, beyond which takes you on to a

footbridge and into light woodland before reaching the edge of an enclosed area near a caravan park. The route continues along the top of an embankment crossing a slipway and on to a grassed playing area to rejoin the riverside path. Just as you come to the end of the path, turn left over a stile to a footbridge. Immediately turn right to a grassy path along the top of the riverbank opposite Shrawley Wood.

From Shrawley Wood to Holt Fleet the Way closely follows the river passing through a caravan park into a large field. Go around its edge following the river to pass Holt Lock.

At Holt Fleet head towards the bridge but don’t go under it, you will exit the path here.

At 5.6 miles (G/R 823 634), just past Riverside House, turn left  and head up some steps to the road (A4133). Cross the bridge and turn down to the left of the Holt Fleet Pub, crossing the rear car park, bearing right to a stile. Go up steps into woodland then over a stile to emerge into a sloping field. Go forward, crossing a stile to meet a concrete path where you turn left to follow it through to Holt Church.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 830 626), directly opposite Holt Church is Holt Castle your campsite for the end of this stage!

Navigation difficulty rating: Low, signed “The Severn Way”.
Course type: Tarmac paths, light woodland, grassy paths, fields


Day’s mileage 58.4