Malvern Hills Route Directions 80 Miler Out & In Option


Malvern Hills Ultra 80 miler

(WW) Worcestershire Way

Start to CP1 – (Holt Castle to The Crown at Martley)

Exit Holt Castle and bear left in front of the church.

At 0.1 mile bear right and continue on tarmac lane.

At 0.3 miles reach farm gates on your right, enter field (ensure gate is closed due to sheep) and keep tight to the left perimeter of field towards a house, continue around perimeter, through tree plantation, pass by the first exit gate on your left until you reach another exit gate on your left for the main road at 0.7 miles with farm track directly opposite.

(Take Care) cross the road to a farm track directly opposite the gate and continue up towards Northingtown Farm. As you approach the farm gate, the footpath route is actually in the hedge on the right, please use this option.

Continue finally through the farm up the track to the top gate at 1.37 miles, go over and continue on track (G/R 812 618) turning sharp left.

Reach a road junction at 1.66 miles going right, then immediately left until (G/R 812 608) taking the lane to the right. Continue on this lane until 2.5 miles reach entrance to woods turning right into woods (G/R 804 606) where you will also find a “Punch Point” which you must use to clip your card. Continue through gate into woods.

At 3.4 miles reach lane, go straight over into Ockeridge Woods.

At 3.9 miles (G/R 792 626) exit woods where you will find another “Punch Point” which you must use, then continue left onto the lane.

At 4.5 miles (G/R 784 622) take the second lane on your right.

At 5.1 miles (G/R 774 625) take the footpath on the left, just by a house, continue on fp until you reach a lane, bearing right at 5.5 miles (G/R 769 620).

At 5.8 miles bear left onto lane, and at 6.2 miles bear right onto lane. At 6.7 miles bear left and continue until 7.3 miles where again you bear left.  CP1 The Crown at Martley is immediately across the road at 7.5 miles (Post Code WR6 6PA).

Navigation Difficulty Rating: Medium, follow closely map and directions
Course Type:  Flat, likely to be muddy and wet in places




CP1 to CP2 – (The Crown at Martley to The New Inn)

Exit the Crown at Martley and go right, reach fork in road and take the footpath in the corner of the field, which leads you to the (WW) at 0.6 miles (G/R 747 592) going left.

The (WW) is now very well sign posted and you should use these sign posts all the way to The New Inn (CP2).

At 1.0 mile reach lane and bear right, go past Free House pub on your right, then at 1.3 miles take the (WW) on your left.

Over fields and through gates, over lanes (follow WW), until 2.29 miles exit lane and go right over gate (WW).

At 3.23 miles reach road and go left down towards the Talbot Pub at (G/R 734 561) at 3.42 miles.

At 3.6 miles (G/R 732 558) cross over bridge and continue to main road A44, cross road (Take Care) and then immediately left up a road signposted Lulsley, 4.2 miles go right (WW).

Continue through several gates following (WW), 5.6 miles go right into lane then left signposted (WW).

At 7.6 miles (G/R 735 505) exit woods and reach lane and bear left, shortly near bridge take the right lane, keep following (WW) very well sign posted.

At 7.7 miles continue over lane, 7.9 miles go right onto lane, and 8.5 miles go left (WW).

Exit woods, downhill through several gates, between a house and an orchard and bearing right at 9.0 miles (WW).

At 9.9 miles arrive at a road (Take Care), bear right and the New Inn (CP2) is immediately on your right.

Navigation Difficulty Rating: Low, generally follow Worcestershire Way (WW)
Course Type:  Hilly and demanding, muddy and wet in places.






CP2 to CP3 – (The New Inn to The Malvern Hills Hotel)

From CP2 cross straight over the A4103 (Take Care), and continue along the edge of the fields to cross a tiny lane, pass between a cottage and shed up the field into orchards. (WW)

At 1.2 miles (G/R 766 476) reach a road and go left for a short way, then just on your right by the fountain take the (WW) up steps (G/R 766 475), reach lane and go right.

Shortly go left (G/R 765 473) up 100 steps. At top reach road and go right along the pavement. At (G/R 765 470) go left just before ‘The Lamb’ up hill and continue following (WW) signs.

At 1.6 miles go left over a gate (WW) and up the path / track.

At 2 miles the path turns acutely left uphill.

Continue around the hill until 2.2 miles (G/R 770 467) you will find a ‘Punch Point’ which you need to use. The ‘Punch Point’ is on your right, next to the track leading up to the top of the hill.

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path.

At 3.7 miles you will reach (G/R 768 452) which is the highest point of the Malvern’s to your right, the Worcestershire Beacon. Basically, if you stand on the Beacon you will see another ‘Punch Point’ at 2. o’clock which you need to use.

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path.

At 4.6 miles  reach road (B4218) cross over (Take Care).

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path

At 6.6 miles (WW) leads down to a car park, continue through onto entrance track, and Malvern Hills Hotel (CP3) will shortly be on your left (G/R 763 404).

You need to hand your clip card to a CP steward at CP3, they will give you a new clip card for the return journey later. For each missed Punch Point, a time penalty of 10 minutes will apply (no concessions).

 Navigation Difficulty Rating: Low, generally follow Worcestershire Way (WW) and track over Malvern Hills
Course Type:  Hilly and demanding



CP3 to CP4 – The Malvern Hills Hotel – The Swan

Cross the main road to the carpark opposite (Take Care with traffic). Continue on the upward path to the right hand side of the car park.

At 0.1 miles continue around the left side of Herefordshire beacon. Continue along path down Hangman’s Hill.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 765 381) just before Swinyard Carpark, go right with Fairoaks Farm on your left and continue along track.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 764 369) cross main road and continue ahead on track / lane.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 767 347) take the Three Choirs Way off to your left.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 770 341) reach lane and bear right for a short way then take the footpath off left at (G/R 769 339) the Three Choirs Way.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 771 333) reach road and go left, then soon take next right to go under the M50 motorway bridge at 5.3 miles (G/R 778 330). Soon reach road junction and go left then quickly right on The Three Choirs Way towards Dobshill Farm.

At 6.3 miles (G/R 780 316) reach lane and continue over Three Choirs Way.

At 7.1 miles (G/R 779 305) cross lane, stay on Three Choirs Way. Continue through various gates and styles.

At (G/R 785 298) reach lane and go right then immediate left. Continue down to reach Moat Lane and go right. Soon reach the A417 and go left.

At 8.3 miles (G/R 792 293) you will reach The Swan Inn on your left which is your CP4 (Post Code GL19 3QA)


CP 4 – CP5 (The Swan – The Malvern Hills Hotel)

Return back to the Malvern Hills Hotel using the same route you came in on.

Out of the Swan car-park go left back up the lane you came in on, at 0.3 miles go right into Moat Lane, (G/R 787 294).

At 0.75 miles take left fork where there is a sign for various locations including Longacre.

At 0.9 miles bear right and at 0.92 through gate sign-posted Three Choirs Way

Over and through various styles and gates and at 1.32 miles over gate on right and into field (G/R 780 302).

At 1.49 miles straight over lane, at 1.62 miles take left fork but keep right.

Continue over gates following Three Choirs Way, at 2.2 miles over gate to farm and keep right of farm-house. At 2.26 miles exit through farms gates to road and bear left then immediate right over gate into field.

At 2.96 miles reach lane bear left and at 3.02 miles take right lane towards Bromesberrow

At 3.28 miles (G/R 778 330) go under the M50 motorway bridge.

At 3.49 miles reach T junction and go left to Bromesberrow

Continue over various styles and at 4.23 miles over two styles bearing left to road, over road to right and take style into field.

At 4.63 miles over footbridge, 4.94 miles reach lane and bear right.

At 5.05 miles at road junction continue towards Hollybush.  At 5.76 miles go under sandstone bridge then immediately right climb steep bank track to get to top of bridge and continue left along track up woods.

At (G/R 764 369) straight over main road, continue along track and as you reach carpark on your left take the upward track on your left up to the Malverns.

At 7.7 miles, by bench, take left path and then continue path to the right of Herefordshire Beacon.  Continue straight ahead then go down left track to car park, cross car park and over road (TAKE CARE) – 8.3 miles, you have arrived at CP5 Malvern Hills Hotel (G/R 763 404). 


CP5 – CP6 (The Malvern Hills Hotel – The New Inn)

From the Malvern Hills Hotel return the same way you arrived, using the exact same track back to the earlier check points and then finishing at Holt Castle.

From the hotel take the track leading to the car park, then 0.15 miles take left track, 0.28 miles take right track up to peak, continue on track going over all peaks. Revisit all the “Punch Points” locations to avoid time penalties.

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path.

At 2.0 miles – reach road (B4218), cross over road (TAKE CARE) and go right into Beacon Rd.

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path.

At 2.1 miles – continue up track on right, 2.6 miles follow gravel path around hill on the right.

Continue along the Malvern Hills and (WW) path.

At 2.8 miles (G/R 768 453) – you reach the highest point of the Malvern Hills, 1,395 ft. There is also a “Punch Point”, just before on your left.

At 3.1 miles continue on path around hill straight ahead, 3.3 miles continue straight towards the North Malvern, 3.96 miles continue on track to right.

At 4.4 miles (G/R 771 467) continue around hill on same track. This is also a “Punch Point”

At 4.6 miles (G/R 765 465) turn right acutely back, stone sign West Malvern.

At 4.7 miles take left track down, 4.93 miles take path on left down, 4.98 miles through gate down to road and turn right.

At 5.2 miles take left down 100 steps at house No 72 (G/R 766 473), at bottom go right and left signposted (WW). Down to road next to Earl Beauchamp’s Spout and turn left, 5.35 miles turn right signposted (WW) (G/R 766 476).

Follow signposts for (WW) through fields and orchards.  6.38 miles reach lane, go straight over and continue (WW).

At 6.54 miles (G/R 759 493) reach road and go left crossing over immediately to The New Inn (TAKE CARE) – 6.6 miles, you have arrived at CP6

Navigation Difficulty Rating: Low, generally follow Worcestershire Way (WW) and track over Malvern Hills
Course Type:  Hilly and demanding



CP6  to CP7 – (The New Inn to The Crown at Martley)

Out of New Inn and go left then immediate left onto the (WW).

At 0.89 miles go left WW between house and orchard, uphill through several gates and 0.94 miles into woods.

At 1.4 miles turn right into lane and through several gates sign-posted WW, at 2.0 miles go left onto lane, at 2.18 miles another lane go straight on.

At 2.26 miles (G/R 735 505) just before Post Office turn right (WW), continue through gates into woods possible muddy paths ahead.  At 3.42 miles track bears right, through gates and 3.53 miles continue up on left track.

At 3.66 miles track bears left and 4.11 track stays left.

At 4.31 miles reach lane and go right then turn left into lane ‘The Crest’, at 4.42 miles take left track possibly muddy.  Through several gates 5.47 miles track keeps left, then at 5.7 miles reach lane and go left.

At 6.33 miles (G/R 732 558) cross main road A44 (TAKE CARE), behind bus stop track continues, over bridge to Talbot Pub (G/R 734 561) at 6.51 miles. Continue over road uphill 6.7 miles take right and right then up steps (WW).

At 7.09 miles over gate and towards style on left and into woods, possibly muddy, 7.4 miles track bears left.  7.43 through gate bearing right all around the field.  Top of hill 7.64 miles through gate and bear left onto lane, at junction bear right.

At 7.96 miles through gate straight ahead for telegraph pole, over field to gate and at 8.17 over lane into field, continue around right side all around field to gate at 8.41 miles, at 8.43 right over gate (WW).

Continue through gates then 8.63 miles reach road (TAKE CARE) go right past Free House on left, at 8.88 miles (WW) goes left then immediately right across and through gates at 9.0 miles. At 9.17 miles reach T junction and go left and immediate right.

At 9.29 (G/R 747 592) leave (WW) and take right footpath.  9.47 miles left and all around field perimeter until exit by road, across to footpath bearing left.

At 9.93 miles (G/R 752 600), you have arrived at CP5, The Crown at Martley (Post Code WR6 6PA).

Navigation Difficulty Rating: Low, generally follow Worcestershire Way (WW)
Course Type:  Hilly and demanding



CP7 – CP8 – (The Crown at Martley to Heightington Village Hall)

Out of Pub car park and go left, take second road on right at 0.11 miles, sign-posted Stourport.

At 0.73 miles (G/R 754 610) go left into Pudford Lane, then 1.26 miles go right up steps signposted Worcestershire Way (the pear symbol) (WW).

At 2.96 miles, over gate to lane (Take Care) and go right, at 3.21 miles take left lane signposted Camp Lane.  3.58 miles take a right off the road up steps (WW), 3.85 miles over gate go left downhill.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 742 662) turn right into Abberley Hall School, just follow (WW) signposts. 

At 5.69 (G/R 746 670) reach main road (Take Care), go straight over and uphill. At 6 miles go right over style, and uphill through woods.

Continue on (WW), at 7.57 miles through gate and bear left to far corner field gate.  At 7.95 miles reach lane and bear left.

At 8.2 miles go right into field, at 8.65 miles reach lane and go right. At 8.69 miles go right across field, then footbridge and continue across field to other footbridge then at lane go right.

At 9.24 miles reach lane and go left, follow (WW) signs. At 9.81 miles over footbridge and then left over footbridge. Over third bridge and continue up hill.

Continue through gates on (WW) then at 10.94 miles reach lane bear right then at 11.07 miles over gate into field (WW), over gates and footbridge up and over hill, over style onto lane and bear right (Take Care).

At 11.2 miles (G/R 762 713), you have arrived at CP8 (Heightington Village Hall), OS762713.


Navigation Difficulty Rating: Low, generally follow Worcestershire Way (WW)
Course Type:  Hilly and demanding



CP8 to CP9 – (Heightington Village Hall to The Crown at Martley)

From the village hall, retrace your route back to The Crown at Martley. The route is all on the (WW) and very well signed.

From the village hall go left along the lane, taking the stile on your left through a hedge (WW). Continue down hill in field, crossing footbridge.

At 0.6 miles (G/R 754 709) reach lane and go left, then soon take lane on your left (WW).

At 1.1 miles (G/R 758 704) continue ahead (WW).

At 1.8 miles (G/R 769 702) over footbridge and continue (WW)

At 2.3 miles (G/R 771 695) reach lane and go left, soon reach junction and go right, then take (WW) off to your left.

At 3.0 miles reach lane (G/R 764 687) and continue along track immediately on your left, by Netherton House.

At 3.5 miles (G/R 768 681) reach lane and go left, then soon take (WW) off to your right (which is the second footpath option). Follow (WW) through wooded area over Abberley Hill.

At 5.6 miles (G/R 749 673) reach lane and go left. Down hill to main road and continue over on track (WW) leading through Abberley Hall School and grounds.

At 6.5 miles (G/R 742 662) reach road (Take Care) and go left then soon right taking (WW) uphill over fields and through wooded area.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 742 640) reach road and go left, then take next right, still (WW). Soon take (WW) off to your left at 8.5 miles.

At 10.2 miles (G/R 746 609) reach lane by Hillend Farm and go left, continue ahead to meet the B4197 (you came in on this road on leg 1) and turn right. Continue on this road to meet The Crown at Martley on your left at 11.2 miles.




CP9 to Finish – (The Crown at Martley to Holt Castle)

Out of Pub car park and go left, take second road on right at 0.11 miles, sign-posted Stourport.

At 0.73 miles go right into Horn Lane, then 1.26 miles left to Prickley Green.

At 1.61 miles (G/R 763 619) bear right into lane.

At 1.9 miles (G/R 769 620) on left go over style sign-posted footpath, then 2.08 miles over style into wooded area, 2.1 miles over style onto track, 2.11 miles over gate, 2.2 miles over style.

At 2.28 miles (G/R 774 625) over gate to lane, turn right and continue.

At 2.91 miles go left signposted Little Witley, Holt.

At 3.5 miles (G/R 792 626) go right into North Wood (Ockeridge Wood on the Map).  This is another “Punch Point” which you MUST use. (Please ensure you give your punched cards to one of the Stewards at the finish).  At 4.03 miles exit woods go straight over lane and continue on tree lined track (very muddy ahead).

At 4.15 miles through gate, 4.26 miles over gate continue straight, 4.31 miles through gate straight on, 4.92 miles through gate.

At 4.95 miles (G/R 804 606) exit woods reach lane and go left, this is another “Punch Point” which you MUST use. (Please ensure you give your punched cards to one of the Stewards at the finish)

5.23 miles go left sign posted Oakall Green, 5.47 miles bear left, 5.77 miles go right then immediate left.

At 6.06 miles (G/R 812 618) go through gate and head down track towards farm.

At 6.25 miles climb over gate and at 6.35 miles go left through Northingtown Farm and continue on track until main road at 6.7 miles (TAKE CARE MAIN ROAD), cross road and over gate into field bear right along hedge to 6.77 bear left then over gate bear right along hedge and continue.

At 7.1 miles go right over gate onto lane, bearing left at lane. 7.35 miles lane bends left, 7.43 miles turn right into Holt Castle (G/R 829 626) (FINISH)

Navigation Difficulty Rating: High, possible night-time navigation, follow closely map and directions or use gps.
Course Type:  Flat, if wet it could be rather muddy