Clarendon Way Route Directions

The Clarendon Way Route Directions


CW (Clarendon Way)
SDW (South Downs Way)
SBP (Sussex Border Path)
f/p (public footpath / right of way)


Start to CP1

From The Silver Plough (G/R 212 312) (post code SP5 1DU) car park go left then immediate left up The Green, sp Dead End & Single Track Road.

At 0.2 miles take fp off to the right up footpath track (G/R 214 315).

At 0.4 miles reach track and continue right, along track CW.

At 0.6 miles leave track as CW goes off to the left

At 1.3 miles (G/R 228 323) reach lane by conifer hedge and go left to reach road junction, continue across to lane opposite, follow CW.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 228 328) CW takes sharp right into woods.

At 2.0 miles CW takes sharp right leading to track / lane (G/R 233 332).

At 2.2 miles reach Cobb Lane and immediately go right along lane, soon past turning on right continue ahead sp Tytherley, soon reach road junction and go left into Middleton Road.

At 2.4 miles, as road bends right (G/R 240 330), continue ahead on track sp The Causeway CW

At 2.6 miles at fp crossroads by Coopers Farm, continue ahead.

At 2.8 miles reach track junction and continue left.

At 3.0 miles (G/R 247 329) reach lane junction and go right sp Byway, soon reach road junction and go left up Gunville Hill, CW. Just past bus stop go left sp Stockbridge, along lane then immediately go right into Easton Common Hill, sp Byway.

At 3.4 miles continue ahead, ignore track off to the left, stay on track, soon with Noad’s Copse to your right.

At 4.2 miles (G/R 267 324) reach lane and continue over into Buckholt Lane.

At 4.8 miles (G/R 276 321) reach triangular grass junction and continue over on track, just right of large farm building at Buckholt Farm. Soon reach track and continue CW

At 5.5 miles at track and fp crossroads (G/R 287 324) continue over on CW

At 6.1 miles reach track (G/R 296 324) go left and stay on track as it leads into Buckholt Road, passing Broughton Sports Field to your left.

At 6.8 miles reach junction of B3084 and go right immediate left sp Village Centre, Queenswood Road.

At 7.0 miles (G/R 308 329) as road bends right, go left then immediate right into Rectory Lane.

At 7.2 miles cross river bridge and then immediately, at fp crossroads, take CW off to the right.

At 8.0 miles reach and cross lane, continue on fp CW

At 8.4 miles reach and cross lane (G/R 323 321), continue on fp CW

At 8.9 miles fp leads into lane.

At 9.5 miles reach road junction (G/R 340 316) and go left, use grass verges where possible (Take Care)

At 9.6 miles go right off the road along track CW, soon continue over river bridge and onto another track ahead. Stay on track over another river bridge, ignore all side roads to reach a road junction.

At 10.9 miles reach road junction (G/R 359 315) and go right, (Take Care) use verges where possible.

At 11.1 miles reach road junction of A3057, go right along pavement on Romsey Road.

At 11.2 miles reach The Crown Inn (G/R 360 310) on your right, opposite the church which is CP1 (post code SO20 6PW).

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly tarmac or trail
CP Distance: 11.2 miles



CP1 – CP2

From The Crown Inn return back on the same road using the pavement. Just after crossing the river bridge go right into road alongside moated wall, leading into Old Vicarage Lane.

At 0.2 miles reach Corner Stores and go right over bridge then immediate left into Winchester Road, now with watercourse on your left, use pavement.

At 0.5 miles (G/R 366 311) take CW off to the right between thatched cottages.

At 1.0 mile (G/R 372 305) ignore fp off to the left, continue ahead on CW.

At 1.3 miles keep to the right of woods before entering them to reach track at 1.6 miles (G/R 377 298) and go left on track, then ahead on fp.

At 2.5 miles reach road but take fp CW to the right, back off the road (G/R 390 296).

At 2.7 miles enter woods (G/R 392 293), then soon CW goes sharp left, exit woods and sharp right, then keeping Beacon Hill to your left to reach and continue on track.

At 3.8 miles reach road (G/R 408 293) either go right and continue on road (plenty of verge or pull-ins) or take fp off to the left which will meet road further ahead.

At 4.5 miles reach fork in road and go left.

At 4.8 miles as lane bends right continue on road, as fp joins in from the left. Again this stretch of road has plenty of opportunity to run on wooded track parallel to the road if you wish.

At 5.5 miles reach crossroads, continue over (G/R 434 292) sp Winchester.

At 5.8 miles continue ahead at crossroads by small post box, use grass verges where possible.

At 6.8 miles (G/R 454 291) reach crossroads with Clarendon Way on left, but go right sp. BYW Cycle and ‘Single Track Road’. (Take Care). When you reach houses continue on pavement or grass verges, ignoring all side roads.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 459 286) reach traffic lights at junction of B3040 (Take Care) cross road and continue down Stanmore Lane. Stay on this lane, ignore all side roads, crossroads and mini roundabouts.

At 8.1 miles continue under railway bridge and continue along Lower Stanmore Road to reach road junction of St. Cross Road at 8.2 miles and go left on pavement.

At 8.3 miles go right (G/R 476 283) into Kingsgate Road with churchyard now on your left.

At 8.5 miles go right into lane sp. Household Waste Recycling Centre, with park area now on your left. Then immediately after crossing first river bridge take fp off to the left and continue along the river bank with the river to your left to reach lane by Winchester College and then the junction of College Walk at 9.0 miles (G/R 483 288). Go right with watercourse on your right. As road bends left stay on it leading into Wharf Hill, then stay on this as it bend right.

At 9.3 miles (G/R 486 289) on your right is CP2 The Black Boy pub (post code SO23 9NP).

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly tarmac or trail
CP Distance: 9.3 miles
Total race day distance: 20.5 miles



 CP2 – CP3

From The Black Boy continue up to road junction and cross over into East Hill. Stay on this lane as it bends right into Petersfield Road then continue ahead on lane.

At 0.3 miles (G/R 490 290) take Fivefields road off to the right, next to a sign saying ‘Welcome to HIGHCLIFFE’, soon reach mini roundabout and continue over into lane opposite. At end of lane reach a cul-de-sac and continue ahead between houses which is South Downs Way.

At 0.6 miles (G/R 495 289) cross footbridge over the M3 into wooded area then fp turns sharp left and at exit of woods sharp right along hedgerow on SDW.

At 1.3 miles reach road (G/R 506 285) and continue over into King’s Lane, sp St. Andrews Church. Stay on lane as it bends right, then soon at fork keep to left lane. Stay on lane through wooded area.

At 2.0 miles (G/R 513 278) go sharp left on track which is also a cycle route. Stay on this track SDW.

At 3.1 miles reach track (G/R 527 277) and go left over field to reach and cross the A272 (Take Care).

At 3.5 miles fp continues on track SDW (G/R 533 281), stay on this track.

At 4.1 miles meet crossroads and go right (G/R 537 289) on fp / cycle route.

At 5.2 miles reach lane (G/R 552 280) and continue over on fp between hedgerows.

At 5.4 miles (G/R 555 279) take fp sharp left, then at 5.6 miles fp goes half right, then soon at fp junction take left fp option leading to track, stay on track. Over style and stay on lane as it bends right and left.

At 7.2 miles (G/R 571 301) reach lane and go left, stay on lane as it bends right.

At 7.4 miles pass the Tichborne Arms (post code SO24 0NA) on your right. Stay on lane ignore all side roads and use grass verges.

At 7.8 miles go right onto track / fp (G/R 572 310), soon cross brook and continue ahead through Vernal Farm, as track reaches the A31 it turns sharp right running parallel with the A31, then climbs up to the B3046 going left to cross bridge over the A31, then immediate right into Tichborne Down just before The Cricketers Arms (post code SO24 9LW). Stay on this road, use pavement, ignore all side roads.

At 9.0 miles follow road as it bends sharp left (G/R 589 314) then take immediate right into Whitehill Lane, sp. Bishop’s Sutton, (Take Care) use verges where possible, ignore side roads, quiet lane.

At 10.1 miles reach junction of B3047 cross over to the other side and continue right on pavement. Soon, just past Church Lane, reach The Ship pub (G/R 606 319) which is CP3 at 10.2 miles (post code SO24 0AQ).

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly tarmac or trail
CP Distance: 10.2 miles
Total race day distance: 30.7 miles



CP3 – CP4

From The Ship continue left along road on pavement, ignore all side roads.

At 0.9 miles (G/R 620 317) reach roundabout of the A31 (Take Care), cross over and continue on road opposite, sp. West Meon on Old Park Road. (Take Care no footpath) use verges where possible.

At 1.1 miles go left opposite farm (G/R 620 312) by red post box, now on St Swithin’s Way.

At 1.8 miles (G/R 630 309) continue past entrance to field then after a short way reach stile by a tree and go left on fp.

At 2.2 miles (G/R 636 312) reach lane by house and continue left along lane.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 639 314), on bend of road take fp off to the right on track, next to gate with Oakleigh sign.

At 2.6 miles reach road and continue over on fp through hedge. Soon reach another lane and go right between house, then soon go left into Hammond’s Lane by cottage named ‘The Nook’

At 2.9 miles reach lane and go right (G/R 643 319), fp sign on telegraph pole opposite. Stay on this lane and continue ahead, ignore all side roads and crossroads. Pass Ropley School on your right and churchyard on left. Use grass verges where possible (Take Care).

At 4.0 miles (G/R 662 318) pass lane on your left, on your right is a stile for a f/p, continue ahead on lane.

At 5.0 miles (G/R 676 320) continue past lane on your right.

At 5.3 miles (G/R 681 323) continue past lane on left and track on right into woods.

At 5.5 miles, as road bends, continue past road on left, follow sp for East Tisted.

At 5.7 miles continue ahead past gated drive to your left (G/R 687 322)

At 6.5 miles reach A32 (G/R 695 314) (Take Care), go left using grass verges sp Alton, then soon go right into Shell Lane, under bridge, stay on lane.

At 7.3 miles (G/R 703 306) reach junction and take stile on left, fp crossing over field.

At 7.4 miles (G/R 705 306) reach lane and go left past church.

At 7.5 miles (G/R 707 307) go right on track / fp.

At 7.8 miles (G/R 711 307) reach lane and go right.

At 7.9 miles (G/R 711 304) go left sp Hawkley.

At 8.7 miles reach road junction (G/R 722 298) and go left sp Hawkley

At 8.9 miles reach triangular grass junction and go right. Stay on this lane, ignore side roads and use grass verges where possible.

At 10.0 miles go past lane on right (G/R 737 287) follow sp Hawkley

At 10.5 miles (G/R 745 290) reach fork in road and go right, sp West Liss, Pocock’s Lane, with green on your left stay on lane.

At 10.6 miles reach CP4 which is the Hawkley Inn (post code GU33 6NE) at (G/R 747 291)

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly tarmac or trail
CP Distance: 10.6 miles
Total race day distance: 41.3 miles



CP4 – Finish

From the Hawkley Inn continue left along the lane, soon reach junction and go right sp West Liss (Take Care) use grass verges where possible. As road bends acutely left follow road about half way down and on your right take fp (G/R 751 287) over the stile and across the field.

At 0.6 miles cross stile to reach lane and go right along lane (Take Care) use grass verges where possible (G/R 754 287).

At 1.1 miles (G/R 759 283) continue past lane on left, follow sp West Liss.

At 1.6 miles (G/R 768 283) cross bridge over A3

At 1.8 miles (G/R 771 284) reach road junction with the Spread Eagle pub on left (post code GU33 6JU) go right and continue on pavement.

At 2.0 miles (G/R 773 282) go left down Station Road, opposite The Blue Bell pub (post code GU33 6JE), use pavement, ignore all side roads.

At 2.4 miles (G/R 776 277) continue over level crossing into town.

At 2.5 miles (G/R 776 274) reach roundabout and go left down road with the Whistle Stop pub on your right, then soon take road off to the right which is Rake Road, opposite shops. Use pavement, passing Community Centre on left, stay on this road ignoring all side roads.

At 3.0 miles (G/R 786 277) (Take Care) as no footpaths, use verges where possible. Continue past Hatch Lane on your right, then soon pass Wylde Green on your left.

At 3.4 miles pass Duckmead Lane on your left, then soon pass triangular grass junction to your right, continue ahead use verges where possible.

At 3.8 miles (G/R 794 286) continue ahead past turn on left, follow sp Rake.

At 4.3 miles (G/R 803 287) road bends left by a small red post-box, go left then sharp right passing the farm buildings on your right.

At 4.7 miles (G/R 808 288) reach lane and go left, soon pass electrical yard on right and continue across railway bridge. Soon come to junction and continue ahead past two cottages on left then fp through wooded area, SBP. At fp junctions take all right options.

At 5.5 miles (G/R 814 298) cross drive of Home Park and continue on path forking right, follow fp right around house and along edge of woods.

At 5.9 miles (G/R 821 297) reach and continue over track then soon SBP goes sharp right and under railway at 6.2 miles. Immediately beyond bridge, take narrow path on left through gap and continue ahead bearing right between fences.

At 6.4 miles enter woods and turn right at path junction, then soon at fp crossroads go left, then soon at fp junction go left again. Reach gate to drive continue ahead.

At 6.8 miles (G/R 829 290) reach road and on your left is the finish the Black Fox (post code GU30 7JJ)

Navigation Rating: Good
Terrain: Mainly tarmac or trail
CP Distance: 6.8 miles
Total race day distance: 48.1 miles