Dearne Valley Route Directions

Route Directions for Dearne Valley Ultra


TPT (Trans Pennine Trail)
CR (Cycle Route)

Start – CP1

From the Wortley Arms (G/R 307 993) (post code S35 7DB) go right on A629 (Take Care) use pavement / verges where possible, past Reading Room Lane on your right, soon on left bend of A629 go right into Park Avenue. Soon reach fork and go right into The Flats. Continue following signs for TPT.

At 1.4 miles reach corner of road and continue ahead (G/R 328 996)

At 2.0 miles (G/R 336 001) take right road option.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 343 002) reach road go right, continue on road as it goes under A 61.

At 2.9 miles (G/R 349 998) reach T-junction go left over motorway bridge.

At 3.4 miles reach and cross A6135 (Take Care), continue and ignore all side roads.

At 3.7 miles (G/R 360 005) at fork take right road, staying on this ignore all side roads.

At 4.5 miles at fork (G/R 373 005) take left option, ignore all side roads and cross railway bridge.

At 5.5 miles keep on road as it goes sharp left turn then soon take track off which is also CR

At 6.0 miles reach and cross road (G/R 389 004), stay on CR

At 6.6 miles reach and cross road (G/R 395 011), stay on CR

At 6.9 miles go under road bridge (G/R 400 012), stay on CR

At 7.3 miles continue on CR running alongside main road

At 7.8 miles (G/R 412 021) continue on CR as it goes half right just after bridge. Crossing road (Take Care) at 8.5 miles (G/R 422 021) trail goes through Old Moor.

At 10.1 miles continue under road bridge (G/R 447 020) on TPT & CR

At 10.6 miles continue under railway bridge (G/R 457 019)

At 11.8 miles reach road, go left over bridge on Furlong Road.

At 12.2 miles (G/R 478 026) go right into Doncaster Road and very soon on your right is CP1 the Harlington Inn (G/R 480 025) (post code DN5 7HT).

Navigation Rating: Easy
Terrain: Mix of tarmac and track
CP Distance : 12.2 miles



CP1 – CP2

From Harlington Inn go right along Doncaster Road, at left bend (G/R 482 024) take the track right which is also a CR.

At 0.5 miles continue left at river with river on your right (G/R 484 018), this is Dearne Way and a CR

At 1.7 miles reach road (G/R 497 007) and cross to the other side of the river, still on CR

At 2.2 miles (G/R 504 002) cross river over bridge and continue on CR

At 3.3 miles continue over railway bridge on CR

At 3.7 miles (G/R 525 994) reach river and continue left on CR and TPT

At 4.0 miles continue under railway on CR and TPT

At 5.4 miles continue over road (G/R 538 015) on CR and TPT

At 6.0 miles (G/R 547 017) continue under A1M, follow TPT and CR sharp left.

At 7.3 miles reach and cross road (G/R 554 030) follow TPT and CR, School on left

At 8.2 miles reach A638 (Take Care) (G/R 559 044) continue over on CR

At 8.5 miles reach road (G/R 559 049) go right along Watch House Lane

At 9.1 miles (G/R 562 054) just past Kendall Road on your left is The Drum which is CP2 (post code DN5 9NA).

Navigation Rating: Easy – mainly on CR
Terrain: Mainly track
CP Distance : 9.1 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 21.3 miles



CP2 – CP3

From The Drum go right on Watch House Lane, soon take first right into Kendall Road, at junction turn left into Pipering Lane E.

At 0.25 miles go right on TPT & CR (G/R 559 005)

At 0.6 miles cross road and bridges, continue TPT & CR

At 1.5 miles reach and cross A19 (Take Care) (G/R 563 073), continue TPT & CR

At 2.5 miles reach road go left (G/R 571 085), continue TPT & CR

At 2.8 miles at crossroads go right (G/R 569 089), continue TPT & CR

At 3.3 miles (G/R 574 094), continue as TPT & CR go sharp left, soon cross railway and various bridges through Owston Woods.

At 4.3 miles reach road junction and go right on TPT & CR (G/R 576 108)

At 4.7 miles follow road as it bends left then right over level crossings, follow TPT & CR

At 5.2 miles road bends sharp left (G/R 588 102), same at 5.6, 6.1 & 6.4 miles, follow TPT & CR

At 7.5 miles (G/R 600 123) continue ahead TPT & CR by Trumfleet Grange

At 7.9 miles (G/R 603 126) follow road to right on TPT & CR

At 8.9 miles (G/R 618 124) go left onto lane with TPT & CR, soon cross another road and continue to reach New Junction Canal going left, keep canal on your right follow TPT & CR.

At 11.5 miles leave TPT & CR and take track on left (G/R 638 161), then soon take fp off to the right, soon turning sharp left.

At (G/R 636 163) at fp junction, take left fp option.

At 12.3 miles reach Broad Lane (G/R 630 169) and The Old George Inn which is CPS, is on your right (post code DN14 9AU)

Navigation Rating: Easy – mainly on CR
Terrain: Mainly track
CP Distance : 12.3 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 33.6 miles



CP3 – CP4

From The Old George Inn go left along Broad Lane on CR. Continue past Chapel Lane on your right, then go next right into Starkbridge Lane still on CR

At 0.4 miles go right into Bate Lane (G/R 624 168)

At 0.7 miles go left into Topham Ferry Lane, then at 1.0 mile follow CR right over bridge continue on track.

At 1.4 miles cross footbridge and at track junction (G/R 617 182) go right, still on CR.

At 1.9 miles track turns sharp left by Balne Lodge, cross footbridge to lane leading to bridge at (G/R 624 189). Over bridge then bear right on track on fp.

At 2.8 miles track leads to fp continue ahead (G/R 631 187) with Aire and Calder Navigation to your right.

At 3.4 miles fp goes sharp left away from water towards right edge of woods (G/R 640 186), then after woods continue on track.

At 4.3 miles continue ahead, ignore track to left at (G/R 639 201)

At 5.1 miles reach and cross M62 bridge, continue ahead on Finnley’s Lane to road junction at 5.6 miles, High Street (G/R 650 215). Directly opposite is The Ship Inn which is CP4 (post code DN14 9EB)

Navigation Rating: Good, mainly on CR
Terrain: Mainly track
CP Distance : 5.1 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 38.7 miles




CP4 – Finish

From The Ship Inn, return along the same route, crossing over the road into Finnley’s Lane.

At 0.5 miles reach and cross M62 bridge.

At 0.7 miles (G/R 646 204) reach lane (where you came in from the right) this time go left on track / fp. As you reach corner of woods continue right with woods to your left.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 658 198) fp goes half right, soon reach lane and go left then soon right on lane (G/R 661 196).

At 2.2 miles continue on lane over Beever’s Bridge, the soon over second bridge, continue on lane ahead.

At 3.1 miles (G/R 667 177), just past Bank House where lane goes sharp right, continue ahead on fp with River Don to your left. Continue forward keeping the river on left.

At 5.0 miles cross river bridge (G/R 673 148), soon reach T-junction and go right on the A614, use pavement. Continue to reach and go under the M18, continuing on the A614, use pavement (Take Care).

At 5.8 miles continue on A614 over railway (G/R 680 137)

At 6.3 miles (G/R 688 132) go left off the A614 into Church Street, leading into Church Balk.

At 7.1 miles (G/R 698 135) go right into Moor Edges Road.

At 7.7 miles (G/R 702 128) continue left into High Bridge Road, soon continue over level crossing, then keep river to your right.

At 8.8 miles (G/R 717 123) cross Maud’s Bridge and continue along Green Bank.

At 9.62 miles turn left into lane (G/R 716 110), soon lane bends sharp right at Grove House, continue along lane to reach main road junction at 10.0 miles, turn right and on your left is The Black Bull pub which is the finish (G/R 717 105) (post code DN8 5SH).

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Trail and Tarmac
CP Distance : 10.0 miles
Total Race Day Distance: 48.7 miles